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  1. 576 downloads

    Great House Expansion.
  2. Version Beta


    Suboid Rebellion Beta.
  3. 260 downloads

    Stealth Mod.
  4. 250 downloads

    Elite Warriors Mod.
  5. 240 downloads

    Mercenary Mod.
  6. 222 downloads

    Subhouse Expansion.
  7. 252 downloads

    The Corrino Expansion Mod's goal is to turn the Sardaukar, who have been renamed House Corrino, into a very comprehensive subhouse. Instead of replacing an original house and giving House Corrino the standard amount of buildings, infantry, and air units this mod allows the construction of a total of 10 infantry units in addition to the original infantry units. These new infantry units are relatively expensive but are equipped with superior armor and weapons, creating the risk of draining your funds building only a relatively small number of units. This gives those who choose House Corrino as a subhouse an advantage and a disadvantage, and the same with the opposition, who have to construct affective combat units to oppose them. The new Corrino infantry textures were made by GoldEagle with some additions made by me, all icons were made by Nema Fakei, all infantry xbf files were made by Apollyon, and all program file editing was performed by Inocualtor9.
  8. 121 downloads

    Elite Tank Mod.
  9. 155 downloads

    Guardians of the Sietch by Inoculator9 & Timenn.
  10. Version 2


    Plasma Mod.
  11. 132 downloads

    Insurrection Mod.
  12. Version 3


    Subhouse Building Mod
  13. 119 downloads

    Super Worm Mod.
  14. 95 downloads

    Transporter Mod by Inoculator9 & Lapifors.
  15. Version Beta


    The Fed2k Heroes Mod was designed to allow all the members of Fed2k Discussion to battle it out on Arrakis. We have about a dozen Fed2k Heroes lined up, but since this is the beta version only about 5 units have been included. Each of these units has fantastic new textures, new weapons, and icons. I have also written some little little stories for each of the hero units included in this beta. So from myself (Inoculator9) and GoldEagle, enjoy the beta and hope that a full version will be released. =)
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