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Emprworm's Riddle #17: Mess of Tokens


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[hide]It asks stuff about itself. It says it's odd and most of all ITS BLUE!! It asks whats wrong with it! Its in slightly biger letters then normal.

And it says "It might dawn on your whats so odd about it"

EDIT I got it! Nothing is wrong with it!! It says "And actully nothing is" NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT!! IT SAYS CLEARLY NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT!! YOU ASKED WHAT WAS BUT NOTHING IS!!


Thats the best try i got on it :)

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[hide]Let's see... if you take the first letter of every sentence you get SHTABWDIYPBG... damn, it makes no sense. If you take every final letter it's HILSLYWYGDSL. Again, nonsense. If you count the words in each sentence you get 15-6-22-4-6-1-3-23-11-18-3-7.

Grrr, that's it, one thing's for sure: separating it into sentences can get you nowhere... :([/hide]

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[hide][hide]this ones hard

its kind of a silly riddle cos you could argue that lots of things are "unusual"

[/hide] ok um... its got lots of words like but and if at the start of sentences which youre not really meant to do. or it uses lots of question marks. or it uses hardly any of the letter "e" or maybe none. [/hide]

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