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  1. Hi to all, old-timers specially. Last post was in march/05.
  2. I've thinking about re installing ebfd, is there ppl there yet?
  3. First of all, STOP sending me IMs, this is not an issue that should be treated in private, this is a concern about the freedom on this PRP forum, therefore I will act public. So you Edrico replied because you had to give your reasons, how about the right of others to reply/answer. It is intolerance in its highest expression. Stop acting like a judge and pretending tell people what should post and how should post. What you have done since I started visiting this forum is precisely what you critize now. About your swastica issue with the US map, it was not 3 years ago but less. The point is that no one of the mods at that time even locked your thread, I remember that that image was public for quite a time. Those were times of more tolerance. Now that you have to power to let us read / write just what you want you have made this entire PRP forum a shame. Since you are staying as mod in PRP then I have no more interest in participating here. Rules have changed. I am leaving. I couldn't find a way to delete this account. Please delete it.
  4. I recognize that I am dependent of my cell phone. I use it a lot. Not that I can't live without it, but I certanly notice when I dont have it. So I was wondering what cell phone you guys have, assuming that most you have....... well maybe Nema doesn't ::)
  5. A complementary gift of Tony Blair.......it
  6. Congrats Gob! (For some reason I think this might be a joke.....)
  7. Congrats Doc ! I can't help to ask you if you will consider in the future having another one...
  8. The former USSR have separated it's states in a pacific way with no referendums and with people inside/outside in favor/against it. I don't see much a problem with the separation. However it would be very odd see a country (Canada) with a country in the middle of it.
  9. WOW. That's really something. And I thought my trip from Florida to Maine was something. I was wrong. In case you go to nashville, take a look at the Wild Horse Saloon, it's a must see even if you don't like country. I wonder what car will you use for that trip, you could put a pic of that piece of machine.
  10. Really, why cities are to be avoided?, maybe some cities, but all of them? What is wrong, do english people change too much in cities? Most likely I would live in the dorms (at the University campus), any opinion about them? How about english girls? :D
  11. Canada?, I would have liked go there for a long time too. About emprworm I think it would be better to contact him, once Bush has left the white house... ;)
  12. No matter how much I disagree with his administration, I would not agree on that shirt, let alone buy it.
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