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Emprworm's Riddle #17: Mess of Tokens


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[hide]if you label the glasses from left to right 1,2,3 then what you do is put 3 coins in cup one then put 3 coins in cup 2, and put 4 coins in cup for. If you look closely at the picture, cup 2 is smaller than the other 2 cups. So if you put cup 2 into cup 3, then in cup one you have 3 coins, and in cup 3 you have seven.[/hide]

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[hide]If you mean "odd" as in a quantity indivisible by two, it is mathematically impossible unless you could split the coins or combine the glasses or something. Since you would not post something impossible (maybe a trick riddle?) I'll assume that odd means something different. I will guess that "odd" really means "unique" in which ase it is very possible. I mean unique as in there is never the same number of coins in any glass as their is in another. For example, 2 in the first, 2 in the second and 6 in the last is not uniqe because there are 2 coins in both the first and secong glasses.

The answer: 1/2/7 or 1/3/6 or 1/4/5 and so on...[/hide]

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Well this riddle went quick. Always impossible to know how long they will last. Congratz to vigilant evil.



Dividing the pennies among the glasses so each glass holds an odd number of pennies without moving the glasses is impossible. This can be demonstrated with the simple logic that any three odd numbers added together yield an odd number.

The trick, as some may have guessed, was to change the arrangement of the glasses so a penny could be in more than one glass. By placing an even number of pennies into a glass, an odd number of pennies into a second glass, and then placing the second glass into the first, both glasses contain an odd number of pennies. One example, if you click the link below has two pennies in one glass, three pennies inside a glass within the first glass, and five pennies in the third glass.

You can see a picture of the answer here:

http://www.songwave.com/dune/jpgs/challenge/pennies2.jpg Dont click that link unless you want to see the answer!


Good luck on the next one....

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