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  1. Do a test like erasmus ... I am of middle class upbringing and also supposed to have a good genetics but ... but take a child from a so called third world nation ( take a bastard of a prostitute and a thug ... no offense just hypothesis ) and give him/her the chance to have a good education and decent living, I can assure you the hunger of the child for education would drive him/her so bad that I would feel like a total airhead beside him/her ... and now finally tell me why do my neighbour down south [ neighbouring country ] keeps on taking millions of immigrants even when the govt in power is
  2. Ah ... sorry to annoy anyone, but I have recently seen a movie where Moroccans rape villages of women in Italy when they were supposed the patrol those territories ... now as there are many wise Europeans here who are historically well-versed I just wanted to know what happened there? Did the Allies punish there Moroccan Subordinates for such acts if they really happened? Did other Arab/Muslim Subordinates of the Allies did commit such crimes too? well in that case I guess people like gunwound have the right to ask for slaughter of Muslims, but I got to know what happened there first before ju
  3. perhaps the reason behind pinochet's invincibility was his support for britain in the folkland war???
  4. You know I just thought of something, If capitalism purely means the handling or manipulating of wealth then, communism would mean the handling of communities or societies that means communism would last ( almost ) forever also, till mankind becomes total savages, in that case 'that' capitalism would die to :D.
  5. okay I guess I may have upset some atheists by trying to defend religion, and thus I quit doing so, from here on in it should be Edric-o, Caid Ivik, Purge or Gunwond who should be doing this duty not me anymore, asta la vista adios amigo ;D EDIT : I myself have to go through all the religions and histories of mankind to know more and to comment about it so better not talk about somethings I do not know that good :D
  6. kintaro was/is almost unbeatable, I liked mk3/umk3 for the combos and new -alities :D.
  7. turkey and tunisia bans veils, are they not muslim countries ? i am getting too confused ??? :O
  8. interesting point is that how different inputs are put into different religions throughout history, like the order to mass murder native americans because they were 'savages' or the intollerance of jews in europe leading to their mass murder, but really was it not "love thy neighbour" an integral part of religion, or to treat all people though how different they look from you as people ? My point is that, though a religion would be inherently peaceful there would be someone who would manipulate a religion to farther one's own agenda ... EDIT : anti-jew movement in germany from 1st WW to 2nd WW
  9. there was some statistics showing homophobes are themselves ... :D I guesss this is the case here.
  10. ah empwrm, how is your French Canadian extermination going ???
  11. I think Buddhism was based on atheism of some sort, original Buddhism even teach not to worship idols, and there was not race division in Buddism like the original Hiduism, though I did not study those religions as much, but this I think most people would agree with me, and if I make a mistake understanding these religions, I apologize.
  12. ahem ... snipers are not fremen units, but there are something called fremen warrior units if that is what you mean. EDIT : how can that be genocide when adp would be trying to protect its base :D. normally I would not use fremen to sneak anyway cuz I know you would not even give me a little space to sneak through, but if you do I would gladly take that chance :D:D:D (provided that I could see your vulnerability in time ).
  13. Ninja_Sher

    Ubuntu 6.06

    Ubuntu is actually great so far, way better than the fedora core. There is an option if you want to keep your previous boot record or not so you have to be careful when installing either windows or any type of linux.
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