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Emprworm's Riddle #17: Mess of Tokens


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If you compare number 1 to number 2, the differences are

background and colour of the lines, that makes two differences.

If you compare number 3 to number 4, the differences are

shape of the thing around the pearl and the colour of the pearl, also two differences.

But number five. If you compare it to another, you only get one difference.

To number 1: Colour of the cube.

To number 2: Background.

To number 3: The shape of the thing around the pearl.

To number 4: The colour of the pearl.

Now you got two differences with the others, but only one with number 5.

So number five is most unique because it's the less unique. ;D[/hide]

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Well i knew this riddle wouldnt last too long. Congrats to Ligic_Tha_Master for solving it first.


No two of the images are identical. The first image is the only one with a red border, the second has no background, the third has a hexagonal border, and the fourth's sphere has a different texture.

It is purely subjective which of these elements could be considered different enough to rank it "most unique"; however, the fifth image is unique in a totally different way. It is the only image which has no attribute unshared with another. So, interestingly the fifth image is the most unique because it is not unique at all!


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The Forgetful Carpenter

You've just bought your first brand new home. Custom built.

When you arrive to begin moving in, you discover that the builder forgot something.

Being the independent and self reliant sort of person you are, you decide to finish the job yourself.

So you stroll down to the local hardware store and find exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

The hardware store charges perfectly reasonable prices for the items; 7 will cost $1.00, 10 will cost $2.00, and 100 will cost $3.00. As it happens, you need 880, which also costs $3.00.

These items could likely be found at any hardware store, and at your average home.

What did the builder forget?


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ya, i didnt mind the guessing answers on the hard riddles. that robot duel took up like 3 pages of math spam. what a headache!

When someone disagrees with you is spam ?.LOL. Ok. whatever, today more than ever I am sure that my answer are correct. Your answers are incorrect. period. You don't provide any source to backup your calculus, just your result as a benchmark to everyone else. It was not a headache for me, because it's just simple math. However I had to triple check just to make sure my affirmations were correct.

Sorry for the spam, it was unintentional, just an interest in finding a correct solution. Won't spam your posts anymore.

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