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The God Emperor's Dune


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The ships swept down onto IX instantly landing on pads where techinicians in the hundreds of thousands ran out to begin repairs on the battle-worn Ixian forces along with some Ghobey ships which were to damaged to move on their own.

"Excellent, now the repair should take a month...With the cost..." The mentat thought aloud using his full capibilities to calculate the smallest details. Suddenly foot steps were heard behind him, sweeping around he saw the child standing there with Imperial gaurds all over. The mentat bowed as the Emperor walked by and looked down upon the ships before him being repaired.

"Dedicate 50% of the work forces to fixing the ships...And the other 50% to our new project..."

The mentat's eyebrow cocked slightly. "New project?"

"My father destroyed the machines...Along with his flagship correct?" There was a slight pause before the advisor nodded slowly.

"Well we need a new one, correct?" Another nodd.

"Well our new project is my new flagship..."

"M'lord...That's logical...But 50% of the work force...Even with 10% your fathers flagship only took..."

"My fathers flagship is lost mentat...And there is need for a even larger one...Requiring 50% of the work force...Until the other 50% is ready to do the same..."

There was yet another slight pause as the mentat almost whispered.

"....How large..."

The boy for the first time looked up at his advisor.

"....There is now nessicity...For a battleship...Capable of anhiliating all life forms on a planet from orbit...In a matter of hours..."

Project Status: 5%

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Lisa Cobras looked over the reports of the battles. Major losses of Ghobey, Imperial and Sardaukar forces. The Imperium was reeling from the loss of the Emperor. People everywhere felt a warm rush of relief from the destruction of the Machine fleet. Lisa Cobras knew, however, that it was not the end. They would undoubtily return.

Message to House Ghobey:

[hide]I'll be your friend if you will be mine. Alliances and friendships are needed to begin the process of rebuildng and healing the wounds. If you ever have need of assitance do not hesitate to ask House Cobras for whatever you may need.

Lisa Cobras


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The Sarmizege4tusan forces were busy fighting the diversive attck of the machines. Just an expeditionary force, nothing much. But the Lord had to protect his planet.

The battle didn't last for long, so the Lord has the fleet ready for some new missions.

Scout ships are send in to trace the ion trail of the machines, thus allowing the fleet to reach the machines' homeworld(s).

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The mass training began on the Holnuck homeworld where tens of thousands of Imperial forces began training the hordes of new recruits to be prepared for an oncoming human offensive. There was a training session with 10,000 new recruits currently taking place at a remote location with the an important auidience, the Emperor himself. The child was now slightly over nine as his birthday was close to the day of his fathers death, only adding onto the tragic creshendo of events.

"How many men do we have trained on this planet mentat?" Stepping out of the group of men including gaurds, yes-men and other advisors the mentat stood wearing the Imperial colors.

"About three million fully trained so far m'lord, of course, they shall go onto further training involving our elite troops." The Emperor continued to gaze out onto the training session.

"And how many elite forces do we have here?" There was only a slight pause.

"About one million, we came in with about 850,000, what's quite obvious is the fact that the elite troopers take a little longer to train." A nod from the Emperor.

"So then, what are the current battle reports regarding the machines and anything else I need to know about?" The mentat tapped into his deep base of knowledge and got an answer within seconds.

"The machines are in full retreat, the last battle was fought on a very small scale with the Sarmizegetusan leading a spearhead against the last machine attack...They have now pulled back to their planet and are repairing."

The Emperor turned around to look at his mentat for the first time.

"I heard there was another machine attack at the same time of my fathers crusade against the machines..."

"Ah yes, the machine's vs. House KYA forces."

"House minor?"

"Yes m'lord" The Emperor nodded.

"How did they defeat the machines then?" The Emperor said slightly questionaly.

"They use an age old weapon referred to as the E.M.P, it longer works on human ships as it was invented orginally around the year 3,000 or so, but it seem's to have worked temporally on the machines."

The boys face went slightly more grim "Meaning it won't work again?"

Taking in a deep breath the mentat spoke "I am highly doubtfull of its success in the future."

Repairs: 25%

Project 10%

Message to House Sarmizege:

[hide]Thank you for your recent fending off of the machines, if you need any repairs I will gladly let you use IX, and I shall add some Ixian technology to your ships.[/hide]

Message to House KYA:

[hide]Good work on the attack against the machines, three Ixian cruisers are being shipped to you along with a payment of 450,000 solaris to add the lose as much as possible, but be prepared, this is far from over.[/hide]

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Mother Superior Taraza pursed her lips until they ran white with lack of blood. She was a Bene Gesserit, one of the most self-controlled people in the universe. The pressure of her grip snapped the edge of the table off. Minor acolytes looked on in terrified amazement as the Mother Superior seethed and fumed at the news from Holnuck. Not even they, her closest atendees, had ever seen her this angry.

"Not even Atreides." She hissed. "Corrino never did this, Atreides never did this, not even cursed abomination ever struck against the Bene Gesserit like this! How dare he?"

"Er, perhaps I might suggest that we abandon-" A mentat put forward timidly.

"No! You may not!" Taraza threw the chunk of table across the small room where it smashed into the wall. "We have been lax for too long! Far too long! Vernius dares to kill three reverend mothers when they have nothing but a small honour guard?!" She stormed from the room.

Message to Vernius + Imperium:

Your actions are unforgivable and show that there is little control behind the actions of the Imperial throne at the moment. As a result, we demand the immediate appointment of Jennifer Ghobey as protector of the Imperium and thus Empress until her son reaches his eighteenth birthday.

We also insist that the planet Arrakis be given back to a major house, and the Imperial palace be removed back to Kaitan.

Holnuck is also to be returned to a faction that will care for the population and not use them and their planet as mere cannon fodder. The Bene Gesserit will take that position.

Furthermore, you have killed members of both ourselves and our military who made no move to attack you. They were slaughtered. There is no price on a life such as theirs, but nonetheless you will replace the cost. That cost is Ix. We want a quarter of its CHOAM holdings and 3% of the standard year's profit.

Additionally; we have spies everywhere, and we have seen the plans for your new flagship, 'Emperor.' It is to be abandoned at once. It is uneconomical and a vast waste of resources to build such as large ship as a display feature. One would almost think you had an edifice complex. The power that the ship would hold is too much for any ship. The power to destroy planets too much for any one faction. It is not to be constructed.

This message is open to the Imperium. We require full cooperation on your part, there is no alternative.

Message ends.

Mother Superior Taraza, Bene Gesserit Sisterhood.

Message to House Ghobey:

Ensure that Jennifer gains the position of protector. As widow to the Emperor it is her right and duty until her son is old enough to reign.

As to the boy himself, we and you shall undertake his training. He is not to be taught in either the ways of the Sardaukar, nor his predecessors. Although considering his recent actions, it may be too late.


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Message to Bene Gerrisit:

My men acted appropiatly, you claimed the WHOLE PLANET was no longer under Imperial rule, how DARE YOU! And now you demand things of me? Are you foolish enough to try to off-set the Imperial throne when the whole Imperium needs me to lead them against the machines? My flagship remains being built, you have no right to threat ANYONE and if I hear anything else about it....I shall destroy your House on my planet...Now is time for unation, not seperation so stop your bickering at one.

Repairs: 90%

Project: 17%

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Do not threaten the Bene Gesserit, 'Emperor.' You are not so blind as to abandon one of the most influential groups in the Imperium. Your own mother was one of us! We have extensive ties to Sardaukar, Cobras, and Ghobey. We helped put House Vernius on the throne! Our demands stand still and they shall continue to do so until you acquiesce. We have given our reasons for them and they stand also.

As to the threat of the machines, it is you who are threatening the stability of the Imperium with your rash and unwise actions. You are to stop this at once and lead us in the appropriate manner. If you do not, we may well refuse to be led! And we do not speak just for the Bene Gesserit on this issue!


P.S. If you're going to try and threaten us 'Emperor,' you could at least make sure that you've spelt the message correctly, including the title of the sisterhood.

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The Imperium cannot survive without the joint elements of the Ghobey, Vernius and Sardaukar forces, the biggest key factor in the race against the machines is of course, my Imperial army. And my mother is irrelevent, my father died so you could live, and this is how you repay the bloodline, by bringing up my mother and irrelevent topics? Even though I did not direct it personally, the attack was just as you have no right to just come on in and claim the planet for yourselves, I had a right, we needed the soldiers and the crimes became apparent, if we did not get those men and if my father did not sacrifice himself for the Imperium you would not be here, do not think I am the arrogent one.

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It is better to die well than live in a lie. The crimes you have committed could have had the most righteous reasons in the Imperium and still they would have been inexcusable. Not to mention to the continued instability of your current actions, including your flagship. You are unfit to rule, you are a child.

You are by far the arrogent one.


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"Exterminate them m'lord?" the Emperor turned around slowly.

"Of course not, the witches are intelligent no doubt..And they are valuable beyond all comprehension...Send them some type of gift or something..." The mentat bowed.

"You are dismissed." Nodding he quickly departed.

"Now for the machines..."

Message to the Imperium:

As soon as we identify where the machines exact location is, we must launch a massive assualt...Bearing billions of men, prepare..

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"Lou get in here." Rodrigues said pressing the button the intercom.

A few seconds later his main hentchmen Lou the wrench stopped in, a large overweight man, he was imensly strong and had a decent amount of intellgence.

"What is it boss?" His voicew was high and squecky un characterisc of his large size.

"Our so called Emperor has sent us retributions for saving his ass. 450,000 solaris. We can build a crusier with dad or a light dreadnaught. That son of a bitch we deserved Great house status for that. We saved his ass from the machines and how does he repay us? 450,000. We lost 10,000 troops in that battle and how does he repay is? 450,000 solaris and some crusiers."

"Maybe he ya know donst have the cash, and atleast they are crusiers."

"Yea they might help us with the new spechs R&D is talking about, not that were not going to stip them and take the information sell them to the highest bidder."

"Its a living."

"I doubt it he is building a Super dreadnaught, I never seen anything that big one of our spies managed to slip in as a worker and has been giving us some information of the ships so far. He has been spending inordable amounts of funds on ship construction and training. our experts suggest that given the curret ecnomic strain of house Imperial that they will have a complete and utter depression in the next 6 months to a year."

"You watch the tape I sent ya boss?

"Yea nice job with the spy, you learn anything usefull?"

"Just that the imperials slaughterd the Witchs on house whatever got slaughterd. He was looking for Witchs in our ranks he says a imperial aid from imperial house KYA. But we caught him snooping the emp bomb plants and the R&D labs."


"Dont worry about it boss we took care of it."

"Yea keep looking for more imperial spies, sadukar whatever when you find them let me know I want to ask them some questions."

Messege to Bene Geserit.


We have killed a imperial spy snooping around for Bene gessserit on KYA prime. They may be doing so on other worlds. Your forces our in a safe place however and the operation goes as planned



Fleet:2 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers

Imperial Army on En route to Tuplie with remains of Imperial House KYA


9,100 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

24,000 Mineral+14,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

150,000 Solaris+5,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Stockpiled resources taken by the fleet as it escaped

Complete Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

In Production One Heavy Mineral Extracter increeses Mineral Production by 9,000 Complete

Mineral Refinery Increses Mineral Output by 50%

ETC 2 posts

10 Frigates Cost 350,000 Solaris

ETC 1 post.

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"Change the subject will he?" Taraza growled at the message. "Remember the Sardaukar gholas we were going to send to aid him?"

"The ones now on Ghobey or the other ones?"

"The other ones."

"Six thousand, a fraction of our troops. Just about to leave the spaceport."

"Stop them."


"They are not to leave the planet. The Emperor will recieve no aid from us. And withdraw his official truthsayer and all BG concubines from the Imperial palaces. All the Bene Gesserit mentats, guardians, minor truthsayers, anyone that aided him in any way is to return home."

"Yes, Mother Superior."

"Withdraw financial support to Ix."

"But they do not know it was there! This will surely expose our aid-"

"And make it all the more obvious how much we are refusing to help them. Oh, and one more thing."

"Yes, Mother superior?"

"If he tries to bribe us, send whatever it is back. Unless it would be of unique use to us. In which case don't acknowledge it as a gift."

She turned back to the screen. "This isn't over yet, 'Emperor' Vernius."

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Message to the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood:

[hide]You have my condlences on the loss of three of the Bene Gesserit sisters. You aso have my support. Your act was not one of independence but one of helpful rebuilding. The "Emperor" is backing himself into a corner that he cannot escape from easily. You have both my personal support and the suport of my House. The Emperor must realise that he is not above the law even though he is the law. You may consider us your staunch allies until this has been seen through.

Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras


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(OOC: Whether in character or not, this..."Super Dreadnought" should not be allowed to exist. A weapon powerful enough to destroy a planet in a single volley is no better than atomics, or any other type of godmodding. If the process is completed, I'm pulling out.)

Darius sits in conference with his two main advisors, Lillian and J'invy.

"I think my dear grandson is growing up in the same ilk as his father," says Darius, "Power-grasping and ignorance of the true power in the Imperium, alliances."

"And it will remain the same as long as the Imperial troops are his only teachers," says Lillian, "And all our attempts at a Bene Gesserit-guided schooling program have been hindered."

The Arch-Duke sighs, and massages his forhead, "It seems as if we have traded one tyrant for another, and he has died, leaving the niche for another tyrant more. Will it ever end?"

"It will end and begin again," says J'invy, a solemn voice in the darkened room, "Death and rebirth."

To Godfather Rodrigues, Minor House KYA, Planet KYA:

[hide] Greetings.

I am willing to assist the growth of your fledgling House in return for all information regarding the Imperial Dreadnought plans, the EMP technology, and your recent encounter with the Machine Hordes. Name your price, we will consider it. May prosperity come to you and your descendants, Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

To Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras, House Cobras Homeworld:

[hide] ...And do not hesitate to ask of anything you require. These are troubling times. Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

Jennifer walks alone down the halls of the Imperial Palace on Arrakis, the echoes of the days trials ringing in her head.

"Where is the honor of my father in this?" she had said, speaking to an aide concerning the Dreadnought plans, "Arial bombardment? Since when has an Empire had to rule, not by respect, nor by understanding, but outright terror?"

She echoes the argument aloud in the abandonded corridor, "And why my son?"

Suddenly she stops, and hears the pit-pat of steps echoing behind her. Whirling around to face the intruder, she sees nothing but a black flash...the barest outline of a human body.

"My lady Jennifer. So many questions. This is my answer," she sees the figure's arm come up, an object in his hand...

Ghobey project at 60%

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"The Training goes well Boss about 30,000 troops." Lou said reading from a file.

"Exelent and the familes are all in agreement of the plan?" Rodrigues asked his voice weak from age

"Yes everybody is ready to launch at your word."

"Exlenet put them on high alert Operation Cow over Man will go well."

"Yes It will boss."

"The other thing in place to?"

"Yes our forces report that everything is ready to go when the word is given."

Messege to house Ghobey


We will trade the crusier itself and detailed information on the Super dreadnaught and its many flaws for 1.5 million Solaris, 20,000 Ornithopters and maitence parts, and 10,000 Las guns.

This price May be high but i am sure you can pay it.

God Father Rodrigues



Fleet:12 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers, 3 Ixian crusiers

Imperial Army on En route to Tuplie with remains of Imperial House KYA


18,200 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

38,000 Mineral+14,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

115,000 Solaris+5,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Reconstructing Planetary banking and Financing increases GNP by 10,000 Solaris per post

ETC 2 posts

Cost 40,000 Solaris

Mineral Refinery Increses Mineral Output by 50%

ETC 1 posts

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Let me build it

No. You've got too many people working against you for it to pull through.

Message to Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras;

[hide] Your support is welcomed and returned in this time. Rest assured that if your actions speak as loudly as your words have done then our support of your house will be equally ferverant.

Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. [/hide]

A second Bene Gesserit shuttle leaves the Heighliner over Holnuck. Remaining in orbit, it sends a transmission. This is copied and relayed across the Imperium:

Imperial troops, forces, and others; this is your final warning. The Bene Gesserit will take this planet for the good of it's citizens, and it shall be done without any additional violence on your part. You are to evacuate immediately, the Heighliner awaits. Any delays will be seen as a deliberate act of defiance.

Message to Imperium;

If the Emperor and the Imperial forces continue down their path of destruction, it can only lead to chaos. If the Emperor does not back down now, we suggest immediate trial. Each of the remaining Houses of the Landsraad and the Bene Gesserit shall send one representative to Arrakis, and decide whether the Emperor is guilty of murder, among other crimes including the illegal annexation of Holnuck and his father's other actions.

Again, this is to take place only if the Emperor does not ammend the situation himself. Now.


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Jennifer feels white heat touch the edge of her cheek as the assasin pulls the lasgun's trigger.

Jumping to the side at a rate only known to the Bene Gesserit, she manages to dodge much of the first volley.

My cheek...He burnt my cheek...That piece of slig slime burnt my cheek!

Hitching her leg onto the wall, she launches herself high into the air and falls on top of the assassin's head.

In a last-ditch attempt, the assassin switches the lasgun into overload. But Jennifer reaches out and forces the lasgun out of the man's grip and tosses it out the palace window.

The ensuing explosion is powerful and hard, three innocent civillians and an Imperial Guard are killed.

As three Guardsmen run into the corridor, Jennifer rips the mask off the man's face.

He is an Imperial Guard.

Darius scans the latest political report.

"The Bene Gesserit are attempting to begin legal proceedings against the Emperor," he says, speaking to himself, "Interesting strategy," he snickers, "And it'll be a good chance to see the rest of the 'raad again."

To the Godfather Rodriguez of KYA Prime:

[hide] I have considered your price. It is rather steep, but I have always considered myself a generous man. Especially if my donation is to a good cause... Either way, the spice melange is, as you know, at a premium today. And we have very, very low stocks. As it is, however, we have had a recent surplus of military goods, and if spice is not available, the means of obtaining it are just as important. We are willing to send:

100,000 cases of Standard Melee Weaponry (Swords, knives, etc.)

40,000 Ornithopters and mantinence equipment

15,000 Lasguns

5,000 cases of missiles, bombs and grenades

500,000 Solaris of Spice

Thank you for your time, Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

Ghobey project at 80%.

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I'm out of this thread, I take over a planet to get men to fend off the Imperium from the machines and I kill the witches who think they can come down on MY planet and declare it THEIRS without contest, fuck it, it's not worth it, and right when I try building a weapon against the machines which I planned to end the Vernius rule with I get nothing but bitching, congrats I finally see what Clanner was talking about, I'm out.

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Message to House Vernius:


We are able to repair our ships. The period of independance made us stronger. Speaking of wich: are we considered now part of the Imperium. If we are, then we must start negaotiations with the Guild. You might intervene to lower the cost of the demolishing the Barrier.

Lord Burebista


Message to the Guild:


We would like to start negotiations with you regarding the Barrier.


- Sir, our Scouts have detected the Machine fleet.

- What Machine fleet?

- THE machine fleet.

- What?..

- We have found a planet. There are many ships there. There are orbital factories. Defensive platforms. Actually the whole planet seems to be constructed.

- What do you mean constructed?

- Here sir, see for yourself.

The officer hand the lord a shiga wire. The Lord analyses the photos.

- The whole planet seems to be made out of steel.

- Could it actually be a ship?

- What do you mean?

- Back in the Butlerian Jihad, the humans found plans for such a supership. They found plans for a "planet eater" but God save usif that is constructed.

- So, the Lord concluded, the machines have constructed a ship the size of a medium planet... they have a HUGE fleet, and they continue to mass-produce ships. Could this be their only ship? Or there are more? Anyway, I want a full report, I want to know exactly how many ships do they have.

- Yes sir!

- And send this copies of these photos to each Faction in the Empire.

The Lord speakes with one enginner:

- How fast can you build that?

- One month sir?

- Top speed?

- I cannot say, but I will be really slow.

- Ok, start building it. We'll need it.

- Yes sir.


The machines planet looks like that planet in Star Wars.

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occ: dont start complaining Ghost Hunter! I was screwed over many times but im having fun so dont drop out yet!

Lisa Cobras's fleet came out of the Heighliner in orbit over House Holnuck's planet. The Bene Gesserit watched the fleet land and wondered what was going on. After the main ship landed Basher Henderson, Lisa Cobras most-trusted commander, walked over to the Bene Gesserit and handed them a letter from the Arch-Duchess stating that House Cobras would help the Bene Gesserit defend Holnuck.

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Messege to House Ghobey

[hide] It was a pleasure doing business with you. You have high regards in the council. I hope we can work together in the future.


"Is it ready Lou?"

"The fleet and invasion troops are all loaded. The suplies gained from the trade have increased our military moral significantly."

"Good The fleet leaves at once and the troops as well. Tell our..workers to launch the operation at once."

"Its already done boss."

"No Lou it has only begain."


Fleet:12 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers, 3 Ixian crusiers

House KYA Mafia Forces In route to Attack un speficied world ETA 1 post.


9,100 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

59,000 Mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

612,000 Solaris+5,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Reconstructing Planetary banking and Financing increases GNP by 10,000 Solaris per post

ETC 1 posts

Cost 40,000 Solaris

Mineral Refinery Increses Mineral Output by 50%

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If you want to play, you play by the rules. You did something we didn't like, so we took actions against you. Now we're doing things you don't like, so instead of quitting the thread when things get a little difficult how about you take actions now, GhostHunter?

OCC: We'll wait a few more posts to see if he returns or not. If not then the throne automatically passes to House Ghobey, as does rulership of Arrakis and Ix. And the Imperial military. Hopefully he'll come back though...

Secure in the knowledge of Cobras assistance, the Bene Gesserit shuttle descends onto the surface of Holnuck. Again, their representatives split up, but this time they were surrounded by Cobras forces. There was severe resistance from the Imperial troops, but they held only the barracks and other military structures. The embassies and official residance, despite their disrepair, we soon occupied. From there, the Cobras forces spread out, taking most of the buildings without forces, and skirmishing only rarely.

They began to spread.

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Jennifer's finger caresses her scarred cheek as she stands before her son, the Emperor.

"Leto, the attempted assassin has been fully interrogated. As far as we know, he represents a faction within your own military. Believing my presence as another Bene Gesserit weakness to your throne, they attacked, and nearly killed me."

"Why does this...faction, believe thus?" asks Leto.

"I am Bene Gesserit, and many believe a war is brewing between the BG and your Imperial majesty. Perhaps it had something to do with this business on Holnuck. Why are you alienating your most precious allies, Leto?"

Meanwhile, J'invy and Darius look over the plans for the Imperial "Super Dreadnought", as it was known in some circles.

"This is a killing machine, meant for nothing less than complete genocide," says J'invy, "Incredible power in the hands of a child."

"Yes...But it has weaknesses...Look, here and here," says Darius, pointing at the graph, "If a lasgun were simply tuned to the correct frequency and fired along any of these ports..."

"...The vessel would be seriously damaged or destroyed," says J'invy, "I see."

"We must send a copy of this to the Bene Gesserit, along with a guide for planetary defenses," says Darius, "With the right defensive structuring, it can be stopped before it even reaches the planet."

A few hours later, an aide walks into the Arch-Duke's office, and lays out the latest of Planetary Development schetches for the outer Ghobey planets.

"Good, the planets are well populated and set up for mining, research and agricultural harvest, the Minor Houses set up in command are ready to return on our investment."

It is then decided, the Houses Minor Harkonnen, Tiernan and D'aganon will work on thier selected planets for House Ghobey for an estimated ten posts and possibly gain thier Major House status.

To Godfather Rodriguez of KYA Prime:

[hide]It was a pleasure for our party as well. If you need further assistance in exchange for pertinent information or other coin, to not hesitate to call on us first. Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

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