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  1. Thanks for the help .. Hamachi was very laggy but games on tuunndle where fine.... thanks to newlords for putting up with me as an ally in the 2vs2 was fun ....
  2. Can anyone tell me how this works in simple terms ? I have found the channel emperor 113 129 763 and I can see lots of names. I have set net workcard on emperor to IP it gave me but am now unsure how to proceed? Do I go LAN and host or join can't see any players or channels in the LAN screen except my nick.
  3. Having reinstalled Emperor will have to give this Tuunngle thing a go.
  4. Hate the new forum colour and layout far too dark and hard to read. so got Trundle but how do you get in to the game via it?
  5. press pause button...satisfy her needs... the resume game... ;)
  6. You reap what you sow in my opinion. If you choose to target my refineries and destroy say 3 releasing 9 harvesters that now swamp my remaining refineries, chances are I am going too use them to best effect probably designate 1 extra to 2 remaining refineries and maybe 1 for the new refinery I build but I will then use the others to help fend off any land attack or support my counter attack OR I may just drop them in your base to block up your refineries pads and cause an interruption in your attacks or spice flow. I personally see it a valid tactic and a good use of my equipment, others will no doubt see it as an exploit of the system but to me it's as valid as many other exploits such as taking advantage of the Minotaur herd targeting system or sonic tank wave....
  7. Well personally I was looking forward to the tourney and had every intention of fitting it in, even if it meant a few nights of short sleep. But an unforeseen incident at work suddenly increased my workload and an injury to my back means sitting at the computer is now a painful experience for any period of time, so all my gaming has been curtailed.
  8. Sorry I had to drop out guy buy life does occasionally suck. I'm sure my old mate Kindjal can do a better job that i could (we both suck from the same hose) good luck and hope too be back soon. ;)
  9. Sorry guys life is very busy at the moment and the back injury has really limited the amount of time i can spend sat at the computer (especially playing the game) I can be logged into night after 9pm (England time) but don't know how long I will last playing..I normally leave my MSN logged in even if I'm not sat at the computer and wife gives me the nod if anyone messages...
  10. yea wednesdays are always good for me, generally my day off what time gmt?
  11. Sorry not been online much, real life has been very busy plus a rather nasty kidney infection and a torn muscle in my back has resulted in limited time sat at computer....WORST of all not allowed to drink ALCHOL with the medication......will try to make it on tonight...IF you can msn me a time you will be on.
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