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2% or 98%


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2% or 98%

EDIT: DO NOT look at what other people got for the test before you try it, or it may affect your result.

This is strange...can you figure it out?

Are you the 2% or 98% of the population?

Follow the instructions! NO PEEKING AHEAD!

* Do the following exercise, guaranteed to raise an eyebrow.

* There's no trick or surprise.

* Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time and as quickly as you can!

* Again, as quickly as you can but don't advance until you've done each of them ... really. * Now, scroll down (but not too fast, you might miss something).

Think of a number from 1 to 10

Multiply that number by 9

If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together

Now subtract 5

Determine which letter in the alphabet corresponds to the number you ended up with

(example: 1=a, 2=b, 3=c,etc.)

Think of a country that starts with that letter

Remember the last letter of the name of that country

Think of the name of an animal that starts with that letter

Remember the last letter in the name of that animal

Think of the name of a fruit that starts with that letter

[hide]Are you thinking of a Kangaroo in Denmark eating an Orange?[/hide]

[hide]I told you this was FREAKY!! If not, you're among the 2% of the population whose minds are different enough to think of something else. 98% of people will answer with kangaroos in Denmark when given this exercise.[/hide]

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I have never seen a Koala snacking on a apricot in Denmark ???

[hide]but why is every one a 2 or a 98? Because there can only be two or three variations; all on the letters in play. Why? Because any number times nine, when the digits from the product are added to together you will aways get 9. No matter what (whole) number you times nine it always works out. So every one ends up with 9. You then lead them to the few variations they can choose. I always use colors instead of fruit that way its either an Orange Kangaroo from Denmark or an Aqua Koala ... but then I guess some people consider apricot a color too ^-^ [/hide]

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That's what?

Strawberries. They're little red fruits. You haven't heard of them? ???

Anyway, there is no point doing this if people are going to 'cheat' or deliberately fall into the 2%. ::) C'mon guys, the idea of the exercise is to do it properly the first time. Once you know what most people should have got, there is no point in you doing the exercise again, since you can deliberately alter your responses to be different than what the most likely response would have been.

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i didnt do that, it's just a quiz that predicts we all will have those areas set as the default first choice, where most of us are weird and will have odd animals and contries stored up in our heads. most of us here are NOT in the 98%. we are psychos, we are. plus, how is one specific combination really going to be 98% when people have such diverse intellects? can you really expect 98% of the people to choose that? i say the 2% will choose that, not the 98%.

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