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FED2k in 2013


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"Mahdi volunters to take care of the money and disapears for six months before waking up in a small rowboat in the middle of the atlantic without knowing how he got there."

You have my support, so long as it's Emprworm's yacht that ends up in the middle of the atlantic. I mean, what money does fed2k have (apart from the CA$30 debts to gob for failing to vote in the landsraad.)

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so the Dutch are spreading their propaganda again eh. Did you know it's not Bush who wants to attack Iraq it's the Dutch people who are controlling him.

oh btw I want to be one of the most evil creatures ever created, a creature so dangerous it will make you vomit, I wanna be an Ewok.

Err, wrong idea...More like..Bush controls the WORLD :-

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number6 said people would have terabytes of disk space. That will be true in a couple years for most users. It is available and cheap now, but not everyone has upgraded, and probably wont be the norm for a year (also with SSD becoming popular it may push it back as people have faster small SSD instead of big slow HD). His prediction about video/audio uploads to communicate on the forum is not true.

If this forum still lives, I hope to still be posting here. ;)


In 10 years... perhaps i'll be a moderator by then ::)

Looks to be true.

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Mahdi did disappear for a few months, although not in the Atlantic.

Mahdi lurks around once every week or two, just generally in the Duniverse and General forums, and not for very long.  Occasionally, on days like today, he sticks around and goes a little bit more in-depth and finds messages like this which is a month and a half old.

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