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  1. guusr5644

    Hey Guys

    kk, I see no one really remembers me. I'll fuck off now, cya.
  2. guusr5644

    Hey Guys

    Hey guys guess who's back? :D Can anyone remember how long have passed since the last time I been here? I don't, nvm. Anyways I was wondering how you guys doing n' all... fill me up plzā€¦ Oh btw, how do I change my name around this place?
  3. lmfao... i'm still laughing haha ::)
  4. Oh my god... now im really pissed >:( next time when fixing at that stupid technician i'll tell him in these very words: "DONT UNPLUG THE SECOND FAN!!!!" anyway... things are working far more than good... thx for trying to help anyway...
  5. Another or another... yea sounds nice ::) ok i bought a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 card and it still freezes... only now it freezes with repeating sound... help :'(
  6. It did'nt... i'm begining to wonder if there is a solution :-
  7. I'm downloading some drivers now from www.avance.com and i hope they will work... if not, i'll buy a new sound card :(
  8. Thing is, when i disable sounds in ut (using safe mode) it works like charm but still... i cant hear anything, i dont have an onboard sound or atleast i dont know if i have (cause i never seend something like it on my BIOS) and i have "Avance AC97" or something... also, i defraged yesterday the C drive, and i test ut... works! i play it for 2 hours and then im off to play AA (America's Army) and i play for 3 hours i think and then it suddenly freezes like before :'( i reboot, try to play AA and then in the 8 minuts zone it crashes... so my problem is back... i tried defraging C drive again but no use...
  9. I have em all, finished the first and the XP2 campaigns... this game rocked hell!! but i cant play online for some reason :- not that i mind..
  10. Ok, i'v been searching deeper now, and i found out the following: Most of the times, i ussualy crashes exactly 8 minutes after i started the game (after i launched the exe), now but some times (happens rarely) it crashes right when i start it... Second, i found out it's a sound card issue, seems that people like me had these problems too and all had similar sound card or another that is very old, but none of them posted the solutions... now plz can anyone search deeper for me? and not to say "buy another sound card" cause i'm not planing too in the near future... so please guys, help...
  11. I tried reinstalling dx9, and the first unreal engine game it started in was XIII...
  12. I think it's really not a graphic issue... maybe these games use too much memory... maybe the computer gets overclocked? plzzz any thing would come handy...
  13. Nope. i tried the official ones (53.03) and still getting stucked :'( also, i remmember when i had XIII (another game using the unreal engine) it also got stucked alot... plz help almost every game is based on the unreal engine and i love all of em... so plz try to help me..
  14. hmmm... good point i have the beta drivers of the nvidia 56.55... so i'll switch back we'll see how it go...
  15. Well... in the last couple of days every game i play who's using the unreal engine, it freezes after a while.. if its in the main menu.. or in the middle of the game... and everytime it happens i have to restart my computer :( so far its only the ut2004 demo and "america's army"... i attached my dxdiag, plz help me...[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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