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The God Emperor's Dune


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That night three Bombers took off from the South Pole. These planes were Jet powered and flying a lot faster than 'thopters did.

(OOC: Actually, I doubt the accuracy of that theorem. If jet power was faster than the form of transportation used by 'thopters, jets would probably make up most of the air force of any House. But I'll let it stand.)

"Lord Emperor, another attack has occured on Imperial Barracks 497436," says an aide, "Intel reports the bombers were of Huahin construction."

Darius slams his fist on the desk, "More and more of these fools seek battle on thier own kind, while the Machine threat grows! But if it is conflict they want...Conflict they shall have!"

A few days later, a top-secret initiative is launched against both Houses Cobras and Huahin. The fruition of that initiative will arrive in three posts.

Meanwhile, in an aggressive move, Imperial forces launch a powerful attack against the Huahin fiefs, Huahin V and Huahin VI. Utilizing both insurmountable space weaponry and the "modified" zombie drop forces, Imperial Ghobey defeats 20% of each planet the first day.

Planets Huahin V and Huahin VI will be...assimilated...into the Imperial House Ghobey in 3 posts, lest House Huahin surrenders.

(OOC: I'm sorry if these posts are seeming short and overly powerful, but I'm really tired, and this, "Attack Arrakis!" crap is getting really old. No offense ;) )

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"Idiots. You'd think that if they wanted to fight they'd at least side with the winning team." Lillian murmurs as she listens to the news in the palace. After a fruitful journey into the city of Arukeen, she has returned and is serving as best she can.

Arukeen stirred. As the troops of Jacob Cobras patrolled the city, dark shadows grew. In a dark ally, a guard was swallowed up by the night without a sound. The sand shifted, and paranoia decsended upon the troops. A silent death stalked through their ranks.

Some reported seeing a woman in red defeating three soliders at once, but she was unfound, and the men were doubtful. They began to group together, firing at the slightest noise, jumpy and nervous.

"What were you doing out there?" J'invey asked Lillian briefly as they worked out plans together. She smiled knowingly,

"Rousing a few old friends of the Bene Gesserit to help us." J'invey nodded and bent back to his work.

"Are you sure they're still capable?" He asked. "It has been some time..."

"The Fremen are very much at home with stealth fighting. Even now." Lillian replied.

Due to persistant raids, the Wallach system will be free from enemy troops in 2 posts, unless something happens to change the situation.

Note to Emperor Ghobey;

[hide] Our military gift may come in handy here, as currently we are a bit preoccupied. M. [/hide]

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occ: ok a little clarifacation here. everybody under attack is being attacked by Jacob Cobras and not Lisa Cobras. So if you say "attacking house cobras" just say whom and not house cobras.

for example: "attacking jacob cobras" or "attacking lisa cobras"



just wanted to say that


The Jacob Cobras forces on Wallach IX were fighting a losing battle but they had a plan to not lose. They had an audacitous plan if any.

High above Wallach IX the Jacob Cobras battlecrusier Jacob's Ladder is turning to fire upon the planet. As it turns an explosion suddenly appears on its side from an unlikely source. An AI missile. From a Thinking Machine Fleet.

As everybody scrambles to battlestations the Thinking Machines send a message down to the planet:


As a battle raged between the Thinking Machines and Jacob Cobras's forces another fleet appears. But this one bearing the markings of Lisa Cobras.

Thousands of fighters launch from hidden fighter bays and start attacking both the Thinking Machines and Jacob Cobras's ship. As they do so two Mobile Strike Cannons get into place and start pounding away at the enemy forces. Less than a day later the forces of Lisa Cobras had destroyed all enemy forces in orbit of Wallach IX. It was time to go to the planet and help the Bene Gesserit.

Jacob Cobras would die.

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A large ship left orbit around Huahin IV as the battles on the other planets intensfied.

Huahin V has a Jungle planet with many dangerous creatures which were well known to the local people and Soldiers but unknown to the Sardaukar. Many of the Imperial forces were killed by Natural Causes.

However Huahin VI was a dry desert planet, not dissimilar to Dune and only had a small amount of Soldier stationed there and was quickly over run.

Message To Jacob Kobra:


Do you require assistance on Arrakis?


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Huahin V has a Jungle planet with many dangerous creatures which were well known to the local people and Soldiers but unknown to the Sardaukar. Many of the Imperial forces were killed by Natural Causes.

House Sardaukar no longer serves as the army of the Imperial throne, so the Ghobey/Ixian army should do just fine. :P

Wallach IX is now all but cleared. The children of Lisa Cobras are in no danger, and all that remains are isolated pockets of weak resistance. These are being... taken care of. In the interim, the Bene Gesserit planetary defense system has reached 42.5% completion due to hurried work during the attack. There is no news from Holnuck. It is assumed that it fell since there was nobody there to guard it. Still, that was KYA problem, not that of the BG.

Arukeen was free. The silent efforts of the Fremen had cleansed the city entirely, and now the rest of the planet was open to the might of the Imperial throne. As Emperor Ghobey hatched his strategies, the people of the desert melted back into the shadows.

With Wallach IX now for all intents and purposes free, the Bene Gesserit send a small shipment to Arrakis;


[hide] Crossbred warriors, 200 in all. We suggest they be used as fodder to spearhead an assault. Twenty face dancers accompany them.

With understanding,

Mother Superior Myra. [/hide]

EDIT: According to Ex the longest fanfiction thread was KYA Setara at 16 pages and 476 replies (approx, I'll check in a moment). We've beaten the record! Thanks everyone! ;D

*Does a little celebratory dance*

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OOC:Erg damnit! Why cant you people let house KYA be! First i save arrakis from the machines and what respect do i get? absolutly none! Then my world is overun by the undead, i pleed for aid, and what do i get? a single brigade from house cobras, and now my people are sitting their starving in space! you will pay for this! all of you!

Rodrigues wrote the messege to the House cobras leader on Holnuck it proceded as fallows.

House cobras military leader. We do not have a current state of war with you people, and yet you ocupie a world that is ours. Your forces were some of the few who aided us on KYA prime and we thank you, but now we need to take control of the planet.

If you fail to do so your few million troops will suddnely be facing the prospect of 2 billion KYA citizens.

We are starving in space. IF you do not leave the planet withen two days we will land with hostile intentions.


Fleet:17 Frigates 455 fighters 2 bombers, 3 Ixian crusiers, 1 EMP crusier, two crusiers

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Message to Myra of the Bene Gesserit:

[hide]My thanks, your forces shall be put to use today. Thanks again.[/hide]

"Move out!" screams the Bashar in charge of the Imperial forces liberating Arrakis.

The troops, hundreds of millions of regulary infantry, millions of Elite fighters, hundreds of thousands of tanks, 'thopters, and space-based weapons rain fire and power into the open desert.

J'invy, personally assisting the Bashar, reports, "Estimated 2 posts to complete destruction of enemy presence on Arrakis. They shall regret this stupidity."

Meanwhile, invasion on the Huahin planets goes well. Although many regular infantry was lost, due to local flora and fauna, the undead zombies, and Imperial Elite march on. 2 posts to assimiliation of the Huahin IV planet.

Secret mission against the House Jacob Cobras continues... 2 posts until completion.

Message to leader of House Huahin:

[hide] Surrrender or be destroyed. Your stupidity in attacking the Empire will lead to nothing less than the total destruction of your House. I suggest you rethink your strategies.[/hide]

Meanwhile, Imperial forces sent against the Machine Threat are doing suprisingly well. It seems thier recent attack was something of an act of desperation. Complete subduing of the Machine threat in 20 posts.

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Wallach IX is completely cleansed of all enemy presence. There has been very little structural damage, but crops and resources are at an all time low. Rationing has come into force.

Planetary defence system at; 88% completion.

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To House KYA from the Jacob Cobras commander on Holnuck:

[hide]Your people are dying in space? So what? Do you think I care? I have a superior fleet in system, a powerful army on ground and awsome ground-space defenses. Holnuck is now a Jacob Cobras planet! Leave now or negotiate with my leader! Else you shall be destroyed!


In orbit around Holnuck a huge fleet manuvered into place between the planet and the approaching KYA fleet. A KYA ship attempted to get past and was destroyed by hundreds of lasgun blasts.

On Alpha Beta Lisa Cobras looked out over the capital city and sighed. The edge of the city was glowing orange from the latest assualt by Jacob's troops. Her loyal Pythons were steady dying off. She had a little over one hundred and fifty left.

Without any incoming support from the rest of the Imperium she was doomed and the true House Cobras was on its deaths door.

From here on in the forces of Jacob Cobras shall be the Kobras and the forces of Lisa Cobras shall be the Cobras.

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Message to Cobras:

[hide] The Bene Gesserit possesses a substantial military, but very little to transport it with. We have recently aquired a new crossbreed of Pythons/Sardaukar. These have an extremely weak immune system, and little to no intelligence, but their strength and stamina are unrivaled. They are quick to produce, and fanatically loyal. We wish to sent out a large number of them to subdue our common enemy, but have very little large transports. We wish to ask of you these transports, in order that we might defend and aid you better. Adequate transport for as many men as you require should be sent.

Mother Superior Myra. [/hide]

Planetary defence: 90%. Don't you just love Ixian tech?

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Um Arnt you curently fighting a war on arrakis and everyone where else for that matter, its not a good military strategy to waste all those millions of soldiers.

The tens of thousands of KYA ships pushed towards the planet at high speed the cobras fleet was destyoing ships left and right but the fact that their were over 5000 million transport ships prevented them all from being destyoyed, one by one they landed on the planet spilling tens of thousands of KYA citizens and sadukar trained KYA soldiers ready to retake the plantet that is rightfully theirs,

The KYA fleet moved to engage the Cobras fleet, taking heavy casulties but distracting the fleet and alowing the majority of the transports to land over 1.7 billion KYA landed all of them had orders. 300 million KYA ships were destoyed

Attack Cobras positions

Human Wave attacks, out of two, one will have a rifle when the one with the rifle falls, the one with out will pick it up and shoot.

While the Entire KYA military of 110 million moved in a more organized fashion.

But Holnuck would fall.

House KYA asks for Assitence in taking the system that is rightfully theirs

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Emperor Darius sits on his throne and gives orders to the messengers.

"Send this message to the whole of the Imperium:"

"What we have decided has been circumvented by this upstart, Jacob Kobras. KYA under the lead of Godfather Rodriguez was in the line for the Holnuck system. However, Jacob Kobras has, once more, proven his insanity and instability in an attempted capture of the Holnuck system. Although Imperial forces are currently busy with situations on the face of Arrakis, we will move against the Kobras faction soon. I only ask, now, that the Landsraad unite to bring down this fool.

Your Emperor, Darius Ghobey of Arrakis, Ix and Tiera Tertiary."

Meanwhile, the battle goes well against the Kobras/Huahin invaders on Arrakis. Complete cleaning of Arrakis in one post.

Huahin IV is crumbling, and most of the population has surrendered to the might of the Imperial forces. One post until the battle of Huahin is completed.

The secret project against the Jacob Kobras faction is nearly complete. Launch of secret attack in one post.

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occ: uhh Ex... Kobras forces dont do wave attacks they never have and never will...

and right now there are seven Superior-class battlegroups in orbit around Holnuck and thats over a thousand battleships. Arrakis is abandonded and so is Wallach IX. everything is concentrated on Holnuck.

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i said against kobras...i never said house kobras used them.

Well hope ur few million men can hold off two billion, not to mention the imperial suport that is coming.....

and the KYA fleet....which is probebly dead by now after sacrificing itself to allow the tranports in.

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*Still waiting for transport*

Planetary defence system is online! Wallach IX is now virtually impregnable to space-based assult due to specially placed satallites and a... unique defence system.

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The Heighliner flashes into existence over the Huahin system, and a message is beam down to the planet.

"Sub-Bashar Ferrel, please respond."

"Ahh, High Bashar, I am glad to hear from you. We have taken the central control chamber of Huahin VI. I report, mission success."

"Good. Prepare your troops for a final assault against the Huahin capital fief, Huahin IV. Leave what garrison behind you can spare, and prepare to join me."

"Understood, sir."

A few hours later, a considerable assault force orbits the Huahin homeworld, Huahin IV. A message is beamed down, "Huahin leader: surrender, or lose everything. We are prepared to invade you, and at your current status, you are in no shape to defend yourself. Think about your people, think about your family, and send me a reply. Now."

Arrakis is completely cleaned of the foriegn invaders. Several men have been captured, and taken into interrogation. The rest were slaughtered.

"The Kobras faction lifted before our attack was completed. Running like the honorless cowards they are, they left thier only allies on Arrakis to die...Alone," says J'invy.

"Yes," says Darius, "It looks as if the Kobras faction has stonewalled itself. Now we only have to finish the job."

A few moments later, Darius hears an Imperial News Report on an interesting happening in the Kobras Beta Delta, Beta Gamma and Beta Epsilon systems.

It seems, acting on new orders, about a third of the Kobras spacefleet suddenly turned on its own commanding battleships, just as a combined Imperial and Cobras fleet spacefolded into the general area.

Reports go on to state that the Kobras forces were completely wiped out in two of the three planets, and the third, Beta Delta, is suffering a planet-wide energy breakdown.

It seems the Kobras faction has been almost completely destroyed in the course of this betrayal. All that remains are the Kobras fleet stationed at the Holnuck system, and the few scattered through the rest of the Known Universe.

Darius snickers to himself as he comes to the end of the report, "Those Face Dancers were well trained. I doubt the poor slobs in the command ships knew what hit them..."

Message to Mother Superior Myra of the Bene Gesserit:

[hide]Your gift was most helpful, as I'm sure you know. Once again, may I thank you for the Face Dancers and the training to use them. If there is any way we can ever be of assistance to your faction, please let me know.

Emperor Darius Ghobey, Arrakis.[/hide]

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Lisa Cobras was sitting on her throne when a robed man walked in. She sat up immeadiately. It was her father's majordomo.

"What are you doing here?"

"My lady I have news concerning your father."

"My father? My father has been dead for many years. What news do you have of him?"

"He's not dead."

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As her father's majordomo spoke Lisa Cobras fell down onto the Cobra Throne. What she had just been told would be incredible. The Landsraad needed to know. They had to know!

Message from Lisa Cobras to the Landsraad including Jacob Kobras:

A huge war has recently rocked the very foundations of the Imperium and we are all fighting against each other. Recent evidence has come to light that will end he Cobras civil war and, as of such, most likely end the remaining fighting. I request that all Great House leaders come to Alpha Beta within the next few weeks. I have a huge announcement to make concerning House Cobras.

Thank you,

Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras.

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Reply to Arch Duchess Cobras;

This is a warzone, it is not safe for the leader of any faction to leave their respective systems. Nonetheless, the Bene Besserit shall send a representative to Alpha Beta to find out what you have to tell us.

On a more serious note, we wish to further remind you that without adequate interstellar transport we are unable to aid you in this war against your nephew. We require en masse shuttles for a large infantry force, something that the Bene Besserit do not have the ability to construct. Any gifts from any faction shall be well paid for.

BG, Wallach IX.

[OCC: Alpha India hmm? I'll be keeping an eye on that...]

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The High Bashar snickers when the broadcast is completed, "And why should we attempt an invasion?"

The gun ports of the Imperial dreadnoughts light with a sickly glow, and hot light streams down onto the primary military barracks of the Huahin forces. Once most barracks and technical factories are destroyed, the ships move on to the reseach and development centers, then network centers, then power grids, slowly destroying all possible resistance.

Messages are sent to the population, "Revolt against your leader, he has brought the destruction of the Imperium upon you all."

Meanwhile, a political envoy led by Jennifer Ghobey makes its way to the Cobras planet, Alpha Beta.

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