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  1. Go with the XFX Nvidia 6800 PCI-E GPU better than that ATI shit
  2. I have Call of Duty now and loved playing it through the first time (on my Intel Integrated BS card) but I would like to make it look better. Also I'm gonna buy Far Cry I believe
  3. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=14-139-143&depa=1 nVIDIA GeForce FX5200 Video Card, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, TV-Out, PCI, $71 I need to have a PCI card for my computer since I screwed up and got a motherboard without AGP support. This mobo doesn't support PCI-E either, I wish it did, but it doesn't. So my only route I can go is PCI. I thought about a 9200se radeon 128mb, but...I realized it didn't support DX9 and had some technical issues with a couple games I play after reading reviews. In addition to this I have had problems with ATI in the past...and I have had no troubles with 3dfx/nvidia...so I figured nvidia would be the way to go. Just wanted to know if the tech gurus around here thought it was a good deal
  4. I'm ethan...i havent been here for like 2 years I had like 1600 posts before they took post count down i think oh well hi all bye all
  5. ooh, contradictory. anyway...emperor is not dead until ea pulls the plug.
  6. told you all they were coming for XBox...just saw the commercial this morning. i cant wait!
  7. ethan

    Max Payne 2

    i'll just assume that mona sax got killed. now i dont even have to play the game! ^^
  8. i agree nav, but you shouldnt have made this post =/ just counter guild with cheap troopers or kindjal. done!
  9. i cant remember my password for magoo442 on WOL. and when i click "new account" there is no page to display. how do i make a new WOL name?
  10. win XP wont run dune2k at least for me. :/
  11. to beat hark's flame tanks and inkvines its very simple actually. when they rush you with flame tanks/infantries always target those first. when inkvines trying to pic you off, always move around and they CANNOT hit you (unless you're stuck or something :P ) with gun turrets, get an antitank infantry like kindjals, aa troopers, mortars, something cheaper than sards. (mortars arent really antitank but perfect turret killers since better range)
  12. no, it isnt dead...i'm advertising through Shattered Galaxy chatboxes :D if i get a few people to buy it, somebody they know might...and so on.
  13. micromanaging with a single fremen sniper. :D
  14. 1.you have to compress it into a zip file to my knowledge 2.no, must buy a DVD writer.
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