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  1. and there are what, 3 more dune fans joining in the last 6 months in the entire world? that is still very sad.
  2. i didnt do that, it's just a quiz that predicts we all will have those areas set as the default first choice, where most of us are weird and will have odd animals and contries stored up in our heads. most of us here are NOT in the 98%. we are psychos, we are. plus, how is one specific combination really going to be 98% when people have such diverse intellects? can you really expect 98% of the people to choose that? i say the 2% will choose that, not the 98%.
  3. 2% here!! a carp in the dominican republic eating a pear.
  4. daas overburn, geistesgestoorten der eire!!! bachen der boot! err, it's called overburning. most burning programs have the option, but it can be bad for your burner. ex, wal mart supercenter has dvd-rw drives for 49.99!! im gonna get one tomorrow!!
  5. isn't the standard work hours in europe lower than that in the u.s.? like, my dad works 8 hours a day like the normal lackie. that's 40. i heard in europe its like, 6 hours a day. but im in america, where the public are misinformed around every corner in order to herd us like little sheep. what we know is only what the politicians have told us, and all they tell us is bent truthes meant to control us. that's why im in japan now. (in my mind.) anyhoooo, 67 hours of ACTUAL schoolwork would seem a little harsh. i think we usually only include time spent actually doing things. blegh. and if you actually spend that much time on school, you go to one fscked up school, my friend. like prof.satan's school of hellery.
  6. so, pretty much same old same old. did we have a flood of new members, or just a few more..?
  7. hilamobster13


    hey there errrvrybody. i'm back. yea for me. i am now an employee of studio capsule, i sold tee shirts at a convention. and im a staffer at c-kon maybe. yea for me. so whut up? what's changed since my abrubt abscence all that time ago?
  8. hey, ya know what? I don't deny one bit that we would put in a puppet governor to help us. I don't think that's the reason we did it, is all. we'd have to be total idiots not to try and gain the oil advantage though, wouldnt we? there's nothing wrong with it. Now if what we do when we get our little oil gain set up hurts the people, then that's wrong. but i strongly feel that the result of this will be a benifit for both sides; the people or iraq dont have to deal with sadamm's sadism, and the immense poverty, and we dont have to deal with sadamm and we get oil. i think the understanded setup for the future is we get cheap oil, and all the money goes to humanitarian aid for the iraqis.:P
  9. yo dude, where along your life did the lines between RTS games and real life blur so badly for you? these are LITTLE KIDS, WOMEN, OLD GEEZERS!! NOTHING BUT INNOCENT PEOPLE TRYING TO STAY ALIVE!!! REAL PEOPLE, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!. not some little avatar and useless 1's and 0's, this is an actual human life. people like you should be forced to live over there and provide soem scumbag a human shield before you go and say this stupid shit. and did i ever say that we wanted to be policemen as a nation? hell no, but we don't have a choice. we took responsibility, unlike some other countries, and this is what we get for it.
  10. this is the way it allways goes. the U.S. twitches, and someone from every other nation in the world is ready to bitch about it. you complain and complain and complain about what were doing in iraq now. a few years before the war you heard nothing but how unfairly people in other sections of the world were being treated. when the US come to make things right in parts of the world, do they rejoice? no, they find a new reason to hate the US and its citizens. whether or not anyone anywhere else wants to think it, no, to BELEIVE it, the US is the policeman of the world. it has allways been that way since after ww2, and that is inevitably the way it will be. not even by choice, but that's the ass groove we got to sit in.
  11. (rules: just like a normal RP, the story will be pretty guided by me, and will seem on the fly to keep things interesting. don't make your character too powerful, give him or her reasonable limitations. try to focous on one attribute, like strength or speed. jace is an exception as i am da storyteller. 1.no killy the other players. 2.no hijacking non playable characters or that sort. 3.dont go against jace or you will die. 4. i have the option to kill you at any time if youre being unreasonably retarded, but i really dont see that happening. nawp. 5. try to keep it somewhat serious. 6. i reserve the right to add rules to the formula as they become nessesary.) just so you know, i'll be playing the role that might be referred to as dungeon master in D&D. I am to be playhing the role of jace, an elven mage of unreal power. the setting is the island of new zealand, as inhabited by the english anachronistically. there's a pub in the distance, and jace walks slowly through the streets in his white robes. "they'll be here soon... the warriors the runes told of..." jace turns, and sees someone coming in obvious warrior attire. jace quickly dissapears, and watches as the warrior enters the square. "yes, they will have all recieved the summons, and surely they will meet here tonight if they place any value in this..!" jace reappears as a cabbit at the warriors feet. he looks around for others to come... (note! anyone can be the one guy. i needed him to start.)
  12. there aint one damn person gonna finish this story, is there?
  13. actually, gob told me a while back that gobalopper is a word he came up with as a kid, it like, the combination of a gobstopper and a grasshopper. strange, eh?
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