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The God Emperor's Dune


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The Ghobey entourage watched the telecast with growing horror.

"Lord Arch-Duke, we both know of House Holunk's innocence," says J'invy, "What the Emperor has done is nothing less than--!"

"Shut up!" orders Darius, the most vehement order he had ever gave the man.

"But lord..."

"I said, shut up," and he nods toward the hidden watch cameras in the private quarters.

The mentat nods swiftly, adapting to the order immediatly.

The Arch-Duke looks down at his feet, What the Emperor has done...

Before leaving, the Ghobey envoy makes it clear that the House armies are under the Emperor's command.

The threesome, Darius, Lillian and J'invy, maintain thier silence on the way back to Tiera Tertiary, but after the homecoming ceremony, Darius calls a private meeting.

"Lord Arch-Duke, House Holunk is not guilty of those crimes accused of them. They were never in a position to recieve spice hoardes, as they were never in control of Arrakis."

"Which asks the question of the reasoning behind such an attack."

"The motive is quite obvious, Arch-Duke, cannon-fodder in the coming Jihad."

"Lillian," says Darius, speaking to the silent woman, "Contact your superiors on Wallach IX, I wish to know the Bene Gesserit response."

Minor Houses Harkonnen, Tiernan and D'aganon are given Ghobey controlled planets on the rim of the galaxy, with a full legion each and a colony population.

The Harkonnen planet, Nighmey, is set up as a mining planet. It will produce mineral resources comparable to Tiera Tertiary when completed. Planetary development at 20%.

The Tiernan planet, Tieros, is set up as a research and development planet. Once all labs are completed, it will use the greatest minds of the imperium to make technological advances comparable to Ix. Planetary development at 20%.

The D'aganon planet, Frodoss, is a primarily agricultural planet. Once development is complete, D'aganon will grow food to fill the Empire's belly. Planetary development at 20%.

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"The Emperor atacked House Holunk with the excuse that they were hiding spice hoards." Defense minister Popov said."We have intimate dealings with House Holunk and we know they don't have spice holdings."

"Then what was the point of the invasion?" Sharpie asked.

"Simply He needs more troops our agents indicate that nearly every battle ready troop has been removed from ix."



"So its defenseless?"

"Yes. It is."

Sharpie smiled a idea coming to his head.

"send a ship to sector 113. in 13 hours pay the guild as they wish."

"Sir thats quite a distence."

"Do it."

"Yes my General."

"I want drafting to continue If Leto comes I want us to put up more then a fight then House Holunk."

"You speak of fighting the imperial army?"

"Send this messege to house Ghoby. [hide] The imperial army and its actions against House Holunk frighten us. Our armies our no match for them. If they come we will play signicant funds for your suport against them.[/hide]

"At once."

The ship departed ETA 1 post.


Fleet:200 frigets, a crusier, a destoyer, 250 fighters and 100 bombers.

20 frigets and 30 fighters ready to join the Imperial fleet.

Imperial Army off duty but on high alert in one post


22,000 Metel+7,000 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

5,000 Mineral+5,000 Asteroid Harvesting a turn

1,000 Spice

In construction Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

Cost ETC 1 posts.

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"It seems that Jennifer has been unable to turn the Emperor into a workable ally." The Bene Gesserit mentat examined the repeating loops of shigawire.

"Her loyalties are split the three directions now," the acolyte replied, "To the BG, and to Houses Vernius and Ghobey. I suspect that since she cannot aid all of these parties she has decided to aid none of them."

"I disagree." The mentat replied, "But the alternative is that she is either biding her time or incompetant."

"She is not incompetant, we both saw her reports."

"But what could she possibly be waiting for?" the mentat flicked a switch, and the message spun over to show a single, female face.

"House Ghobey is led by one of the most clear-headed and sensible men in the Imperium." The mentat pondered. "His two advisors make them a formidable trio indeed, and through us he is related to the Emperor."

"That is one of the advisors?" The acolyte asked.

"That is Lillian, yes. She has already set several plans in motion in response to the Holnuck incident."

"And ourselves?"

"We know that House Holnuck had stockpiles, we gave it to them. But they were tiny, miniscule compared to any others. They were there for decades and the Emperors never noticed them; no, Leto Vernius knew nothing of those tiny stockpiles. It was an excuse, an obvious gamble for more fighters."

"Yes, but what of the Bene Gesserit? What do we do now? Our own stockpiles-"

"Quiet." The Mentat snapped. There were no spies here, but you could never be too careful.

Message to Ghobey:

[hide] You will doubtless already have figured out that the actions of V were a flimsy cover at best. We cannot act against the Empoeror however, the threat of the machines is all too real and we will need the Imperial military. We must back him into a corner wherby he has no choice but to act with sense. We cannot stop spice flow, as the Imperial palaces are still on Arrakis. But Ix is defenceless. It is common knowledge that every single Ixian soldier has departed the planet to join the Emperor's fleet. Perhaps Ix could be used as a bargaining chip. Alternatively, we could threaten to abandon the Emperor. Without the militaries of other factions, he is sure to be destroyed. And the threat of such large militaries as ours moving against him is a sore threat indeed. Together, we have a formidable force.

There are two remaining options, both to be used only in dire circumstances. Jennifer, Arch-Duke Ghobey's adopted daughter and wife to the Emperor. She has many hidden talents, among them the ability to be both an imprinter and an assassin.

Our own public response to this action will be to withdraw support (and troops) from the Emperor. This and work with closer ties to both yourselves and others. We plan to stand with you, House Ghobey. Whether that is against the machines or the Emperor is not yet certain. [/hide]

Message to Emperor Vernius;

Your actions work against your previous wisdom. We do not approve of this, nor will we sanction it. As a result, we demand that the planet of House Holnuck comes under Bene Gesserit support and aid. You are not fit to govern it and you were never fit to take it. All troops that you have garnered from the planet are to be returned to aid in the reconstruction of the economy. The troops that we previously sent to aid you in your mission are henceforth withdrawn. Should you comply to our request they shall be reinstated threefold.

Mother Superior Taraza.

Message from BG frigate to Ghobey:

New orders from Wallach IX, we are to serve the Ghobey military until further notice. Force constructed of 300 Sardaukar gholas, and 100 clones; commanded only through two reverend mothers.

Message to House Cobras:

You position in this is interesting. Yet you have not made any significant indication of your loyalties. We suggest you make them now.

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- SIR! We have incoming!

- What? Is the Emperor attacking? But we've sent some diplomats to the conference. Darn! Then we'll die with honor!

- Sir! It's not that! A machines a fleet is heading this way. It is a small fleet. We can defeat it easiliy.

- Well, then we'll wait for it and pulverize it when it reaches our space.

- Also, the Emperor had admitted the existance of the machines, and now he requests ships to form an Imperial Armada.

- Ok...

Message to House Vernius:

[hide] Now you believe this... Well, we'll send you half of our fleet. Just wait for us to defend against one incoming machines fleet.

We'll send:

1 carrier + 75 fighters

2 cruisers

5 destroyers

50 bombers

150 corvettes

Battlecriuser Sarmizegetusa

Have you admitted House Sarmizegetusa into the Imperium by now?

Lord Burebista


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Message To Emperor Vernius:

As the machines approach, the Empire's need grows. For this reason the Sardaukar put forth a mutual defense treaty for the Imperium's approval. With it, funds would be diverted to the burgeoning Sardaukar Navy for the purpose of building a defensive force to defend individual planets with.

With our newly built armadas to protect the planets of our Empire, the machines will not enslave us again.

-Lord Burseg Culratha

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Lisa Cobras read over the Bene Gesserit message and then crumpled it in her hands. She felt compelled to folow and help the Emperor but she couldn't ignore her other allies. She finally came to a descision.

Message to the Bene Gesserit:

[hide]Seeing as how you helped me to retake the throne I support you. However, I am stuck in a corner. I support the Imperial Throne because that is what is right. But seeing as how you ask me where my loyalties lie...do you have proof of any indiscretions on the part of House Vernius? If so they will greatly influence my descision otherwise I stand with the Emperor out of loyalty to the Imperial Throne.


Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras


The Cobras battlefleet is reaching untold levels of development an strength due to their Feedbck Shields. (occ: I havent shared them with anyone so they CANNOT be used by anyone else!) A level of strength unheard of in all Cobras history. The Pythons battlegear, the new warships, the Andaconda-class warships and more volunteers flooding into Cobras training camps everyday. People everwhere in the Alpha System were celebrating a new era of prosperity...unfortunatly clouded over by the existing Thinking Machine threat looming on the horizon. But Lisa Cobras knew that the Thinking Machines would fall as they had always done. They would fall to the Human Imperium.

Message to the Sardaukar:

[hide]I realise that we have hada good deal of hostility in our past but I ask that you look beyond that now to the future. True you are powerful, true you are large and true you are great. These are all things that are well-known. I seek an alliance with you. I offer you the usage of my two Research Asteroids and the permission to base any of your ships in-system during times of crisis. I humblely await your reply.


Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras


Message to House Ghobey:

[hide]I am curious to why you have brought three former Houses back into the Imperium. Your existing development levels indicate that you are not a weakling so why do this?


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Message To House Cobras:

[hide]We have no need for research bases. We have no need for shelter. Our worlds are many. Our ships are many. As we have put forward a mutual defense treaty for the Emperor's approval, your support in it's continuing strength would be apppreciated. All other alliances will be for stalled for now.[/hide]

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Messege to the Sardaukar


We request Military advisors to help train our military as the majority of it is of poor qaulity. We will join this Mutal defese pact if this agreed to. We can also a large number of Solars for the training.

Premire General Ryan Sharpie


"The Ship has arived and it went as you expected. The information was traded with the party and the objects were aquired." Popov Said Taking a sip of the Drink

"Its going as planned then general?" Sharpie asked.

"So far it is. But its going to take awhile. I did manage to gain some information however." Popov said picking up a manila folder.

"Yes what is it?"

"The Machines are preping to launch a atack on Richese. The other atacks have been diverginary with this one they hope to plant a foot hold in the empire."

Sharpie sighed and poured himself more of the dark alcohal.

"Send word to the imperium it will bost suport and the emperor will be pleased."

"Yes my General. Oh and we have a found a suitible mineral depost in the asteriods it can harvest up to 9,000 units of mineral per post."


"However do to the remotness of the asteroid and the cost of construction it will nearly suck our current metel and mineral resources dry."

"Do it anyway it will increse our gains significantly over time."

"It will be done as well."


Fleet:200 frigets, a crusier, a destoyer, 250 fighters and 100 bombers.

20 frigets and 30 fighters stationed with the imperial Fleet.

Imperial Army on High Alert


1,100 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

0,000 Mineral+5,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

Complete Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

In Production One Heavy Mineral Extracter increeses Mineral Production by 9,000

Cost 30,000 Metel

10,000 Mineral

ETC 2 posts

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(OOC: Now this is getting fascinating. :) )

The frigate carrying the Reverend Mothers, the Sardaukar Gholas and clones land on the Ghobey airstrip.

The Arch-Duke stands openly on the strip, flanked by Lillian, J'invy, and a platoon of Ghobey Army Elite.

"Welcome to Tiera Tertiary. The troops you have brought may report to the House barracks, but I wish to confer with the two of you," he indicates the Reverend Mothers, "In private. There is much to discuss."

A few hours later, the leading parties meet in the Arch-Duke's office; a darkly shaded room, with lush carpeting and bare, gunmetal grey walls.

"It is obvious, the Emperor's actions on Holunk and the incoming Machine threat will lead to discension and disagreement all through the Empire," says Darius, "The question is, what will we do about it?"

"The Bene Gesserit stand behind you, Arch-Duke," says one of the Reverend Mothers.

"But that begs the question, how will I lead you?"

"My lord," says J'invy, "To lead is to follow the suggestions of others. To listen to all advice and work a pattern of least destruction."

"What we need," says Darius, looking at the women, "is an heir to both House Ghobey and Vernius...And a wise leader to raise him. What Jennifer does after the...conception, is up to the Bene Gesserit. Whether to control Leto through passionate imprint, to asassinate him, in the tradition of his own father, or allow him to be crushed between the forces of the Thinking Machines and his own Empire."

"And militarily...My lord?"

The Arch-Duke nods, "We will continue to build up our own forces...In open, and in secret. I fear if we attacked openly against the Emperor, we would pull all the forces of the Empire on top of us and destroy everything before the Thinking Machines even arrived. We will then, attack, alongside the Emperor, the sentient machine forces. Then, once the Thinking Machines have been defeated, turn again against the Emperor's forces."

"I fear the House Cobras will fight on the Emperor's side," says J'invy.

"I agree. But now is a time for loyalty and honor. Is it not better to be defeated and enslaved by a human civilization, that an alien Thinking Machine force?"

To Premire General Ryan Sharpie on KYA Prime:

[hide] Greetings General,

Although His Majesty's actions against House Holunk were somewhat questionable, he is our leader. House Ghobey sees no obvious threat to you, and with the upcoming war, we are unable to provide any additional protection. Many blessings to you and your House, Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

To Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras on the Cobras Homeworld:

[hide] Greetings Arch-Duchess,

You are correct, House Ghobey is no weakling. As to the answer of your question...There is none easily typed processed and sent. However, know this: to obtain power, one must find powerful allies; to maintain and grow power, one must create new allies. That is the secret of Empire, not the biggest brute on the block, but the guy with the most loyal friends.

Will you be my friend?

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey of Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

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The whole Imperial fleet was several light years away from IX, the air seemed dense as the Emperor walked down the corridor with a handfull of fully armed gaurds escorting him, then the ship shook and the alarms blasted.

"What's going on?!" The Emperor screamed at shocked soldiers running to their stations..

"Its the machines, the main assualt has arrived, I don't know how the snuck in on us!"

"ARM THE FLEET, DEPLOY EVERY SHIP!" Screamed the Emperor.

Distress Call to The Imperium:

The machine attack has come, we need full reinforcements from every House, the machine onslaught is huge, we need reinforcements, the stand has come, if you do not insist humanities fate has been sealed. Repeat send rein -

Missles collided into the Imperial flagship instantly cutting off communication.

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When the communications officer stumbled into the Arch-Duke's office and reported the attack, Darius almost knocked over his desk getting up.

"Mobilize the fleet and send the to those co-ordinates! Now!"

A few hours later, four-fifths of the entire Ghobey armed forces enter the combat zone.

The High Bashar T'nera, personally leading the attack, raises her cutlass above her head and yells, "Attack!"

(OOC: I forgot to include the portion concerning the Planetary development of the other Houses in the last thread, they are now:)

All Minor Houses are at Planetary Development status of 60%

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From the bridge of his new command ship, Culratha surveyed the machine onslaught against the expansive orbital defenses around Ix. Though the Ixians had deployed numerous advanced weapons platforms, their defeat was imminent.

"Tactical control. Order all ships to prepare atomic warheads. We brought them illegally, but I think the Ixians wont mind."

"Deploying sir."

Outside the ship a hundred missiles streaked towards the Machine warships, a cloud of exhaust streaming behind them. The first missile finally struck, enfolding the fleet in explosions as the rest struck. Soon the entire machine fleet was held within a fiery ball of orange and red fire. As the great explosion faded, the truth was revealed. Every single fighter and many capitals ships had succumbed, but still huge battleships continued their attack without notice.

"Move the fleet in. We'll hold the attackers here until reinforcements arrive."

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"We're being hit badly on the left flank, Ghobey forces are falling, Sardaukar are barley holding, our own forces are holding but with little avail." The communicataions officer spoke the grim words without even gazing up from his moniter.

"Casulties....Ghobey...600,000....Sardaukar...Past 300,000....Imperial forces...245,000..." More and more news came in...The machine force attacked ruthlessly.

"Tell the Ghobey to send all flagships to the cordinates my ship is in...I have a plan.."


Send flagships to co. 45, 23, 56, 45 immediatly, Imperial Command from Earl Leto.

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Atomics? thinkst T'nera, but keeps her thoughts silent from the rest of the crew.

After the explosion, T'nera orders the ships into formation to attack the main battlecruisers, "Keep your distance, I don't want any friendly-fire incidents!"

The space surrounding the battleship lights up when the huge lascannons of the Ghobey forces begin hitting it, a few moments later, and the battleship seems almost crippled.

"Continue assault!" screams T'nera into the communications broadcaster.

Planetary Development at 80%.

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All the Sardaukar ships, even their reserves, moved quickly into the specifc locations, firing huge assortments of weapons all the while.

"Prepare defense shields on a transport. Get a volunteer to detonate it at the center of the Machine fleet. Now!"

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T'nera grins, This is what I live for.

"Attack those co-ordinates! Pull back the primary ships to the Emperor's squad!"

The flagship limps it way to the Imperial squadron, "What is your plan, m'lord?"

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Leto's face grimmly comes over both the allies moniters.

"The fate of humanity relies within the success of this move..." Suddenly several earth-shattering blasts echoed throughout space as six empty hieghliners came behind the flagships.

"My forces are providing fire...proceed to the hieghliners..."

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T'nera's eyebrow shoots up, "Lord Leto, what are you suggesting?"

She thinks silently, Does he mean for us to escape and live to defeat the Machines another day? I will not run from a fight!

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T'nera exhales forcefully, "Aye, my liege."

Communication blinks off, and she relays the information to the rest of the Ghobey fleet.

The battleships in the Ghobey fleet then turn and head for the Heighliners.

I only hope he knows what he's doing... Comes the unvoiced thought.

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