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  1. They ARE a vehicle. Hence, they are built on the vehicle tab. I know that they are like a vehicle in almost every way, if not every way. But they were supposed to be the "guild's infantry" Not that i trust the manual(it has a lot of errors), but general references were usually true, such as the NIAB could teleport, harkonnen engineer has a gun, etc. It said that the maker could not use infantry rock, in order to do this they had to make it have vehicle characteristics.
  2. I don't think he was saying Nav was funny, I think he meant that it would be funny if people thought he was nav. I think it would as long as he didn't act like nav did.
  3. There probably is a way to. Hyperlinks in microsoft word are ever so useful... That sucks, At my school we can. If you want to install something, like a cd-rom, try disconnecting the network cable and attempting to log on, at my school it will give you the computer without all the security and without access to the network. lol, yeah at my school we can go to sites like www.natall.com (The national alliance is a neonazi white supremist organization), and a host of other websites that they haven't thought to block, but hotmail and yahoo mail are blocked. Some other sites that are blocked www.somethingawful.com www.dogpile.com (a search engine) www.coffeebreakarcade.com www.mycathatesyou.com (used to be, but isn't anymore for some reason) www.hampsterdance.com (no idea why???) Its funny what they think is inappropriate for school.
  4. I access the internet from my school too. The main page of this website doesn't work, netscape closes all the time without reason, right click is disabled, we can't have personal settings(at least, they think we can't...), and all we have are netscape 4.73 which we aren't supposed to use cause it slows down our T1 connection a tiny bit.(not noticeably) I get yellled at all the time for anything besides using Qbasic, and I am expected to work on my programs even if they are already done. Yeah, school compouters suck, but there are several ways to make it better, such as figuring out the holes in the security. pm me if you are interested in what they are. ;)
  5. The allies had several opportunities to stop Hitler early too, but they waited until it was almost too late. He had already taken Austria, Chechoslavakia, and flat out told everyone he was going to conquer the world in Mein Kampf. Britain and France waited until he took Poland to do anything. The US waited until Japan had attacked them. If Saddam Hussein isn't stopped now, the UN will have proved to be just as ineffective now as the league of nations was then.
  6. [hide]Darn it, i should have been more specific >:( oh well, good job ligic [/hide]
  7. Even though it is thousands of times more unlikely that an unguided, unintelligent force could create something sentient?
  8. maybe... [hide]#5 is the most unique because it is the only one that has something in common with all of the others[/hide]
  9. And since many players group their windtraps, its 150$ to kill a few of them. Who steals windtraps with engineers?
  10. some people have no life Whats the point of having good standings if you know in your mind that you cheated to g3t them?
  11. exactly, a couople of saboteurs can speed up the process of destroying turrets, barracks, windtraps... I still don't do it often but saboteurs can be cheaply added to empty APCs going with the main assault.
  12. that sounds about right. I think they made it an infantry-like vehicle [edit]btw makers can slaughter infantry, good splash damage
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