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  1. Timsvs

    2% or 98%

    i got had koala in denmark eating an apple too :D hehe
  2. just an idea, probably a stupid one but here goes... y not get the source code for another RTS game? a simple one like C&C1, and just turn it into dune? wouldn't be too hard?
  3. me thinks the emporer is my favourite, i found it funny when he lost control of everything at the end of DUNE, paul p!$$*d him off good :P hehe
  4. when is THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD going to be for sale?
  5. Timsvs

    house symbols

    im not sure, i thought it was a Lion or somethin, maybe the golden throne is their symbol?
  6. lol....as a fellow aussie i'm embarrased...however it's a pretty funny story hehehe :P
  7. Timsvs

    Wheel of Time

    im currently up to chapter 3 of wheel of time, the first book in the series, and i'm sorta having trouble getting into it, cuz it's um....really boring and they talk about nuthing :P im just curious if i should keep reading it or just ditch the whole book, does it get better or worse? or stay the same?
  8. Timsvs

    Dune books

    I think every dune book by frank herbet is amazing, i haven't read everyone so far tho, however most people seem to say great things about them all. However, i do beleive that DUNE is the best book ever, the shock it gave me when i read it. All of a sudden i was plunged into a world that was totally amazing, however realistic and a very believable future. DUNE is the best book in the series, there really isn't an argument about the matter :P
  9. it would be kewl, would also keep the dune community alive..not that it's dying or anything :P
  10. who do you think is the best sci-fi author of all time? i'm not sure if i could say who i like the best, i don't read heeps..but i'm still curious to see what everyone else thinks..also anyone know any good books (other then dune) that u would recommend for me to read? thanx
  11. Timsvs

    I need movie

    u guys tried kazaa? or if worse comes to worse, buying the movie on DVD? :P
  12. Timsvs

    best rts game

    HOMEWORLD this game is da bomb.....3D strategy game it's like a new idea, plays well, unlimited strategy unlike starcraft. This is because homeworld is set in space...so there aren't many obstacles at all...only the occasional asteroid field. Starcarft is a map on ground where certain points of the map are vital to victory. HOMEWORLD KICKS A$$ best RTS EVA! go but now..even though it's 2 yrs old..howeva HW2 is coming!
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