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    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-02-01 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Both "buildable L shaped zones" allow the passage of the infantry by only crossing the rock areas. All the spice mounths are situated in the "oasis" situated in the middle of the map. Concentrate your attention on this zone as it will decide who will claim this area commander...
  2. 88 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-12-26 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Each of the 8 buildable areas have an extra fortress wall infantry passage to the spice fields. The northern and southern part are seperated by infantry rock but vehicles can traverse via the 2 central areas. Our spies even detected an airbase in the desert area?
  3. Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-28 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » An infantry Arrakis battle map with 16 bridges, 2 desert bases, plenty of infantry rock and neutral buildings. All players start in the center of the map, destroy the oil barrels first to allow safe passage of your mcv to the outer building areas. In this mission commander you are only allowed to fight with infantry, the construction of a factory ( vehicules ) and/or starport is prohibited. Primary objective: win the infantry battle and gain control of the neutral buildings.
  4. 65 downloads

    Tileset » Giedi Prime Release » 2003-02-07 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This area is a huge maze with 51 bridges and 19 buildable areas. On the map edges there is a "highliner infantry zone" with bridges that only can be accessed by infantry. The other parts can be accessed by all units. There are several harkonen neutral buildings that can be captured. Only spiderman can find his way on this Giedi Prime map.
  5. 86 downloads

    Tileset » Caladan Release » 2003-01-25 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Spies came in possession of the secret "ix files". This document reveils a plot between the atreides, ix and fremen to combine their forces on future battles. A highliner will transport your mcv to caladan. Destroy and/or persuade the fremen and ix before the combined troops land on arrakis. The "X zone" is accessable by all units from 8 directions and contains the most valuable neutral buildings.
  6. 61 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2004-08-17 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Two years later our spies have detected another subhouse base of Fremen and Sardaukar in the northern section of Arrakis. Persuaded them to join your side and detect their location first commander.
  7. Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-11-14 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » The ix are using this site to carry out tests on the impact of the hawk strike, death hand missile and chaos lightening attacks. The ix testing site can only be accessed by air and the outer palaces are only protected by walls and energy gates. Your primary objective commander is to capture these buildings... ( map version 2.0 )
  8. 56 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2005-03-20 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This abandoned testing area was being used to carry out tests on the impact of the 3 main palaces. Your objective commander is to take control of this area and capture these buildings...
  9. 84 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-10-12 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » The Tleilaxu and the Sardaukar are already present in this region. Both subhouses can be persuaded to join either side, so detect their location first commander.
  10. 52 downloads

    Tileset » Draconis Release » 2002-11-22 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » This battle takes place on 1 of the main oil terminals of the Ordos. Four large building areas with an infantry passage area in the middle.
  11. 63 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-11 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » A new experimental weapon was used to destroy all infantry and vehicles. At the moment of the impact a "guild convention" took place with representatives of all major houses and subhouses. Intelligence reports the presence of several neutral buildings and a guild cannon. Explore the region and take over the buildings commander.
  12. Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-01-01 Players » Eight Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » All participants start on the fortified island. The building surface is minimal and the enemy is close by. There is a infantry passage on each corner of the island allowing the infantry to access all areas. For the vehicules you will need the advanced carryall. Several neutral buildings are spread all over the map to help out either side. Only the strongest will survive and/or make it to the other areas...
  13. Version 2


    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-11-30 Players » Six Map Size » 256 * 256 Additional Info » Our far outpost in the southern regions of Arrakis detected the installation of a Harkonnen starport and newly placed buildings in air valley. Our intelligence reports that the Harkonnen troops were transferred to the eastern region as support to finish off our remaining troops there. Infiltrate and occupy this region commander... let the spice flow... Air units are very important as the spice grounds in the centre part of the map can only be accessed by infantry. Destroy or capture the unguarded Harkonnen buildings before they detect our presence.
  14. 50 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2002-09-22 Players » Four Map Size » 168 * 184 Additional Info » First map attempt, that hopefully will lead to big air battles. The spice grounds are mostly situated in the centre part of the map. Enjoy the air fight.
  15. Brazil is my favourite team to become WC again
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