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    • Small update and small edition into the first post: Due a change on some events on the lastest .exe done to the game. The final bonus mission had 1 part not working properly, making units on the starport incredible expensive as a result. Also, the enemy now gets less money as a refund when it loose units. From 75% to 50% of the cost of the unit. The post tried to send people to download the lastest Dune.exe but the link wasn't working, now it is fixed.  
    • Small update: on mission 2. the enemy was suppose to deploy the MCV on top of where the player starport was, but due a different logic used on the lastest .exe of the game, the game stopped considering that area "deployable" making the enemy to move the MCV on a different area. Everything else is unchanged.
    • It would most likely be CGI motion capture. They'd probably hire famous actor and then would need their face on the Emperor for marketing. Animatronic puppet for "human" faces, has that even been used much recently? I also doubt they'd want to build a 7 meter long puppet. But would be cool. Baby Yoda? Netflix The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance puppets? They've come a long way from the ScorpionKing in Mummy Returns where it looked terrible for CGI motion capture.
    • If God Emperor of Dune received a film adaptation, would you prefer a CGI character with motion capture or do you want an animatronic puppet to portray the God Emperor of the Atreides Empire himself?
    • just consider that in the mission 11 case, there are multiple ways to defeat the Ais. For example, on the top right side of the map, There is an AI that has 1 barracks and 1 refinery only. Instead of going against the harverster (which can kill your units), you can go to the top area, and going on a narrow area with like 3 pieces of wall (or something like that), you destroy it and you can enter the base to either take the refinery or the barracks, either way, you fully nullified one AI. On the bottom side, is similar, slighly harder but there is also an only infantry entrance, and the enemy only has light vehicles, if you destroy the fact or the ref, you also remove another AI. the Ai that focus on combat tanks and sieges is thougher because it doesn't have anything like that, but you don't really need to take every single AI, removing those 2 which are more weaker and easy to break will help. Just as a reminder, the grenadiers have more armor, incredible more armor than usual. 2 grenadiers wins against 1 siege tank. The grenadiers have a different armor, I don't remember which one but think of them as Combat tanks but with hp and movility of an infantry. So troopers can kill them easily, but trikes and siege tanks or even light infantry had trouble with them. I didn't follow anything in particular. There is (or was) a wiki-page that had a list of names from houses, some are really well know, and others had just the name but not an entry. I think the Lassoki were the only ones that had an entrance but it was a 3 lines long containing just a bit of "the existed bewteen this and that year" but not more. I chose on purpose names that existed in some books, but at the same time being totally unknown houses so I could write my own story about them without canon problems. The butlerian trilogy uses a line from the first book that mention an era where humans using AI machines to control and slave other humasn. This is why On that campaign the Emperor is the mastermind and there is no any kind of advance skynet that controls all the AI. Either is an human, or just a machine following their programming with no real goal. The only story I made following the first book is the  Frank's herbert, with some liberties here and there. And then it is Feda´s war of assasins that took some parts of the books for characters and certain events. So probably the closest is my Frank Herbert one, which also I made (briefing wise) simple enough for people that didn't read the book (nor saw any movie) to see where the story is going withouth going too much in detail.
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