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  1. Version 4


    Emperor Fast Unit Mod.
  2. 861 downloads

    Program for viewing and editing Xbf files. Meshes can be viewed and modified, the Xbf file can be converted to a text file for viewing and the text file can be edited and converted back to an Xbf file. Meshes can be replaced with new meshes or new meshes inserted with meshes in MilkShape3D's ms3d file format. This version adds extraction of meshes from the Xbf file to an ms3d file.
  3. What's the name of the Xbf file for that repair pad so I can check the Xbf file.
  4. I could try to help, but it probably won't work. Anyway, what did you have in mind? Copying the turret and/or gun data from one Xbf file to another is possible, but that is not enough to make it shoot. It has to have instructions in the FXData section controlling the shooting, but no one has figured out how the FXData section works. Copying the entire FXData section from a unit that shoots to one that doesn't worked in a couple of cases (GUNiap and TLFlyer using ATADP FXData), but in most cases, the FXData section of one Xbf is not compatible with another Xbf.
  5. This is what I used in the Artini.txt and Rules.txt files for testing the Ordos Plasma Saucer model: [ORSaucer] Xaf = "OR_PlasmaSaucer" Icon = "iconsAT_Drone.tga" IconGrey = "iconsgrey_AT_Drone.tga" SideBarType = "Units" ClipSphere = 110 [ORSaucer] // Copied attribs from ATOrni Score = 2 House = Atreides StormDamage=10 //only damages is never picked up PrimaryBuilding = ATHanger //only built in ATFactory UnitGroup = FromHanger Terrain = Rock, Sand, NBRock, Ramp Cost = 1500 BuildTime = 499 Size = 3 //TurretAttach = ATADPGun HeightOffset = 8 Speed = 18 //10 //7.0 //game coord per update TurnRate = 0.05 //radians per update Armour = Aircraft Health = 1800 CanFly = TRUE //Circles = TRUE //ADF = TRUE Ornithoptor = TRUE Resource = ATHelipad TurretAttach = ATOrnithopterGun //SoundSelected = PilotSelected //SoundOrdered = PilotOrdered ExplosionType = AerialExplosion Debris = DebrisMedium TechLevel = 6 //Starportable = TRUE //order from starport (if atreides) //ReinforcementValue = 8 //UpgradedPrimaryRequired = TRUE DamageEffect = MediumDamageFX ChaosEffect = MediumChaosFX HawkEffect = MediumHawkFX //HitSlowDownAmount = 50 // Percent (100 = complete stop) //HitSlowDownDuration = 100 // ticks ViewRange = 15 //was 4, 8 AiAir = TRUE ExcludeFromSkirmishLose = TRUE GetsHeightAdvantage = FALSE AIThreat = 60 MissileTrail=7 MissileTrailSize=9 MissileTrailWiggleFreq = 10 MissileTrailWiggleScale=10 MissileTrailLength = 18 MissileTrailDelta = 0.9 //Holdback = TRUE Unstealthrange = 10 RangeIndicator = 12 RangeMask = 1 // LEVEL 1 ---------------------------------- VeterancyLevel = 10 // Score required ExtraDamage = 25 // 50% more damage - applied to all weapons ExtraArmour = 50 // Takes 50% less damage // LEVEL 2 ---------------------------------- VeterancyLevel = 24 ExtraRange = 20 // 50% further range CanSelfRepair = 1 // Should have 0.5? // LEVEL 3 ---------------------------------- VeterancyLevel = 48 ExtraDamage = 50
  6. The Ordos Plasma Saucer model is a modified Atreides Air Drone Xbf. You should be able to do the same things with it that you can do with the ATADP.
  7. The Ordos Plasma Saucer model doesn't crash the game when I test it.
  8. You can extract the model's meshes with the Xbf editor to the ms3d file format (only 1 mesh at a time). You can load the meshes and combine them in MilkShape3D (a shareware 3D modeling program: you can download for a 30 day trial, then it costs $20 to register). You can save the models to other 3D file formats supported by MilkShape3D. MilkShape3D has texture mapping, so you can view the models with textures (and you can modify or create new textures with a paint program and UV map them with MilkShape3D). You'll need DuneEx2 to extract texture (Tga) files and model (Xbf) files from the archive files. The Xbf editor doesn't extract animation data, but you can animate the models in MilkShape3D (you'll have to add bones and joints). Some of the meshes in the Xbf files are not part of the model, so you won't need those ones. With some models, some of the meshes won't be rotated, translated, and/or sized correctly with the other meshes, so you will need to rotate, translate, and/or resize them before combining them with the other meshes.
  9. In the Artini.txt file, you need to remove the line: LoadFlagOnlyPreplaced and add the lines: Icon = "icons<icon name>.tga" IconGrey = "iconsGrey_<icon name>.tga" SideBarType = "Buildings" (replacing <icon name> with the name of the icon you're using) Unfortunately, the Civilian buildings don't have construction sequences or their own icons.
  10. Jacob Douds posted this when he was making the Airstrike mod: I got the Ordos Helipad Working. Yay. The problem was, for some reason, in the default artini.txt file, in the generic buildings section, with the walls, there is an Ordos Helipad entry. Which means the game reads that one first, but it doesn't exist so it crashes. But that means they were intending on putting in an Ordos Helipad but decided not to. I never noticed it there before.
  11. TGA files are opened with paint programs like photoshop, paint shop pro, or others (if you can't afford those, there are trial versions and shareware paint programs you can download for free, although some will expire in 30 days or so if you don't pay for them). To check what textures (TGA files) are used by an Xbf file, you can check the Xbf file with a Hex editor or Notepad (or save the text file version of the Xbf file with the Xbf editor) to read the texture (TGA) filenames. Unfortunately, they combined all the unit textures into a few big TGA files, so you have to try to locate what parts of the files are the textures for the unit you're editing. Some of the modders here have mapped texture locations in some of these files, so you might ask them to help you with this. The Xbf editor just shows wireframe meshes, no textures. You can use it to reshape, resize, move, and rotate meshes. If you want to see the textures on the mesh, you need to download MilkShape3D and learn how to use it, then extract a mesh with the Xbf editor as an ms3d file, load the mesh file into MilkShape3D and apply the texture to it (You still have to use a paint program to modify the textures). Or you could just check out the unit in Emperor. With MilkShape3D, you can modify or make new meshes and skin them (apply textures) and animate them if you want, and then you can use the Xbf editor to insert (add) a new mesh or replace a mesh with the new mesh to the unit you're editing.
  12. You can lengthen or reshape a mesh with the Xbf editor without using MilkShape3D as long as you don't need to change the number of vertices and faces or to insert a new mesh. If you lengthened the barrel by adding a second mesh to it, there could be 2 meshes in the ms3d file, and you would need to combine it into a single mesh in MilkShape3D before saving the file. Also, did you apply a texture (skin it) in MilkShape3D? I haven't checked this, but MilkShape3D may not save the texture coordinates or other texture data if you don't apply a texture. More detailed info on the error might be helpful also, such as which menu selection you clicked on when the error occurred and including details on what you did to the mesh in MilkShape3D.
  13. More info might be helpful, such as what you were doing when the error occurred, what was the error message, and what Xbf file your were editing. Also, try reading or rereading the text file included with the Xbf editor, there are limitations to what you can do that are listed in the text file, such as you can only have one mesh in the ms3d file.
  14. To get the GUNiap to fire, all you have to do is replace the GUNiap's FXData section with the FXData section from the ATDrone. Also, I sent you the files as attachments to an email. So I guess you didn't get the email? If so, give me an email address to send them to and I'll email them.
  15. The 2k version is the latest version of the Xbf viewer/editor program. I'm not planning any further updates at this time, so if you want to view the meshes together, you'll need to use the Extract Mesh function to save the meshes to MS3D files and load them into Milkshape3D. In many cases, the unit or building should be assembled correctly, in other cases you may need to move and/or scale some meshes. Also, some of the meshes in the Xbf files are not parts of the unit or building and others are things like lights or jet exhaust.
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