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The God Emperor's Dune


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Reply to Lisa Cobras;

Your troops and 1000 sardaukar gholas return with this message. Their genetic sample have been taken and preserved, with your permission. They are now ours.


Bene Gesserit influenced votes on the Landsraad;

1) Attack should take a lower priority than defence. Planetary defence should be optimised before attacks take place.

2) Imperial House Ghobey won the rulership of the Imperium and thus the Imperial planet both by word and deed, war and politics. They have their rightful place.

3) The Bene Gesserit are of course neutral in all forms of political warfare.

4) Holnuck is our business, not that of the council. Our offer has been made and if it is accepted it shall be taken. If not it shall remain in our care.

5) The threat of the machines is too much. Though expansion should be undertaken gradually, our first priority must be to safeguard what we have.

6) Rodrigues must prove their mettle to the Imperium before Great House status is awarded to them.

7) The return of exiled/reduced houses to the Landsraad. Many great families fell upon hard times during the Atreides reign, and took refuge on other planets. Do we locate, and revive them? Bene Gesserit vote: neutral.

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7) The return of exiled/reduced houses to the Landsraad. Many great families fell upon hard times during the Atreides reign, and took refuge on other planets. Do we locate, and revive them? Bene Gesserit vote: neutral.

(OOC: Good idea, and I've already rescued a few renegade Houses as Ghobey. However, who shall run these minor Houses?)

Imperial votes:

7. Negative. They are renegades, helped by no-one, and the resources used to find and restore Renegade Houses could be better used elsewhere.

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Bene Gesserit Sardaukar ghola/Pythons ghola crossbreeding program initiated.

Reports indicate a machine raid on an obsolete outpost near the edges of the Imperium. Is sending a search team an option?

Bene Gesserit planetary defence upgrade program initiated. Goal: machine shield built using enhancements in planetary natural magnetic field on Wallach IX, and other BG planets, including Holnuck until such time as it leaves BG control. Progress: 2%. Request Ixian technology from House Ghobey in aid of project. Request price beforehand. BG.

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The machines are our biggest enemy. They have to be destroyed ASAP!

Arrakis is to be cleaned by our troopers if no one else will take the task.

House KYA shall receive a system as reward, but that shall be dealt with by the Emperor.

The internal problems of other Houses do not concern House Sarmizegetusa. They actually do not concern anyone except their own members.

(OOC: the name is SARMIZEGETUSA not any shorter versions.)

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(OOC: the name is SARMIZEGETUSA not any shorter versions.)

(OOC: (Raises an eyebrow.) Excuse me, I didn't mean to offend. It's not the easiest name to type, you know, I can only imagine (and barely) how it's pronounced. If it's any consolation, however, I dislike the mispelling of "ghoby" and "J'invey".

BTW, is that all the votes? Has Inoc contacted you, Dustie?)

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He says that he wants to stay on his break, so I wrote in the bit about the Sardaukar battle. They'ree fighting fiercely and have blocked off their system. They are proudly refusing aid, and fighting the machines.

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(OOC: Alright, then this meeting is almost complete. :) )

House Ordos votes,

1. Full Frontal Attack

2. CHOAM control of Arrakis

3. Lisa Cobras

4. Bene Gesserit control maintained

5. Maintain current status

6. No

7. Locate and Destroy all Renegade Houses

House Gabrell votes,

1. Scatter and flee before the Machine threat

2. Elected House control of Arrakis

3. Jacob Cobras

4. Neutral

5. Enforced Imperial growth

6. No

7. Locate and restore Renegade Houses

House Quentin votes,

1. Full Frontal attack

2. CHOAM control

3. Lisa Cobras

4. Bene Gesserit control

5. Maintain current status

6. Yes

7. Neutral

House Teg votes,

1. Scattered, random attacks

2. Destruction or abandonment of Arrakis

3. Jacob Cobras

4. KYA takeover of Holnuck

5. Unenforced growth

6. Yes

7. Locate and destroy all Renegade Houses

Chairperson Yang returns to the seat and taps his gavel.

"All votes have been cast, Landsraad legal Mentats are now going over the results."

A few hours later, a note is passed to Chairperson Yang. After a quick mental scan, he stands and starts reading.

"The votes have been compiled and verified. The topics are hereby decided:

1. The Thinking Machines -

27 votes for Scattered attacks,

16 votes for Full frontal assault,

16 votes for Increased focus on planetary defense,

2. The Fiefdom of Arrakis -

40 votes for Continued Imperial control of Arrakis,

8 votes for CHOAM control of Arrakis,

6 votes for "Cleaning" of Arrakis by Sarmizegetusan troops,

5 votes for Elected House control,

3 votes for the Abandonment or destruction of Arrakis,

2 votes for Ownership decided by force,

3. The Splitting of House Cobras -

32 votes for Lisa Cobras,

22 votes for Neutrality,

10 votes for Jacob Cobras,

4. The Holnuck System -

35 votes for a KYA takeover of the Holnuck system,

24 votes for Bene Gesserit control of Holnuck system,

5 votes for neutrality,

5. Imperial Expansion -

27 votes for Enforced growth,

24 votes for Maintaining current status,

4 votes for Authorized growth only,

3 votes for Unenforced growth,

6. Minor House KYA -

50 votes for KYA to remain a House Minor,

8 votes for KYA promoted to House Major,

6 votes for neutrality,

7. The return of exiled/reduced houses to the Landsraad -

29 votes for Neutrality,

20 votes for No interference with Renegade Houses,

8 votes for Location and destruction of Renegade Houses,

7 votes for Location and restoration of Renegade Houses,"

A copy of the descisions, on ancient wood pulp paper, is given to each respresentative.

A small Imperial fleet is sent to the deserted outpost to investigate the Machine assault.

To Mother Superior Myra of Wallach IX:

[hide] Greetings. House Ghobey is willing to share Ixian technology at a minimal price. A shipment of Spice, a few hundred Sardaukar gholas, intellegence reports on possible enemies of the Empire, any or all of these things are accepted forms of payment. What do you have in mind?

Emperor Darius Ghobey of the Known Universe.[/hide]

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[hide] Currently the Imperium is functioning at a reasonable stability. Concerns have arisen as to the desires of Rodrigues to take control of spice planets and the Sarmizegetusan bloodlust and desire to attack. No parties have made any move to attack however; either covertly or no.

Top secret: two medium-sized shipments of spice and twelves BG facedancers accompany this message. Unlike our usual military gifts, they have been conditioned to be loyal to House Ghobey. We hope that this will suffice, for the time being anyway.

With greatest respect,

Mother Superior Myra. [/hide]

BG defence status: 4%

Govenership of Holnuck shall be transfered in 6 posts, provided that the recieving party acknowledges this within this time limit.

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High Bashar Guldragg, a man of indeterminable lineage, stands before his troops and says, "We will send out three squadrons for diversionary and intellegence-gathering missions against the Machines," as he drones on with coordinate locations, possible scenarios and probabilities of success, everyone from fighter pilots and grease monkeys, to the highest of Imperial brass prepare to go into combat.

"Our success relies in human inpredictability. As the Machine threat continues to grow, we must continue to act in almost illogical attempts to destroy them. And destroy them we will. Now, go, fight, destroy-- with the hearts, and hopes of the Empire on your shoulders."

The Heighliners disappear, and thousands of people across the Imperium cross thier fingers in hope for victory.

Message to Mother Superior Myra of Wallach IX

[hide]Greetings, and many thanks for your gifts. If Rodrigues dares an attack upon Arrakis or any other known spice planet, they will be exterminated. As to Sarmizegetusa...I fear they have ambitions of thier own. We must revive the Butlerian Jihad in earnest, give the Imperium some new thing to work against, together. I know some of your Missionaria Protectiva aims, and I know preservation of the Bene Gesserit is foremost in all of your doings, recreate the Jihad, and the Empire will prosper-- Father Darius and Mother Myra...And the Universe as our child!

Emperor Darius Ghobey, Arrakis.[/hide]

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According to Lansraad vote the official position of the Imperium is to support Lisa Cobras.

BG planetary defence system; 10% complete, Ixian technology being implemented.

To Emperor Darius;

[hide] Preservation and endurance are, it seems, uppermost in both of our minds. We wish to aska favour of you. Recently developed breeding programs have given us a new form of super-warrior; a Pythons /Sardaukar crossbreed. They are, we must admit, barely human in their fanatic loyalty after conditioning, but they are exceedingly easy to mass-produce because of this. Though their unavoidable inbreeding has weakened their immune systems, they are physically strong but mentally weak. Cannon fodder, in other words, as they can fight but have no strategic or planning capability. We wish you to test them for us in the field as it were. Would this be acceptable?

Mother Superior Myra, Wallach IX. [/hide]

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J'invy walks silently down the bright halls of the Imperial Research Hospital of Kaitain.

Turning a corner, he sees the research doctor in charge of Thinking Machine technology, and aproaches the man.

"Doctor Harrell," says J'invy, "I have arrived, what do you wish to show me?"

"Ahh yes, lord J'invy, follow me."

The two walk further down the hall, passing several secure checkpoints, and finally reaching the lab.

"Lights," orders Docter Harrell, and as the beams turn on, J'invy sees room at the bottom of the floor where he stands. In the room are several zombies, roaming around, hitting metal objects, seemingly random.

"Yes, Doctor, I've seen many such abominations on countless planets," says J'invy, "And I see nothing new here."

"No, nothing new yet. However, watch the effect of these Ixian implants when activated."

A troop of soldiers carrying dart guns march into the room. They open fire, and each zombie is hit by a single dart. As he watches, J'invy's attention is diverted to a small viewscreen.

On the screen, a magnified dart drills its way into a zombie's skull. Suddenly, the zombie aborts whatever movement it was making, and straightens into military attention.

J'invy's eyebrow shoots up, and he turns to the Doctor. The Doctor hushes him by pressing a few keys on the control module in front of them. Soon, all the zombies in the room are marching in a column, dueling in hand-to-hand combat, and any other sequence the Doctor puts in.

"You see, Imperial Mentat, the Ixian probes work to stimulate the nervous system, allowing them to be controlled by our machines."

"I...see. And the cost of such machinery on a Universal scale?"


J'invy nods, "I want a full report as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, send a list of specs to the House manufacturers."

"Aye, sir."

Meanwhile, All three Imperial fleets have reached their destinations and are beginning battle procedures. At first, there seems to be very little activity, but as things heat up, the machines launch in force and the battle is on.

Message to Mother Superior Myra of Wallach IX

[hide] These soldiers would mean life to countless valuable troops, and a potentially powerful edge over the Machine brutality. I shall arrange the addition of troop carriers to the next Imperial fleet, and we shall make a short trip to a planet of your choosing for loading. I plan the next Imperial fleet campaign in three posts.

Emperor Darius Ghobey, Arrakis. [/hide]

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The evacuation continues on KYA prime the 3 billion KYA citizens load onto the transports and lift away into space towards their new home world to be renammed KYA 2. The Asteroid miners were the only ones who stayed in the system but plans would were being made to strip mine the planet for resources. The KYA fleet provides escourt.

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Acolyte Lynia is sitting on a bench on the Bene Gesserit homeworld of Wallach IX and a man cmoes up to her.

"Where are the children Lisa Cobras?"

"I don't kno-"

She stopped speaking as a knife entered her throat.

The Imperial Guards standing outside of Emperor Ghobey's chambers hear a sound and watch an old man walk by. As they look back down the corridor the old man throws off his robe and shoots both of the men. He then runs away.

On both Wallach IX and Arrakis forces under Jacob Cobras's control assualt both Houses. He has thousands of troops and both planets are undersiege along with Lisa Cobras's forces on Alpha Beta.

On Arrakis the Emperor hears chanting outside and he sees thousands of armed troops walking through the streets shouting "glory to the rightful heir. Glory to Jacob Cobras!"

Due to the Imperium's support of Lisa Cobras, Jacob Cobras has become angry and launched an assualt upon multiple Imperium Worlds. Ix, Arrakis, Holnuck, Wallach IX and Alpha Beta are all under siege and in the process of being invaded.

Arrakis has twenty Pythons in their battle armor for the defense of the Emperor.

Ix has ten.

Wallach IX has none because the Bene Gesserit could make their own if they wish.

Holnuck has five.

Alpha Beta has three hundred (but they are dropping fast)

If action is not taken in four posts these planets will fall to Jacob Cobras.

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Ok I would like to join - will people please involve me in something this time.

House Huahin

Fiefdoms - Huahin IV, V, VI

Homeplanet - Huahin IV

Army - Small but specialised in Space Warfare.

Leader - King Chris the Righteous.

Notes - Wishes to get a Heighliner Contract from the Guild.

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Ok, technically you should have posted the status in the preperation thread so that this explanation could go there too... Oh well.

The Guild plays no part in the politics of the Imperium, it is a moderating faction that only came into the fray in order to keep a reminder of sanity. Thus contracts cannot be sought.

King Chris eh? :)

The Bene Gesserit response to the attack on Wallach IX was swift, once they knew what was going on. The black-clad commandos disembowled and otherwise eradicated any threat near the most important buildings, backed up quickly by the ordinary Bene Gesserit military. There were no pitched battles, but guerilla tactics all over. There was no use for the 'PSCB' special troops (Pythons/Sardaukar Cross breed).

The enemy troops are spread thinly, and have no access to the more important areas of the planet, but they can hide in any number of places. A complete planetary sweep can only be completed after the defence systems are online.

The acolyte Freja stood as a statue, guarding the children of Lisa Cobras. She had hidden the children away for safekeeping; for although their residence was maximum secrecy, it was not maximum security. She withdrew the roll of shigawire sewn into her robe and set about laying traps around her. She was expecting company.

Mother Superior Myra was above such lesser emotions as outrage. She was, however, severely ticked off.

"This is what comes of dabbling in politics openly." She sighed, in between giving orders. The 'flesh vats' were under maximum security, as were the archives and suchlike. The training halls were sealed off with constant patrols of the most combat-able Bene Gesserit acolytes and Reverend Mothers. The farms were all guarded. Her stradegy was never to attack. She ordered everyone to retreat into their defences and wait for the first move. Sealed up, they could last for some time. Although some of the minor buildings had inevitably been infiltrated, they were being patrolled. She was confident that this would pose no serious threat to the sisterhood.

'Arrakis facing the possibilty of invasion. Somehow it doesn't seem quite right.' Lillian left the throneroom in a rustle of robes. She had given her advice, done her job. And if she was wanted she had ways of appearing at just the right moment.

She eyed the sealed gates to the palace and felt pleased at her liege's quick actions on both Arrakis and Ix; not to mention his own home planet. Silently, she climbed over the wall and into the streets of Arukeen. Guerilla warfare indeed, and she had some friends in this place...

BG Planetary defence system completion: 21%.

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The "old man" was captured as he went for the Palace exit. However, when the Guardsmen rolled him over, they discovered he was dead.

"Ahh well, he would've gotten that way one way or the other."

Imperial Supercruisers open fire on the Cobras battleships at Arrakis, and an incredible, but short-lived firefight is undertaken. The Cobras fleet is pushed away from the planet, and nearly decimated, but not before a few frigates escape into the atmosphere.

When those frigates reach ground, they are immediatly attacked by Imperial troopers, who completely destroy all but three of the ships.

Of the three remaining, one sent to the Imperial Palace lands and disgorges its troops. The troops fight several ferocious groud battles, and Arrakeen is all but lost. The second frigate lands in the ancient city of Carthag, which is barricaded, and set into siege conditions. The third ship lands unnoticed in the deep desert.

The Emperor sends a message to the Cobras commander in Carthag: "Surrender, and I will consider giving you your lives. Remain in Carthag, and you will die."

Meanwhile, Ix's planetary defenses managed to destroy most of the Cobras fleet, and the Imperial fleet set up as garrison finish them off.

The Ixian campaign is a complete failure.

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That night three Bombers took off from the South Pole. These planes were Jet powered and flying a lot faster than 'thopters did. They swooped down low over an Imperial Barracks and dropped their payload of incendry bombs which rapidly started fires around the base.

Another Smaller Plane dropped a coded message to Kobra forces on Arrakis:


Do you require assistance?


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