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    • Update from 2021-06-16: - Fixed crash when picking up many unit crates next to each other - Made explosion crates shootable (can be specified for each crate individually) - Extended Spice Bloom and Spice Bloom Spawner crates: More spice bloom types (classic, instant circle/square, Dune 2 style) and customizable range - Extended Reveal Map crate: It can reveal a circle (same as Reveal map event) in relative position near to the crate - Extended Stealth crate: Has more functions (heal unit, change unit type) and customizable range First post edited and download link updated.
    • Yesterday I implemented the extended reveal map crate, which would reveal a circle in a place near to the crate. I was also experimenting with a crate which would change unit stats (basically extending stealth crate). Changing health (i.e. full or partial healing) was pretty straightforward, but changing other stats (I wanted to try changing unit speed or rate of fire) was not much possible through. That would require additional changes in code, so that individual unit's value is used instead of global value for respective unit type, specified in templates.bin. But one interesting thing, I tried changing unit's type for existing unit on the fly, and that kinda worked. Wonder whether that would be any useful, but seems rather as obscure thing to me. I could also change the range of effect for the stealth crate. By default it turns stealth all units which are at most 2 tiles far from the crate in both X and Y directions. You could probably give me ideas gow the crate could be customized (i.e. different kinds of effects, customizable range etc). Basically I'm now concentrating on implementing the extended crates, after that I will take a look at the points and bug fixes reported by @Fey one by one.
    • For the sound, execute (on dosbox too) the setup.exe; maybe it has no sound active, you can choose soundblaster or adlib or any options that the game allows you. The second problem is weird, maybe dosbox it is not allowing to click on things, but maybe the setup or the options in game maybe contain some part "only keyboard" or something similar that limits you. When you say mouse buttons don't work you mean that you cannot even select units or structures but you can still point at units and select them with the space bar? Maybe  on the options ingame or the setup I said early there is an option to change that, or it could be dosbox itself that it is not capturing correctly the mouse.
    • so after hours of  my head against keyboard, punching walls and screaming on screen i finally made dune2 run trough dos box there are just two little issues  1. sound doesnt work (i should have all the .pak files in the folder idk where is the issue) 2. muose buttons dont too idk if this how the game was designed but i can use space key instead
    • Hey guys, Some of you may have seen over in my Civilization scenario search & rescue thread here that I'm on the hunt for Dune scenarios for Civilization games. I've managed to discover the existence of a handful of Dune scenarios for Civilization 2 and sadly some appear to be possibly lost forever. Originally I only knew of David Emery's The Battle for Arrakis scenario which is on most Civ sites and is also hosted here at Fed2k in your other game modifications section. However I was recently informed about David Greenfield's CivDune scenario here at Fed2k too and have added to the collection and spread it around the Civ communities too. And I saw Dick Knisely's Islands in the Sand scenario here at Fed2k too and will try it out soon although I can see in it's readme it's not set in the Dune universe but is inspired by it. I have also discovered proof of the existence of three more Dune scenarios for Civ2 on a webarchive backup of an old Civ2 scenario site called the Zadanian League. Sadly the downloads are not backed up and all that remains is some basic info and some simple mini-map screenshots. Failed to find copies on any other Civ site either. If any dune gaming fans here have these scenarios please let me know so I can rescue them and make them publicly available to ensure they're not lost forever! Sands of Dune by James Dahl – dune.zip (293kb) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php Dune - Pour L'epice! (For the spice!) by N.Chautru – dune.zip (246kb) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php The Battle for Arrakis 1.0 by Isaac Ashdown – dune.zip (163kb) (not to be confused with David Emery's Battle for Arrakis above) https://web.archive.org/web/20030829213113/http://dsquared.fiwh.com/civ2/scenlist/d/d.php Finding these 20 year old Dune Civ2 scenarios is a long shot I know but I gotta try. Sooner or later someone with a copy will hopefully come along.   .
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