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  1. Arrrrrrrrrrr, too late t' fin' out, it be two more hours only :-
  2. Yup~ I'm curious about how they translate the names of the "wu gongs" though...
  3. What!? This got outside of HK :O Anime wise, finished, and there is no news of continuing the series. If you talk about the whole story/novel, it's only about the 2nd book out of the 5...
  4. The Crow Tears of the Sun For the full metal jacket thing, just a wild guess after seeing the bullet at the lower left corner...
  5. Goldeneye 21 grams Full metal jacket(not too sure about this one though...)
  6. ExSPlug


    Not bad, assuming it's a intro only. But you will need more tension after this IMO. I actually like the use of slangs, somehow adds more depth to characters. And spellcheck, quite a bit of words are mispelled :)
  7. ExSPlug

    rpg's !!!

    1)Valkyrie Profile. It's based on the norse myths. Great story, great graphics. 2)FF series, I suggest those before FF8 though. 3)Fallout 1 & 2 is always good...
  8. "Rising to communication depth...extending antenna..." reported the sailor tonelessly. The screen of the vidcom of the captain soon comes to life. "Good day, captain." greeted the operator from the other side. "Good day. Had we managed to pinpoint the source of the broadcast?" asked captain Ivanov. "Not so. The stormy weather around here the past few days messes up quite a bit of the whole attempt. However we've managed to reduce the possible areas to a smaller coverage. Captain, do you wish that to be sent to the shipnav?" replied the operator as she did some tunings to keep the channel stable. "Yes please, and..." as Ivanov replied to the communicator, another voice interrupted the conversation, "Ivanov, we've got something on the radar." "Well...? You've heard that, operator. I'm afraid we'll have to cut the transmittion now. Cyclops, out. "Ivanov cut the link with Rigs then switched to the interrupting message, "What is it Phil? Another mutated shark or whale?" "Doesn't seem so from the sonar. Must be something like us to be in such size and speed, but we'll need to get closer for visual." replied Phil from the other side. "Descend and resuce speed, Phil. Wait until Cyclops get back down there, then we will check what's that thing..."
  9. "......the reactor had been dormant for more than 400 years, we can't guarantee that it will work like the old days." announced a voice from one of the men sitting in the debriefing room. "I'll assign you a whole sector to do the job then." said Korner calmly. "It's not a matter of a sector, Admiral," the man shaked his head and continued after pressing a few buttons to change what's showing on the screen, "Any one problem will exterminate the whole colony, meltdown, radiation leakage..." "It's up to you techies to deal with that, what I need is the product, and I will give you what you need. Men, raw materials..." Korner tapped his fingers casully as he replied to the men, as if hadn't heard of the potential problems. "Engineers, Admiral." corrected the man, seeming a bit annoyed, "We'll try out best to put the reactor back to work if you insist, but why do you need us to do so? We have the three shafts for power, and oil storage long enough to last out the repair even if they all three fail." "It's not yet the time to release the news, not all can accept it like your kind who think and asks before doing stuff." Korner then readied to stand up and end the meeting, when the screen of his vidcom flashed on. "Admiral, we're...we're not alone! We've just received a radio transmittion from near Greece. Shall I broadcast it out to you?" reported the soldier, obviously excited by the news. "Umm." Korner gave a short and prompt reply and chewed on the pipe again, always so when he is dealing with something big or unexpected. The broadcast about various new food source echoed through the room. Korner was excited not only by the fact that they can change from kelp, bean sprouts, fishes and occasional salvaged MRE and canned food treated in the dehydration chamber, but the fact that there might finally be a solution to the overpopulation problem. "Where did the broadcast came from? Did they identify themselves?" Korner asked the soldier as he opens another channel on his vidcom. "I afraid not Admiral. The radio message only consist of the discovery, and was only recived very faintly." the soldier replied with an obvious sign of disappointment. "Nevermind...send out reply messages 24/7 telling them that we want contact ASAP." ordered Korner, then switched to another channel, "Stock up two subs. One with oil and whatever chunk of copy of our knowledge database. Another one, arm it." "Aye, sir." The following message was broadcasted through the atmoshpere 24/7: We're Rigs. Wish to contact. Please reply. ====== Reactivating nuclear generator 10% complete, 10% PP. Subs will reach Greece in 3 posts.
  10. "Sir, Sector 52 of the D Area had collapsed!" reported an officer through the vid-phone. "Second one in the month, and...the eighth one in the year..." mumbled Korner as he let out a heavy sigh, "Casualities?" "Estimated to be around 500, rioters plus civilians in that sector." replied the officer. "Strengthen the patrol around the surrounding sectors, and tell the Debries team to forward to 52 after they are done with 11." ordered Korner as he grinded his teeth on the old pipe that had been passed down from his grand...whatever. Who have the leisure to deal with such minor things from the long past, when he have a much larger burden from that past? Rigs. This damned colony! 30,000 men are just far too much, something must be done soon or all 30,000 of us will become fish bait... ===OOC=== Rigs, as the name suggests, started with three oil rigs hijacked by renegade an admiral and his fleet around the 2050s. Along with other ships ranging from recharch ships, tankers, cargo ships, and even some other navy ships that were "peacefully rallied", the rigs were towed to the oil fields near Baghdad, which was long underwater. The rigs were drilled deeply into the rock bed for both oil and support. The colony managed to survive, and expanded by stripping ships for metal to build floating metal platforms attached to the three rigs through underwater cable (entangled up in a big mess through the 500 years of unplanned building). At that time the colony was powered through the nuclear reactor from the carrier of the admiral. When the remaining oil was totally sucked up, the shafts were drilled even deeper and were converted into geothermal power plants. By then, even the carrier was dismantled, only the reactor remained and was sealed up, along with a reserve for each type of plane. Subs and fishing ships are the only functioning and produced crafts in the colony.
  11. *Raise hand* I've been waiting for Underwater War 4 and Warlords 2 for quite some time... ;D
  12. ExSPlug

    The PSP

    Who needs the thumb attachment? Get yourself those protective anti-scratch flims and use your nails ;D (BTW, did you get one for your PSP? Really not worth the risk to scratch the screen in order to save ~$5US...) Emm...most of the games in Linky 2 only have their release date out, even I count those that their JP version are out still doesn't fill up half of the list. Personally only Coded Arms, PSE 5, Lumies and Ape Acadmey sounds promising. Maybe RR too, but I don't really like racing games unless in arcade. Talking about FPS games, NDS have better potentials for better controls, as the touch screen can be converted into more buttons or other better ways of control...
  13. Same experience here currently since I'm off from school for already 3 months+, espically for the spelling part. Luckily for me it's not something that's permenant, about 2~3 formal letters/essays and I got the "feel " back. Having reading as a habit does help also, it somehow reduce the frequency and time required for me to edit/paraphrase.
  14. ExSPlug

    The PSP

    Current;y it's still NDS > PSP IMO. PSP just have too less games that are worth it, either it's good, but lack replaying value, or it just didn't come to par with it's home console parent (Dynasty Warrior is one good typical example...) The most fatal point though is that PSP games lose out in the multiplayer issue, NDS can deal with up to 4 players, while for PSP it's only 2 (or more players can be supported? Didn't see any PSP games currently that does so though) MP3/Movie player function? Ahh forget it, converting the format to allow movies to be played on PSP is a painful process, and UMD/Memory stick hurts a hell lot more to the walle then other storage devices, might as well get a PPC which have longer battery life and in addition, internet ascess. Keeping my hands off from buying the PSP before the white ver 2.0 comes out, and before more games like Winning Eleven which is good and have high replay value comes out ;D
  15. This seems really attractive... Still one old boring question though, must all warbands be only land-based, unless some researchs were done?
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