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Euro 2004


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Especially when Portugal has the usual home advantage... *cough corrupt match officials cough*

The host must ALWAYS get through to the next round...so the other spot will either be takeb by Greece, Spain or Russia. Of course, it is obvious which one will take the other spot and proceed with Portugal... ;)

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Group Winner

The group stage winners:

Group A: Spain and Portugal

Group B: France and England(or could be Croatia?)

Group C: Italy and Denmark

Group D: Netherland and Germany

Hehe Spain are good but I don't think they'll make it:

Group A:1st:Portugal 2nd:Russia

Group B:1st:England 2nd:France

Group C:1st:Italy 2nd:Denmark

Group D:1st:Czech Republic 2nd:The Netherlands

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ok Alex and Spectral Paladin, you guys have your countries in the same group, so you guys will wait and see, lol.

FED2K Euro 2004 rivalries...Otheymzefedaykin and all the english/british people, Alex and Spectral, Sir Sard and American Cyborg[wait, is he swedish?] but Sir Sard doesn't care.

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