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    • Aha! I forgot that I had two threads (one for the map and another for the mod). At some point it became awkward having the files split like that, so I put them all in the other thread:     US History Map thread I'll see if I can edit post #1 here to point people in that right direction.
    • And it has a release date of November 20, 2020 now:
    • First, you need to check the "Guardgroupsize" which it's 1000: that define the amount/strengh of units that will use to defend his base, now. I am guessing those Atreides recieves units via script, right? because they don't have money. If you want the Atreides to not make use units to defend his base at all, just change the GuardGroupSize value to 0. Any unit the AI recieves will be ready to attack. "protectstreng" and "Defendstrengh" don't really affect here: those are just the % of the units used at once to do that job. For example, if you have a very big AI base being defended by 50 tanks and you have the protectstrengh value to 10, the AI don't mobilize all the 50 tanks at once when you are shooting at the enemy turret/building, you will see only 5 combat tanks going to defend (and if those died, more join). Also, keep in mind that the "first attack building delay" has a randomized default value of 25 (defined by the line called "TimingRandomPorcentaje"). This means that the AI it's not going to attack exactly at 15500 ticks but around this number; appliying a 25% random, may be more, may be less.
      With a basic calculation: 25% of 15500 it's 3875; so you can expect the Ai attacking in between ~13560 and ~17430 ticks. <-- the calculation it's a guess, from my experience I deduced the AI will attack in bewteen 12.5% early or 12.5% later; I may be wrong, but his is an approach. There is other thing that I don't know exactly how it works or how you have it in your map.
      A line that said "morale AttackBuilding": I saw Ai's that don't attack at the timer set because you are killing his allies <-- I saw Ai's stop attacking, but I never manage to replicate this in my playground-test map.
      I don't know if you have any other value than 100, but if you haven't it, just place 100 just to be safe. I know for sure that with 100 the AI morale never change and attack as usuall. So here the main solutions:
      *Reduce the area guard size of that AI to a lower number or just simply to "0" if you want every single unit delivered to be used as future attacks.
      *If you really want to AI to attack at 15500 ticks everysingle time, changing the "timingrandomporcentaje" to "1" will do the trick, but if don't mind to just be around that number the random just will make the maps a bit less fixed.
      *And checking "Morale AttackBuilding" and setting it to 100 if it wasn't, just to be more safe. And finally, as a recomendation for testing a bit more easy: I may suggest you to add into your maps, a reveal map event to trigger at timer =1 with a radius of 0 (the positions doesn't matter). This will reveal the whole map to you, so even if you are just "playing" your map you can spy what the AI it's doing from time to time without using debug mode. Also, to help you track the timers you can write on the "time limit" the 15500 value, so you are more aware around which moment that AI will send the attack.
    • Thank you very much, I don’t have any minor attacks anymore - indeed, the player’s base was in the AI zone. But for some reason they stopped attacking altogether only when the carryalls were planted with the hunt parameter. Smugglers (atreides with a modified index) bring units to the starport and must attack every 15,000 ticks. But during the game they are engaged only in defense. I even decided to put the percentage of attack at 100 for the sake of verification - they still do not attack the player. I hope I will solve this problem, thanks for the help that already is.  
    • 11/20/2020 is the official release date for the Dune movie reboot folks, and that's about a month before Avatar 2 is released. It's gonna be a sci-fi battle during the Holiday 2020 season.
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