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    • Ah, thanks for all this info, Klof Hey, like I said, I'm kind of an idiot, so I like to have things spelled out at times lol But, I tested this: And, uhh... nothing happened. I blew up a Silo, everything stayed intact. I sold it, nothing happened. Tried changing the exploding barrel to the wall, same thing, nothing happens if I sell or blow up a wall segment. Is there something else I missed? 😅 EDIT: Although literally everything else is the same about Gruntmods, perhaps it's the different installation? I dunno if it would make a difference, but I've been using dunemaster. The "Dune 2000 online" installation. It has a very small system footprint and you can actually view the briefing in-game, it's not broken in this version, which is really nice. No debug mode, but I think I know the AI well enough by now to expect certain things from it after certain changes I make without needing to babysit it in-game. This is the link to said version: https://dunemaster.webs.com/files If it actually is the different installation, that would be really weird if this behavior is just supposed to be in D2k. It should work in either version. Hopefully we can figure this out. EDIT: Uhh, nope, that definitely wasn't it. I just loaded the BARRELS map in both dunemaster and gruntmods versions (I must have done something wrong before to get that error, IDR I was pretty tired I guess lol) and the 'barrel explosion' behavior works in both. But, setting that setting in the editor has zero effect, nothing happened, the Silo or Wall or whatever just blows up and nothing around it also blows up. Could it be that there's something wrong with the editor? Side note, this behavior is gorgeous. I love it, I want to use it. Just as soon as I figure out what the problem is lol EDIT: I just did a little bullshit edit for the graphics. Here's a pile of crates: Here's the pile of crates in-game: Needs some color correction, but this is just to check out the idea. I blew up some of those crates: So, yeah. I guess that looks okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I could do some different edits of arrangements for those crates. I literally just cropped out one of the Heighliner tileset crate arrangements and slapped it over the Atreides Silo graphic. Maybe could use a few variations. Obviously that'd be tricky to implement, but hey, as long as they're available...
    • When you add a new building or unit type, you click Apply changes (or save) and the AI value list on Mission settings dialog gets updated with current list of buildings/units. When you add a new building type, then you need to add a new entry into TEXT.UIB where key is same as building type. Then such building name will show in game when you mouse over that building or building icon. Adding building/unit types is pretty easy and straightforward. Can be done with just a few clicks. Then you need to fiddle with TEXT.UIB to add text entry and TILEDATA.BIN to be able to pre-place such building on map. See: Very simple. Just add text entry with key HARK_WIND_TRAP to TEXT.UIB. Adding buildings and units, however, is tricky. The game references same amount of building/unit icon images from DATA.R16 as there are buildings or units. When you add a new building or unit and do not add respective amount of new entries into DATA.R16, then image index references between game logic and DATA.R16 will mismatch and graphical glitches will occur, most importantly game crashes if you attempt to build a building. See: For building buildup animation, you will also need to fiddle with buildup animation frames. Heh, actually, I did not answer intentionally, as I wanted to release the structures editor first and let you play around with it and discover this on your own! It's that easy so I can just give you a small hint: Have a look at "Other" tab.
    • Yes, the campaign I am working on it is almost done with only 1 mission to do, and the editions I have planned to do with tibed for it are minimal, increasing the ROF of a unit (or the HP) only and that's it, the most heavy modifications are already done, so I will finish this and take some days/weeks to rest and toy around with your editor and learning how it is used and all the options it offers, doing modifications into a portable dune 2000 version I have here (I have it this way so gruntmods it's never touched directly). There I will mess around and use the stuff I already saw in a few screenshots here and there, like the building decaying even on concrete I may think on adding that kind of stuff for the dune 2 campaign (retro version), or the option that you have around there of a building that you cannot capture or sell, so that's totally dune 2 behaviour.  The multiple upgrades for the heavy factory and so on. So yeah, by the time I begin doing the tleilaxu sequel I will use this tool and not going back to Tibed anymore. I know for sure I will use it because Sardaukar were part of the previous one as deliveries, and here I may use of the double upgrades to have Sardaukar or even Fremen to produce for the player, things like that.
    • 😮 I had a look at the new editor and ohmygoshit'ssoprettyEVERYTHINGISLAIDOUTANDIT'SEASYTOREADANDSOPRETTYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank you. Would it be simple to add parameters in the editor's AI parameters list for these new structure / unit types? How about text entries for mousing over those new unit / structure types? Anything else tricky that we perhaps should know about this process of adding new units or structures? Hey wait! Don't go anywhere just yet, I need more info on how that barrels behavior works! XD The bytes! I think I posted all my questions in the other thread, so if you could elaborate there before you go taking a break, I'd really appreciate it.
    • Yeah, I confirmed this is possible. I added Atreides modified outpost and it worked, but graphical glitches occured as I had to add extra building icon frame into DATA.R16 which I was not able to do. However, what should be possible right now, is adding building or unit TYPES, as these are not anyhow dependent on graphics frames in DATA.R16. In order to be able to pre-place new building or unit type on map you must edit TILEDATA.BIN to include special value for the new building/unit type. With this, you can actually add new buildings by replacing duplicates (i.e. for turrets there are three building arts which are exactly same so you can replace those duplicated ones) and you should be able to have i.e. gun, rocket and autogun turrets at same time. Well, I really tried to develop this Structures Editor really fast so that you are able to use it for your new campaigns as soon as possible. I think I'll take a rest for some time now, as the main and coherent feature is already out.
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