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FED2k in 2013


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That is why co-operation, not competition is the key.

That's why I made the contract idea. Anyone interested? Or maybe just Edric and I can make a deal. If he takes over the world I can have a bit and vice versa. How about it Edric?

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I'm afraid it looks like we have very different beliefs according to that thread Nema. Shame, I wouldn't mind sharing the world with most of the people here... But most of you seem far too fair. PROFIT! HEIRACHY! TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND.... obliterate war by taking away people's ability to fight. I.e. no armies, no weapons, etc. Except for our own of course.

The nasty word for it is a dictatorship, yes. But at least it'd be one which TRIED to make everyone happy!

Is that good enough?

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so the Dutch are spreading their propaganda again eh. Did you know it's not Bush who wants to attack Iraq it's the Dutch people who are controlling him.

oh btw I want to be one of the most evil creatures ever created, a creature so dangerous it will make you vomit, I wanna be an Ewok.

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If you remember the last ground war in the Gulf only lasted like a week or less. I can't remember because I was in boot camp during the conflict and us recruits only got the news from our DI's. I don't remember them talking about it much more than a week. I would not worry about a draft anytime soon.

It would be something if Gob kept this site up 10 years from now. I wonder what type of technology we will be using in this forum to communicate then. Would everyone have broadband and be able to upload broadcast video/audio for posts? I am guessing everyone will have terabytes of disk space by then as well.

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Death to those who oppose the true ruler of the Earth's Sphere, EDRIC!

*Star Wars imperial music begins playing in the background*

You have joined the Dark Side... good...

Onwards, my loyal Storm Troopers! ;D

I shall stick to my Sard outfit...w/ a Laser Chaingun... ;D

And I think the title of the song is "The Imperial March"

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VidiWare are founded...

Stefan Hendriks, Neonext and TonyD are joining the VidiWare Alliance and making the best dune game ever!

Gob are getting the prize for the best Dune Admin ever!

And a Dune fan are gave FED2k a 1,000,000 gift

Bill Gates, stops bridge-playing and Joins FED2k

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