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  1. I love Dune 2000 and Emperor the Battle for Dune I'm looking for a mod that improves the AI of these games. Does anyone know something like this? Kind regards
  2. Hi Mudabi, I'm also looking for a mod that only improves the AI... it would be amazing. If you know such a mod for Dune 2000, please share it. Kind regards.
  3. So again, I answer to my post myself with a solution to the last issue I encountered with the French version of the game ;-) To find again the movies in the game, here is what you have to do : In the following folder C:\Westwood\Dune2000\MOVIES, you have to replace all the F letter with the E letter in the name of the files. Here is 3 examples : A_BR01_F.VQA become A_BR01_E.VQA A_BR02_F.VQA become A_BR02_E.VQA A_BR03_F.VQA become A_BR03_E.VQA That's All ;-)
  4. @aKaFedaYkin : I'm using the 1.4.0 version of the High Res Patch. Is there a new one ? I found it here : http://d2kplus.com/hires.php I answer myself to my post because I've found a way to solve my issues : Install the game in French Update the game with the US patch (not the French one) Copy the following folders from the CD to the C:\Westwood\Dune2000\ folder : MOVIES, MISSIONS Edit the Resource.cfg file with the correct paths Apply the High Res Patch for the MISSIONS and MOVIES folder Read my following post if you want to have the movies in the gameAll the text will then be in English in the game, but it will works without any errors while playing. You just have to know that all the cut scene will no more work (probably due to the US patch) If someone know how to solve this problem, I would be grateful (=> read my next message to know how to solve this). Sounds and Voices will stay in French ;) NOTE : if you encounter errors with the High Res Patch, check that none of Dune 2000 files are running ! The best way to avoid such errors is to restart your computer before applying the High Res Patch. Thanks again for all !
  5. It works like a charm for me, expect that.... - I can't se the upgrade button in the main menu of the game. - The buttons in the top of the main menu do not work (repair, sell, etc.). My game is in French (original game) and I use the latest version of the game (1.06) without any mods. The screen resolution is 1920*1080 and I'm under Windows 8. I was unfortunately not able to take a screenshot in the game but here is a picture of my screen. Otherwise, I want to THANK VERY MUCH all the guys who made possible to play D2K in High Res !! This is really INCREDIBLE !
  6. Thanks for your answer Gruntlord6
  7. I would also ve very interested in such a patch It would be a dream to play Dune 2000 in high resolution !
  8. z_feydakin

    Happy 2013

    I wish you also with delay a happy new year ;-) I take the opportunity to tank the admin(s) for this nice forum and nice community !!!
  9. Hi, I've just installed Tunngle and found the Emperor Room. My question is then simple : how to start a game with the players who are in the room ? Does Tunngle work like hamachi ? Connect on Tunngle through the client Open the Emperor Room Start the Game Select the correct IP in the option of the game Open the LAN panel to find players and start a gamePlease let me know if it is correct and sorry if this process is already explained somewhere else. Is is possible to play on Dune 2000 through Tunngle ? If yes, does it also require the LAN patch as explained here ? Thanks a lot for your answers.
  10. Thank you. I'm just downloading the pack.
  11. Could you please give the link where we can download your installer ? Thanks.
  12. Thank you so much. It works like a charm on Windows 8 64 bits ! I've tested a Lan game (not through hamachi) between 2 computers with success ! Just one question : I used the patch from this link : http://thingamabob.eu/dune2k ? What is the difference with this release : http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24242-dune2000-online-game-patched-for-hamachi-no-more-crashes-habb-erg-2-map-included/ ? The question : If I update my game to version 1.06 and apply the patch provided here (http://thingamabob.eu/dune2k), is it ok ? Or shall I nevertheless use the version provided on this page ?
  13. Thanks for your answers ;) I use already hamachi to play with others old games. Could you please tell me where I can find the hamachi rooms to play on Emperor ? What shall I do to play with the Red Alert server ? Thanks for your help and have a nice day.
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