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FED2k in 2013


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I will be living the life of a Marine officer, playing games still on the Xbox 3, maybe Playstation 4 if I'm REALLY bored, probably shipped out on a ship ready to employ in minutes. MOS - Me thinks computer technician, network technician, something like that.

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Death to those who oppose the true ruler of the Earth's Sphere, EDRIC!

*Star Wars imperial music begins playing in the background*

You have joined the Dark Side... good...

Onwards, my loyal Storm Troopers! ;D

Do you repeat "Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vedyot"?

"To communism's victory lead us on"...

I don't get it... What do you mean by that question? ???

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Whoa, whao, whoa there Edric, everyone knows I'm this forums Darth Vader and Ordos45 is the Luke SKywalker. We've had more than one discussion about how the day will come where he will ahve to kill me and takes his rightfull place on the forums.

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You all know you will fall in the mercy of the Dutch very soon. One halve of Gobalopper already took over the other half of Gobalopper. So we have the forum almost in our hands. And then the world will follows

So you know you should not start threads about all those pathetic takeovers. We dutch were first and will be forever first and last.

The Takeover

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