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FED2k in 2013


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Ok, apart from all those takeovers etc. I think Mahdi meant it seriously.

10 years? hmm, that means I should have completed my computer science study already, while I haven't started it yet. I think I live somewhere in the 'Randstad'(Most dense populated region of Netherlands, western region) on my own, or I have met a very nice girlfriend.

My job should be software programming if it goes like I hope, but maybe I found something better.

And what about the others?

I don't know really, because I know all the members of the forum only from this forum. And I know little of their private lives, with some exceptions. But I most members will stay another 10 years.

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We've had a similar thread before...

Within fifty years I know I will not be sane.

Within ten, I think empr will be earning a lot of money, I will be earning much less (no, I'm not too bothered).

I'll visit Fed2k on occasion (perhaps more) if there is still life to the site, and Dune is still producing.

Let me think...

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what. the. hell?

in 10 years, i'll most likely be some sort of artist, probably manga-ka, but there's still a big chance that i'll be a graphic designer. i dont wann think about relationships right now, because i got my kat, and thinking about my future with her kinda makes me sad when i consider uncertainties.........

i'll probably end up moving to kentuky in the near future, or maybe illinois.

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eh, 10 years from now won't matter, the world'll end in about 6 years. from what i see it'll end on August 5, 2009. Some terrorists will detonate an American nuclear bomb in Britain and Britain will retaliate on America with their own nuke. Then in retaliation to that we'll nuke them back. etc. etc. etc. Nuclear Holocaust.

[hide]j/k obviously. i'll probably be outta college by then. hopefully i'll have a good job and a nice life. but then again i might end up being some schmuk laying in the streets of Trenton begging for some food or something. hopefully that'll never happen. speaking of which, if i was in need of money, would any of you guys help me out? ::) lol j/k[/hide]

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Oooh...ten years is a darn long time.

By ten years time I should have, along with conquering the free world, completed my Psych Major and be well on the way to my Docterate.

I will probably have also moved, and may be married. Scary.

Considering how time for many psychics, remote viewers, and even a few ancient calenders seems to become blank at 2012, I *may* not live to see it. It should be somewhat interesting, however :)

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Ten years from now, I will hopefully have finished my Network Computing degree and have a job in the computer networks industry. I'll probably be settled in my own home (perhaps I'll be paying off a morgage), I'll have got my learners and probationary licenses, and finally my final license so I can drive, I'll have an up to date computer system, and lots of new games.

I'll most likely be without a girlfriend EVER at the age of 27, and living by myself, with only my computer games (both online and offline) to keep me company, lots of music records, DVD's, and the like for my personal entertainment.

The part below is intended for Flameweaver, if he reads this. ;)

Note: Don't forget this.

[hide]1 september 2005 ixian mace, REMEMBER 1 september 2005 :) i bet that you have changed alot then :)[/hide]

I take back what I said about Emperor, in the post below your post that I got the hidden text from.

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There is a 98.5% probability that the first phase of our plan for world domination will be completed within the required timeframe (10 years from now).

Resistance is futile.

We will also enjoy having this song hold a place of honour once again:

Soyuz nerushimiy respublik svobodnykh

Splotila naveki velikaya Rus'!

Da zdravstvuet sozdanniy voley narodov

Velikiy, moguchiy Sovetskiy Soyuz!

Slavsya Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,

Druzhbi narodov nadyozhniy oplot,

Partiya Lenina, sila narodnaya

Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vedyot!

Skvoz tuchi siyalo nam solntse svobodi,

I Lenin velikiy nam put' ozaril,

Na pravoe delo on podnyal narodi,

Na trud i na podvigi nas vdokhnovIl!

Slavsya Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,

Druzhbi narodov nadyozhniy oplot,

Partiya Lenina, sila narodnaya

Nas k torzhestvu kommunizma vedyot!

V pobede velikikh idey kommunizma

Mi vidim gryadutshee nashey strani,

I krasnomu znameni slavnoy otchizni

Mi budem vsegda bezzavetno verni!

I think I'll let you guess what it is. ;D

Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! :D

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Tell you what, how about all those at FED2K have a cyber-contract. This would state that if any member of the contract took over the world they would be kind to the others and share a tiny bit of power with them. How about it?

This is said because I do not doubt Edric's ability to take over the world, and I am scared of competition.

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