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The God Emperor's Dune


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'So, they think they can beat us from Space do they? No matter, we can still launch our force into space'

At the press of a button a force of Ten Thousand ships approached the Imperial fleet. This force could by no means out gun the fleet but they had other ideas. As soon as the fleet approached the Imperial fleet, each ship split up into Ten smaller ones, each one agile and heavily armed. These ships swiftly went into the action, taking out the Fleet with a Machine like precision...

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"Interesting," says the High Bashar in lead of the assault, "These fools choose to ignore thier population and attack us off-planet. This will be fun."

As fighters stream out of the assembled Hieghliners and face the weak Huahin forces, loads of marines hit the planet surface.

"Sire, we've secured the governor's command center," says one of the lead officers in the ground assault, "The Elite Guard put up quite a fight, but as most of thier forces are in space, fighting you, we were able to rout them easily."

"Good. The has gone far enough," says the High Bashar, "Have you captured the leader of the Huahin forces?"

"Aye sir, we are preparing to launch back into space, we just need you to clear an area for us."


Shortly therafter, a struggling, cursing nobleman is brought to the High Bashar's quarters.

"Siridar Chris of Huahin: I hereby place you under arrest for treason against the Emperor of the Known Universe," the High Bashar clears his throat, "You will be taken to the brig aboard this Hieghliner for safekeeping under the Guild's eye until we return to Arrakis. Once there you will face trial by the Landsraad for your crimes. Your planetary fief, Huahin VI will be taken under the wing of Imperial protection until your innocence has been proven, or your guilt punished."

The nobleman is led away.

(OOC: Newt, you struck against the Imperial House. A "no-no". I'll set up a trial, which will be ran about the same as the meeting a few posts ago. Right now, unless you have friends with other factions, escape is impossible. I'm sorry if this seems a little extreme, but it's probably about the way something like this would go down in real life.)

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Jacob Kobras has taken all his remaining loyal forces and fled to Holnuck.

Is this a sign of what Lisa Cobras has to say?

We shall see.

Cobras meeting in 4 posts and nothing short of a full nuclear bombardment will oust Jacob from Holnuck.

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(OOC: All I've understood so far, is you're attacking the Imperial rule while we're already in the middle of a war on the Machines. That's not a terribly smart thing to do...especially if you intend on keeping your hide. Was there something I missed?)

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OK, lets make this easier.


The Imperial forces had captured the 'King', and all hope seemed lost for the peope of Huahin. However some people knew better.

The 'King' was taken aboard the Imperial Flagship, but the moment he stepped on board the ship he stopped. An Imperial Officer stepped over to find out what was happening when the 'King' imploded and a small canister shot out of him at a rapid speed piercing the hull of the ship and escaping out into space. The 'King' was a Cymek with only his brain surviving from his former body. The many ships massed by Huahin were also Robotic and were causing Havoc amongst the Imperial Forces.

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With Jacob Kobras going to ground on Holnuck, he is now forced to fight for it with the already-invading KYA. The battling is fierce on the planet, but there is no warfare in the upper atmosphere or space, neither party can currently afford it as all ships are being used as shelter, most civilian buildings having already been destroyed.

The Imperial forces on Huahin are matching the AI fleet, but neither faction has yet reached a breathrough. The puncture in the hull is causing severe problems, no surprise there.

"Lets see... that's war on the Imperial house... forbidden technology used against the imperial house... aiding of an offshoot that is practically renegade... I think we can legally send Huahin down the drain." Lillian smiled at her books. "If of course he survives this next bit."

There is a pause.

She grins.

[OCC: I felt that perhaps there was some confusion, and possible disagreement here. This is to clear things up.]

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Lisa Cobras stepped up to the podium in the vast meeting room on Alpha Beta. Beside her sat her father's majordomo and a covered container.

She began to speak.

"My fellow people, I have athered you here today to discuss something paramount to us all. Jacob Kobras is not the rightful ruler of House Cobras because Joshua Cobras was not the rightful ruler either."

One of the delegates stood up and shouted out "Proof!"

"Here is your proof."

With that she took the cover off the container and showed the world her father's brain.

"My father became a Cogitor after he was killed so as to prevent the destruction of our Great House. I have heard it from his words that I was to be the ruler after his death, not my brother! My brother was incompetent and he almost destroyed our House! If you doubt me then come stick your hand in the fluid surrounding the brain. You will know I am being serious."

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The former Huahin Commander-in-Chief of Armed forces had been trapped in his cell for three years now. He had seen the quiet, hidden take-over of his world by Machines yet he could do nothing about it - until now. Imperial bombing had broken the walls in his prison and he was on the run. He needed to stop the machines. If only he could fine someway of disabling them.

Then he realised the machines weakness - their power. If he could knock out the Power supplying the Signal Generator which gave the Machines their instructions he could save the planet...if only he had time.

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Onboard the Kobras warship Jacob's Pride Commander Alan Fortyn watched the confrence on Alpha Beta and then he switched off his display.

He turned to the crew of his warship and gave his most feared order ever.

"Destroy all Kobras positions on Holnuck!"

In orbit over Wallach IX hundreds of Cobras House transports are dropped off by a Heighliner and move to the surface of the planet to pick up the Bene Gesserit forces.

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[OCC: Finally. ::) ]

Utilising the Cobras transportation, countless hordes of Pythons/Sardaukar crossbreeds make their way to Huahin. Since there is no method of planning that could defeat the machines, they use Kamikaze tactics, destroying the enemy ships with pinpoint precision.

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(OOC:Huahin is now a battleground as House Huahin was taken over long ago by Omnius. Can I have a new house now?)

The Machines on Huahin gassed the whole population, leaving no-one alive - at least however the message had escaped about the truth and Huahin still had its honour now.

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My Sardaukar weren't meant to breed with his poopy snakes :P

They're gholas from the originals you gave me. But they've been inbred so much already it hardly matters. The new troops are far more powerful physically than either group. Mentally though, they are so ill-equipped that a blind child with no fingers could beat them at snakes and ladders.

And nEwT you can create a new house, providing you settle the future of Huahin/Omnius first or at the same time. If in doubt, remember what Clanner did (he had the Atreides disappear and brought in the Cobras).

With the space fleet all but destroyed, the Imperial forces begin to examine the surface of planet Huahin.

Holnuck meanwhile, is in chaos.

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Secret Messege withen the brotherhood

Invasion of Hulnuck in process

Land gained in invasion 67% of all planitary surface

Casulities at 89 million

Enemy cassulties at 10 million.

-The enemy forces are being routed back to the polar reaches of the southern continent, human wave atacks have destyoed their fortress at calon.

-KYA fleet is in hiding in the asteroid belt fixing damanged systems and waiting for imperial assistence

-KYA military forces are conducting a organized offensive against Cobras forces in the north with the aid of 300 million Civilans acting in human wave atacks.

-The Cobras military at its height was 35 million on Hulnuck

KYA military was 210 million and 2.5 BILLION civilans acitng in cordinated human wave assults.

-Rodrigues is still offering them the chance to surender in the exchange for prisinors of war return and them leaving the planet and system

-No Reply

-End Messege

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yAY ! :D

the blood shed had been great but house KYA had finaly succeded and colinzation could continue

On KYA Prime 2 (the planet was renammed after the destruction of all kobras forces) A strange un marked transport lands on the newly built space port, it is quickly taken to a underground in the southern continent

colonization at 40%

The debrees of the planitary defense network are being collected for study.

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The Richese Military came down on the Planet of Huahin suddenly and in a flash took out all power on Huahin with a payload of EMP bombs. With no power the Machines were swiftly taken out leaving no trace of the evil intentions behind.

I'm now House Richese.

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Jacob Kobras was brought before the Cobras throne wearing chains and guarded by twenty Pythons.

Even though he had been beaten he still had a smile on his face. He was still in control of some forces on Alpha Beta and soon his loyal lieutenant would break him out of custody. He would return to power before...

He stopped that thought as his lieutenant's head was dropped on the ground in front of him. He looked up at Lisa Cobras.

"Your civil war has failed and ended Jacob. You had very little chance of actually succeding in the first place. You angered many of the Great Houses and you have done something even worse.

You abused the honor of our Great House!

For the other crimes you would be put on trial before the Landsraad but in this case..."

As she spoke a Bene Gesserit sister stepped out from behind the throne followed by representatives from the other Great Houses.

"You shall die in the most horrible way possible."

A space suit was brought in by two guards. A space suit just his size...

"You shall be put in this suit, given two days worth of air, and placed in orbit. It will be a toss up to wether or not you burn up in the atmosphere or if you suffocate."

A few weeks later...

Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras sat on her throne and looked at a model of her realm. It contained just the Beta system. She was content with what she had. But the Machines were still out there somewhere and so were the Atreides. She had to do something about either threat.

She choose the Machines.

The Machine Planet was slowly moving towards the Human Imperium. Though it was severly damaged it was still very dangerous. It suddenly stopped because right in front of it sat all of House Cobras's space forces. Over three thousand ships sat there, weapons armed and ready to fire. It was like a powder keg wih an easily lit fuse.

Nobody was sure who lit the fuse. Nobody was really sure what had happened afterward. All that anyone knew was that the Machines were being totalled at the cost of the Cobras space fleet.

This is a great campaign against the Machines. However, without Imperium support the Cobras fleet will fail and the Imperium will be swamped in Machines.

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The Sarmizegetusan Lord began to feel better, so he could now, attend important matters.

"The Cobras fleet is facing the Omnius planet? I attacked that planet once... Then I'll help them again. This time I'll have to remain home. I hope my generals perform well."

The Sarmizegetusan fleet assembled. Only a small force was to be left home.

The two Heavy Battlecruisers: Sarmizegetusa and Dacia opened the hyperspace gates and jumped with the rest of the fleet swarming near them.

In total there were about 1000 ships of different sizes. The two Flagships were the backbone of the fleet. Then there were the Cruisers, and Destroyers, Carriers with about 250 fighters and Corvettes.

The torpedoes, lasers and EMP weapons were prepared for the battle.

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Although most of the prime fighters were destroyed in their suicide attack on Huahin (which must be resolved in the Landsraad), the Bene Gesserit send the remainder to attack the machine fleet, this time attempting to minimalise casualties.

OCC: As you should well know Clanner, the Atreides left a long time ago, with no plans to return. Didn't they?

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The voice came out loud and emotionless from the loud speaker outside the large black box.

"You are sure you wish to do this Rodrigues?" The voice asked

"Yes, Vengence must be ours to many KYA have died to the ignornence of everything."

"So you are in it for vengence?"


"Interensting." The voice stoped as if pondering," Very well The resources will be deposited on this location, go pick it up. That is all we can do at the moment, our hands our tied at the moment."

"Yes of course."

"Bye Rodrigues." The voice said and the box slowly begain to wheel away towards the frigate where it would soon launch and dissapear.

The KYA merchent fleet begain picking up the massive stockpile of resources in the near a near by asteroid belt.

The prioities were as fallows for the KYA people.

Basic econmic structure of KYA 2

Planetary defenses of KYA 2


colonization at 100%

The debrees of the planitary defense network are being collected for study. 89%

Basic econemy at 20% growing at 25% per post

Defense of KYA 2 at 15% growing at 15% per post


Fleet:9 Frigates 255 fighters 21 bombers, 1 Ixian crusiers, 1 EMP crusier, two heavy crusiers

Resources-house KYA still has the Feif for KYA Prime and will begin strip mining it as soon as possible.

49,800,145 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

132,849,000 mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

10,000 Solaris+3,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Strip Metel mine on KYA prime

250,000 Minerals

Adds 65,000 Metel per post

10 posts till completion

Strip Mineral Mine on KYA prime

450,000 Metel

Adds 70,000 Mineral per post

10 posts till completion

Planetary Defense

1000 Orbital Missle Batteries- 250,000 Metel, 110,000 mineral ETC 2 posts

550 Oribtal Las Gun Batteries-300,000 Metel, 220,000 Mineral ETC 2 posts

9 Heavy Defense Platforms- 600,000 Metel 700,000 Mineral ETC 8 Posts

Fleet Construction

5,122 Fighters- 800,000 Metel ETC 2 posts

3,612 Bombers 1.5 million Metel ETC 4 posts

512 Destoyers 11 Million Metel ETC 5 posts

425 Light Cruisers 14 Million Metel ETC 5 posts

212 Heavy Crusiers 23 Million Metel ETC 7 posts

22 Drednaughts 31 Million Metel ETC 10 Posts

1 Super Dreadnaught 40 Million Metel ETC 15 posts

(OOC: I know it seems like alot but the fact remains we picked up alot of resources and im tired of having a 300 ships fleet and no one ever helping me....)

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@ Dust Scut

The Richese Military came down on the Planet of Huahin suddenly and in a flash took out all power on Huahin with a payload of EMP bombs. With no power the Machines were swiftly taken out leaving no trace of the evil intentions behind.

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