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Emprworm's Riddle #17: Mess of Tokens

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so far im not giving credit to anyone. Though all of you have great strategies, no one has really given me a specific move. Here is what I am looking for:

what is the next SPECIFIC move...and then what will you do after that?

You guys all gave me great things to do "after", but no one really gave me a specific move.

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[hide]Checkmate in one move if white is on the either side. 1.f7-f8=Q# To explain, the pawn f7 moves to f8 becoming a queen, and at the same time placing the king in checkmate as he has nowhere to go. It might have helped others if they knew which side you have to start the game on ;) Right corner white :D[/hide]

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Ok, I am giving credit for this riddle to Acriku. I really really wanted to give ExAtreides credit. He correctly answered the riddle first but I messaged him several times to see if he could tell me WHY it was so. Acriku was the first person to say exactly what I was looking for. HIDDEN TEXT IS SPOILER

[hide] the game is shown from the side view. ExAtreides I know that you speculated this, but you could not tell me how you knew that. Honestly, I wanted to give you credit for it, but you could not come up with the answer that could prove that the game in the picture is being viewed from the side. In Chess, the white corner square is always to your right. We do not know, from the picture, whether white is sitting on the right or the left, but we Do know that no matter which side he is on, his next move is the same: PAWN promote to QUEEN, and it will be checkmate. This move is true regardless of which side of the board white is on. Because Acriku was the first person to explain and identify WHY the game in the picture is actually from a side view, I have to give him credit for solving it. But I do acknowledge your efforts, ExAtreides. Nicely done, gentlemen! [/hide]

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My thoughts were

[hide]1. Rh6 (to avoid stalemate)

if 1. ... Kd7 then 2. Kf6, mate follows after removing the B on b8 to g4, and promoting the pawn (you might need to move the rook to g6 if the K goes right).

if 1. ... Ke7 or Kf7, then 2. Rg6, mate follows after moving the B on b8 to g4, and promoting the pawn.[/hide] (I've not yet looked at others - I will i a minute.)

And no, Khan, that would be an illegal move, since your king would be in check.


I've looked at the answer:

[hide]I had assumed that the orientation had been a mistake, and used the convention. Damn. Ah, well.[/hide]

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I'm not big on chess so

[hide]how do you guys know that the chess board is the wrong way round <|Empr said "In Chess, the white corner square is always to your right"|>[/hide]

<|Next time, keep spoilers hidden!|>

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EMPRWORM'S RIDDLE #5: The Strange Paragraph (SOLVED)

So do you think you can find out what is so odd about this paragraph? How fast can you do it? Taking a quick look at it, you would think that it looks so ordinary that nothing is wrong with it at all. And actually, nothing is. But, still, this paragraph is unusual. Why? Do you know? If you study it and think about it you may find out, but I am not going to assist you in any way. You must do it on your own and without any coaching. Possibly, if you work at it for long, it just might dawn on you what is so odd. But who knows? Go to work and try your skill.

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