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    The Shadow Of Arrakis. High Quality Video version.
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  3. I believe that all US pre-orders got one so there should be a couple. As I'm from Norway I didn't get a chance to pre-order the game. I have always loved the game and it's music and I'm looking for a hard copy of this soundtrack (even though I've got a lossless rip from friends).
  4. Hmm... Do you have multiple CD/DVD readers? If you have you might have to press the black arrow and select the correct drive letter as Picard will only try the first drive by itself. If you already tried that I'm not really sure what to do :( Would be great if somebody else tried this too, There is always a possibility that all the CDs got some stupid mastering error, but hopefully not. Thanks for trying, Gob!
  5. Hi, Could someone that actually owns this soundtrack CD do me a favor and add it's DISC ID to MusicBrainz.org? This can easily be done by downloading MusicBrainz Picard (http://musicbrainz.org/doc/MusicBrainz_Picard). Just insert the CD in you CD drive and press "CD Lookup". The Emperor: Battle for Dune release is found at http://musicbrainz.org/release/53682a6a-111f-45f4-b2fa-c5cf4f65dbbe.html Thanks in advance! -radivx
  6. http://code.google.com/p/dune2themaker/ The source code is available under GPLv2 so I don't see why. You will have to publish your work under GPLv2 together with the source code. Good luck!
  7. I believe DOSBox has a feature that allow MIDI passtrough. This will allow people with the Roland MT-32 box to record a proper sample if that is a acceptable solution. Using DOSBox to emulate the playback applications might be concidered as an alternative to create new playback apps compatible with Windows and/or other operating systems. (AFAIK Win XP/Vista have lost a lot of their direct hardware access things that existed in DOS and Win 9x)
  8. I have plenty of MP3 copies but I want the real deal. If you can get hold of it and want to sell it to me. Contact me and we will find a fair price.
  9. A windowed feature has to be coded into every application. Old games does usually not have this.
  10. I've also got the impression that he is not using all the available space on the planets, when it comes to weather, there actually exists some planets surrounded by storms... Jupiter has storms over most of the surface as seen on the pictures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter#Great_Red_Spot_and_other_storms
  11. I know there is an official OST :) Was included with a pre-purchase or a limited edition of Emperor. The downloads found at khinsider is just a few songs officially released by Westwood for promotional purposes.
  12. How is the quality on the soundtrack CD compared to just rip the mp3s from the game? Does the soundtrack CD contain any music tracks not found in the game or vice versa? Are there any place where I legally can buy this soundtrack (except visiting eBay 24/7). Many of the Frank Klepacki soundtracks are sold on iTunes and eMusic, but not the Dune tracks, AFAIK. PS! If you are interested in selling me the soundtrack CD, please send me a PM.
  13. Is it rude to tell you to buy the game? It goes for around 3$ + shipping @ eBay if you're lucky (take a look at the eBay Stores too).
  14. I guess the best idea will be to give them the same functionality as the Harriers. This way they are some threat as a group of four can destroy a light building when all attack simultaneously, they will also be possible to use as a defensive weapon by attacking enemy attackers. If they are airportbound / techsenterbound then they will need to return for a reload. The harriers are very well balanced units in RA2, they are too expencive vs. firepower to build houndreds AND good enough to do some serious damage if you use them the right way. A little btw.: In RA2 you hear certain units when they're build, like Tanya and Kirov, this will make a good player able to count the number of threats and build their defences thereafter, this means that a massive Kirov attack might be pretty useless if you're playing against a good player.
  15. If you want I can borrow you a 1GB website space at the subdomain http://whateveryouwant.vidiware.com, pm me if you think this is an idea If I made the choise, then I would love to have the ornies as BOTH as super weapon and Harriers. The Death Hand Missile is pretty strong compared to fremen/sabotaur (i guess he should be some kind of spy?). So I don't think Atreides/Ordos will have any unfair advantage of having two "superweapons" (and besides that, they can be turned off, can't they?)
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