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  1. Hotmail is described as a sex site??
  2. [hide] If you compare number 1 to number 2, the differences are background and colour of the lines, that makes two differences. If you compare number 3 to number 4, the differences are shape of the thing around the pearl and the colour of the pearl, also two differences. But number five. If you compare it to another, you only get one difference. To number 1: Colour of the cube. To number 2: Background. To number 3: The shape of the thing around the pearl. To number 4: The colour of the pearl. Now you got two differences with the others, but only one with number 5. So number five is most unique because it's the less unique. ;D[/hide]
  3. My list in no specific order. Dune 2 Dune 2k Emperor All warcraft's Civ 1 & 2 C&C + Tiberian sun Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 Black & White Warbreeds Starcraft Red Alert family And many many more...
  4. I know ecxatly how you feel Ex. I have lost both of my biological grandfathers during the past 2 years.
  5. "i don't know wtf you lying cheating n00bs are talking about but that is not my site and i'm not even gonna click on it" Again we are lying cheating newbies. Wonder why nav didn't response to my post...
  6. Yes! I'm finally in Gob's dungeon! Why the hell am I happy about it?!
  7. Navaros, you really (and hopefully) are unique. You have accused people for cheating, masturbating while playing Emperor, disconnecting, multinickin', playing fixed games, being a newbie and many other things I don't right now recall. You have probably flamed everyone on this forum that has tried to communicate with you. You even flamed TMA when he stood up for you. And you just have to call yourself uber (which is actually
  8. That isn't the same thing Dunenewt.
  9. 146. You are actually writing to this thread many times.
  10. Earthnuker, any chance of me getting my ass kicked there?
  11. You are going to fit me in SOMEWHERE? Right?
  12. Rock: Insomnium CKY Metallica Limp Bizkit Linkin Park Sepultura Fear Factory Rap: Biggie 2Pac Dr.Dre Snoop Dogg And many many more...
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