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  1. Pardon me for being late on the reply, I only noticed this now... Being a fellow Pinoy, I might be able to help...sort of... I remember playing Emperor during my 4th year high school days (S.Y. 2001-2002), but it was a year or so later (and with the installment of a graphics card) that I got to play Emperor on my PC. Maybe no one was talking about it because Counter-Strike was the reigning game back then (just like MMORPGs are the norm now), or maybe because it was too hard? But its 2005 now, and I'm not sure if there are still some PC game shops selling E:BFD. The last time I saw E:BFD on the
  2. *Currently drooling at the graphics and the Land Battle and Space Battle modes...*
  3. *whistles* Sweet! Just wish that it can make its way to my place...
  4. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith Just wanna see how this arc comes full circle...
  5. There seems to be more unit types in RA1 (More infantry types and vehicle types) than in RA2 (w/c is nothing but basic anti-armor, anti-vehicle, anti-infantry, etc... They made the units too basic...)...that's what I meant...
  6. Hooboy...I totally dislike the cartoonyness of some of the units in RA2... I liked the serious overtones of RA1, but making a sequel with some outrageous units and balancing issues totally killed the fun in the RA storyline... I could've sworn there are more units 'fielded' in RA1 than RA2...
  7. Damn, is it that bad? Anyway, a friend of mine told me of a place where I can play BFME and see for myself if its bad or not...
  8. Hey guys, long time no see... Sorry to dredge this out of the void, but putting it back on topic, "LOTR: The Battle For Middle-Earth" has been out this past week or so (at least maybe in the US, but I don't know if they are beginning to sell copies outside America.) So now I'm wondering if anyone has played this already... Official site: http://www.eagames.com/official/lordoftherings/thebattleformiddleearth/us/home.jsp
  9. Hey guys! Has anyone played the campaign mode of DoW? (C'mon, I'm definitely sure the game is not just for LAN enjoyment!) If so, is it Space Marines only or are there campaigns for the other races (Eldar, Ork, Chaos)? And somebody PLEASE, spoil the mission/s after the mission where you reinforce an outpost on another side of a long chasm, destroy a chapel gate to stop the opening of "the key" and you fight some traitor Imperial Guards. [hide]And a conversation about a thingee called the "Maledictum"...[/hide] Also, does anyone know sites w/c has a complete listing of all the units and structu
  10. So, strategies have been formulated... The rest of the story will be behind the spoiler codes... [hide]The Ordos have only one route for all their units on their way to invade your base. Hold that route and you can stem the attacks. In my case, I made a skirmish line of at least 24 Fremen Fedaykin (They can't fight an enemy they can't see, and those wierding modules of theirs are kick ass against their tanks and infantry unlucky enough to get close...) w/ ADP support a short time later... If you're fighting an insidious opponent...be more insidious... Then later, I focused on Dev dropping on c
  11. Damn! I only built Minos and Mongooses in a 1:3 ratio w/ 2 Repair Vehicles in each battle group...
  12. Old topic, but anyway: [hide]The Gunseng cinematic is more hilarious. "I'll have to contact you later Commander, when its A LITTLE LESS NOISY!" -Gunseng[/hide] I'm gonna watch that again for laughs...
  13. Another alternative: Un-deploy your MCV, move it out of the radiated zone and have 2 Repair Vehicles on standby to repair the MCV. Saves a wee bit more money that way.
  14. *Facefaults* You got about 4 snipers (3 elite), 9 Kindjal (6 elite) and 2 engineers inside the 3 APC's. Why the engineers? Basically anti-leech until you can get those repair vehicles up and running...
  15. Massing Sards+Ordos Chaos Lightning=bad... Hmm...I'll keep those tips in mind the next time I invade Draconis IV... I guess I can start formulating strategies as House HK...
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