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    • I have a small suggestion: Structure editor shortcut is control X, so I was thinking that or either making it a different shortcut or, at least, disable it when you are on the mission briefing, as right now I cannot cut+paste the text when I am writting stuff. I keep doing the control+X to cut a part of the briefing to move it to the top/bottom or whatever and the other windown pop up instead. Oh, also something that I don't remember if I wrote about it. Thinking on a "restore" buttom on the structure editor. TibEd had it, and if testing stuff there is a moment I just have to revert all the canges, I need to open the editor a second time, check the unit, export the values and then come into the first and import the values. So a restore that pick up the "back up files" (as I think the editor does a back up the first time?) it would be neat, to restore individual units, or building or art...
    • After a few wtf moments in that one video. The game starts to become....over generic. Even Dune 2, despite having a weak ai for attacks, is much more interesting. Sorry to say, but I feel they failed in some important departments now.  
    • I do plan on releasing the third mission at some point, I had a working blueprint a few years ago but had to figure out some mission logic and lost the files in a computer move. I've still got it all in memory though so when I eventually get the chance I will finish it.
    • So I have started reading Dune books on my kindle. I have finished the original series and moved on to the prequel novels. Most of the dune books I can get through kindle but not all. https://dunenovels.com/chronological-order-of-dune-books/   On this website it mentions two short stories that I can’t find:  “Blood and Water” (stand-alone excerpt from House Harkonnen)   and    “Freuen Justice” (Also published as “Nighttime Shadows of Open Sand” standalone excerpt from House Corrino) I have bought the Kindle versions of House Harkonnen and House Corrino from Amazon. There are two different versions of these books so I bought both of them but neither of them includes those short stories. I have read that both of these stories are included in an older edition of “Tales of dune” but on Amazon there is only the newer edition available that doesn’t include those short stories anymore.   My favorite option would be to buy these stories as an ebook. But assuming they are not available in that format is there a PDF of them online. Alternatively I would also be willing to purchase physical copies of either “Tales of dune” or “House Harkonnen” and “House Corrino” that include them. However I don’t want to those books that I already own digital copies from just to find out that they don’t include those short stories either. so my question is can anyone on this forum point me in the direction of how to read those stories?
    • Thanks for the tip but for this setup we'll be playing offline LAN on old XP/Vista hardware where the games are already installed. The easiest thing would be to just replace the DUNE2000.dat file with the patched one.   EDIT: That said, if we can't get hold of the patched file we're looking for we will look into other options and this might be the one.
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