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The God Emperor's Dune


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(OOC new techs? so I can use my atomics and hyperdrive if you use your new techs? ;) )

- Sir, should we attend the conference? I mean, now there is an Emperor, therefore there is an Empire.

- Not yet. But send an observer. I really want to know if the Imperium is stable.

Message to House Cobras:

[hide]We would like to establish a trade treaty with you. We badly need spice, and trade is the only way.[/hide]

Message To the Spacing Guild:

[hide]Please allow a ship to exit our Solar System. That ship will attand the meeting on Arrakis.[/hide]

Message to The Sardaukar:

[hide]Glad to see that you're back on the politic's battleground. We'll need a good ally and friend to be able to re-enter the Imperium if the situation demands it. Again, we'll need spice. We'll be able to trade with you if wou'll send new ships to our system. You can say they've been send for...surveilance.[/hide]

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Message To All Of The Imperium:

[hide]I will be leading an Imperial assualt against every and all factions that do not wish to join the Imperium for they beg for unstability. Any help is as always appreciated and will be repaid by me personally.[/hide]

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(OOC new techs? so I can use my atomics and hyperdrive if you use your new techs? ;) )

(OOC: That would be up to Dust Scout...But considering that any new techs I would use have been fully (and publicly) researched and are not prohibited by this thread's author...*shrug* Just making a point here ;) )

(OOC-Lord J., I don't really think you can claim to surpass all other militaries...)

(OOC: Why not? Not all militaries collectively, of course, but with the aid provided by Ixian technologies and training; with the peaceful time I've had building up troops...I think it's a very valid possibility)

The Arch-Duke scans the note, and passes it to his secretary, "You know what to write."

The next day, a message is sent to the Imperial Palace on Arrakis.

[hide]Dear Emperor, House Ghobey stands with you on any cause in known space, may our alliance last beyond the lifetimes of our most distant descendants, Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

To the Spacing Guild:


We are now prepared to leave the Tupile system with a report of mission accomplished. We will be transporting a few more people than that which we arrived, so please make accomadations. Our many thanks, Janus Ordied, of House Ghobey.[/hide]

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"They seem very inclined to continue the alliance m'lord." The mentat gazed up with the same face as always.

"Why wouldn't they? Is it not the most logical thinking to side with the Emperor?" Leto said gazing down from his Imperial chair.

"Well you did save them and their populace from destruction m'lord." Leto snickered at this.

"I am quite aware of that. Anyways, arm the fleet, we make one stop at the Ghobey home planet to meet up with their forces and then we launch the assualt."

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"My lord Arch-Duke, the Heighliner has arrived and is awaiting our troops," reports an aide.

"So soon? Ahh well, go ahead and give them what we decided; a full eighth of our planetary defense forces: twenty legions."

"Six hundred thousand men m'lord?" the aide coughs, "Are you sure that's wise?"

"Not wise perhaps, but prudent. The rest of the Imperium should know what they would deal with in the event of thier attacking us. Before the fall of House Atreides, most military forces numbered around one million, two million in House Sarmizegetusa's case, but that was before it's recent downfall. Now, with the exception of House Vernius, and perhaps House Mentis, if it still exists, we are the leaders in the military arena."

"Good, m'lord," a few seconds later, "Sir, I've recieved confirmation on the frigate's arrival, our men are being settled, and the Hieghliner is prepping for launch."

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The Guild, ever-watchful of conditions in the new Imperium and of the new duties it has been requested to perform, has raised it's prices for the well-off and lowered them for the poorer. One diplomatic ship has been thourghly searched, scanned, and examined by the Guild for weaponry or suspicious people or cargo. It has been allowed access to the Imperial summit with a Guild 'watchdog' making sure it leaves at the right place. "The Sarmizgetusan barrier" as it has become known, still seals the rest of the system away from the Imperium.

The similar barrier blocking the Cobras system is being dismantled.

Message to Sarmizgetusa and Cobras:

The Guild has built these costly barriers to remove your threat to the Imperium. This now done, your populations have already suffered from mass decline due to melange withdrawal. House Cobras, the Guild is prepared to deliver melange from our personal stockpiles in order to boost your recovery. Bluntly, it will be extremely expensive, but can you afford to lose more lives? And of course, the barrier blockading you in is not yet deconstructed. That is a threat.

Renegades; you are still very much blockaded and your people are dying. Trade is impossible and thus it is not just melange you are short of. To save yourselves, two conditions must be met. 1) You shall rejoin the Imperium. 2) You shall pay for both the construction and the demolition of the blockade around your system. There are no alternatives.

The Spacing Guild.

"Time to set a few teeth on edge." Mother Superior Taraza ordered. "We shall send a small portion of our... recent forces to aid the Emperor. They shall meet him above the Ghobey homeworld.

Transmission to Emperor Vernius: 300 Sardaukar gholas and 100 clones are on their way to meet you. They shall fight, and die for you. They have not been awarded their original memories, and have been conditioned for fanatical loyalty to the Bene Gesserit. Any orders you give them must be through one of the two reverend mothers travelling with the force. This is both an aid to you and a show of loyalty, we would not wish to begin on a "bad foot."

Extras: Nope, still no atomics. And yes, Ghobey is in fact quite justified in claiming a force like that. I watched it very carefully. :) )

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Message to the Guild:

"I said the Sarmizegetusans shall rejoin the Empire if the Empire is stable. Right now, it seems to prepare for war. If you want us in the Imperium, then make your intentions clearer. About the blocade barriers: Sarmizegetusa never threatened the Empire. We had a hard time organizing ourselves... thus we couldn't possibley attack the Empire. We never intended that either. If we rejoin the Imperium, we shall pay for the builind and demolition of the blocade barrier if you allow us to take ALL the material."

Message to the Emperor:

[hide] If you plan to attack us I suggest you prepare lots of graves for your soldiers. If not, then allow some of our men to travel and see if the Imperium is safe, politicaly stable, and if you actually control its space. We have reports of sporadic machine raidings, but also pirates that prey on the trading vessels. We shall not join such an Empire. Looking forwards on your response.[/hide]

There were never many people dependant on spice on Apulum. Only the scientists, some of the gentry and some of the House's members. The last two factions had some stocks of their own. Not much, but it helped them, and they prolonged their ratio with several weeks. Even so, the stocks were running out. Another 'covert ops' action couldn't be mounted because the House was currently on a fragile truce with the Imperium. Therefore the Lord sent two more messages:

1. To the Sardaukar:

[hide]I see you have not responded. We ask again for you to smuggle some spice into our space. Your fleet is still orbiting our planet. We shall pay double the price of the Imperium.[/hide]

The second message was send to the smugglers's Guild, requesting a shipment of spice, now there were no more imediate military threats regarding House Sarmizegetusa.

{OOC: Dust, you decide if this faction exists, and, if you want, I can play it too, if no one offers to.)

In order to preserve the citizens that were dependant on spice, the House's scientists started reshearch on cryogenics. The process was very complicated, so the result would be about 50-50.

(OOC: looking forward to you aproval on this tech, Dust)

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Cryogenics is fine. But, as I pointed out to Clanner, there are no exceptions to the spice addiction. Everyone is dependant on it. As for the smugglers, if any of the current players took it, it would most likely be biased. I think we'll say they went into hiding.

Message from Guild to Sarmizgetusa;

To clarify earlier point; you are to rejoin the Imperium now whether unstable or not. You will also pay for the construction and deconstruction of the blockade, this is not a choice, it is manditory. You shall not be deconstructing the blockade, Guild representatives shall. If you wish to keep the materials that we transported to construct it, you must pay for them as well.

The blockade has intercepted several messages leaving your system. Though they are in code, we advise [i/] you not to work where the Guild cannot watch.

Message to Imperium; The blockade around the Sarmizgetusan system is still fully opperational. Any attempts to bypass or fool security there will be treated as aiding a renegade house and the offenders shall be destroyed. The entire area is under constant mental scans from our navigators, nothing shall slip through.

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Message to the Guild:


If we rejoin the Empire there wouldn't be an enemy anymore, would it? And that would mean total pece, total stagnation. What do your navogators see?[/hide]

Message to the Empror:

[hide] Being under pressure from the Guild we ask to rejoin the Empire.

The conditions are:

- to participate in the Landsraad;

- to restart all trade;

- to rabilitate our name within the Empire, if our image has been detoriated.

We look forward to your answer.

Lord Burebista of House Sarmizegetusa, Apulum.


The population of Apulum received the news with some satisfaction. Again the elite will have their spice. Again the research would go into a boom period.

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(OOC-but my ships are currently orbiting Sermitz...)

Around Salusa Secondus hundreds of great warships circled the large planet, in a continuous ring of ships. The vast planet spanning citie beneath them, home to millions of Sardaukar and secretly hidden refugees from nearly a thousand world.

"Prepare the convoy. We leave for Arrakis in two hours.

"As you say sir."

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To the Emperor,

[hide]You need but point and the forces of House Cobras shall go there and destroy all who oppose you! Long be the reign of Leto Vernius! Long be the reign of the Vernius family!

Lisa Cobras


To the Guild,

[hide]Thank you for helping.

Lisa Cobras


House Cobras sends a squad of Pythons and the Arch-Duchess herself to Leto's confrence.

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(OOC: Dustie, is the Guild going to allow Janus and the three Houses Minor leaders to leave Tupile and return to Tiera Tertiary? That's what I'm pushing for...if you haven't guessed :) )

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The representitives sat amungst the table as the Emperor walked in, there was a hush as he nodded and sat down before the leaders of the Greatest factions in the Imperium.

Looking up the others noted the grim face on the Emperor which seemed to tell only bad news.

"Leto II was right...As we stand here and regain our Imperium the thinking machines dawn closer and closer with a massive fleet." There were gasps but the Guild representitive looked doubtful.

"We checked once and we found nothing M'lord, I see no possibili-" Leto slammed his fists onto the table sending a vibration through the stone.

"You want your damnable proof?!" A moniter flew down behind him and and a image flickered. There was hordes of endless piles of ship scrap. There was a slight hush amungst the representitives as the Guildsman looked on attently. A sudden humming could be heard...The picture gazed up upon to millions of ships with a design not that of anything in the Imperium, endless ship after ship. Leto turned around to face them all.

"I have called back my fleet that was set to destroy the Renegades, the scrap metal you saw before was a sizable Imperial fleet, we have no choice, we must unite...Or humanity itself has seen it's last days."

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Lord J: It has already left. ;) The price will be high however. [hide] And what are you going to do with the enigmatic objects that Lillian and J'Invey are having so much trouble with? [/hide]

The Guildsman raised an eyebrow. "Of course," He intoned, "As the Emperor sees fit. The Guild shall provide services, as usual." A minor aide spoke from the side,

"Surely a reduction in prices at this time would be pruden-"

"As usual."

The Guildsman repeated, not looking towards the speaker, but keeping his eyes trained on a spot opposite him in the room.

The Emperor has withdrawn his fleet, but this leaves the Bene Gesserit reinforcements inconveniently placed above the Ghobey homeworld.

"Blast it all." Reverend Mother Miriym muttered as she watched the messages displayed before her. "Typical!"

"What orders from the Mother Superior?" Miriym's counterpart, Chalice, asked from the doorway.

"We wait here for orders from the Emperor for three days. If none are forthcoming, we return home." Miriym replied. "And serve him right too!"

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Lord J: It has already left. ;) The price will be high however.

(OOC: *Raises an eyebrow* As far as those objects go, I can't really decide if I want them to be: A: Alien artifacts; B: Some sort of intellegent machine thing; or C: An ancient device to raise the conciousness of the Imperium. Go figure ;) )

The Heighliner flashes into existence over Tiera Tertiary. Slowly, the Guild frigate bearing Janus and the three House representatives from Tupile makes its way to the docking area.

"Good," says the High Bashar T'nera, reading the shipping report in her hand "The mission was a success."

(OOC: And your price entails...?)

"High Bashar," says a Levenbrech, "Planetary sensors report a Bene Gesserit frigate in our space, they are requesting admittance."

The Bashar nods, "Give them clearance."

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Lisa Cobras looked shokced.

Thinking Machines?! Here?! They shall regret this!

"The forces of House Cobras stand with the Padishah Emperor Leto I in this second jihad, the Vernius Jihad! We shall follow you Emperor!"

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"Then it is settled, we stand together for humanity." Murmurs of agreement came about from various places in the room.

"I am requesting every man, women, soldier, ship, vechicle from every faction used in the assitence of the spearhead."

"And the spearhead is what exackly?" Came a question from a diplomat Leto could not verify.

"A imperial fleet like no other seen before.." Leto spoke grimly as he spoke the next sentence.

"....With a tactical nuclear bombardment beforehand, we must win."

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Yet AGAIN I must remind people that atomics in this thread do not exist. They are not there, their paperwork is not there, nobody can remember how to make them, what they were, or even if they existed. NO ATOMICS.

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"The Emperor wishs our military forces to aid him against the thinking machines." Premire General Ryan Sharpie said to the councle of advisers

"Yes. But the fact remains that the Emperor has not provided us with any solid proof of the machines coming. it could just as well be a trap for our ships to get in possition then he strikes and defeats all oposition." Councle member Dimitri Lie Said his hands folded together on the table.

"We dont have a much of a military as it is."

"Indeed. 200 frigats, a crusier, a destoyer, 250 fighters and 100 bombers. Hardly a imperial army. Our army is still off duty for the celebrations. Our stance at nuetrality must remain so." Secritary of defense Popov said

"Even against the machines?" Sharpie asked a touch of frustation in his voice.

"We have no proof that the machines even exist. They are a myth, a rumor at best."

"Very well, I would like our military on high alert, Begin drafting more troops. and increse military production by 10%." Sharpie said with a wave of his hand.

"But our econemy is already weak General." Ecomonmic adviser Tanya Rodrigues said.

"I do not want to loose everything becouse we were caught with our sheilds down. If the machines exist i want some protection. Send 20 frigets and 30 fighters to aid the Emperor. Only if he pays for transport of course. The rest of our fleet remains home."

"Yes Premire general."

Messege to The Emperor of the known Universe.


We doubt your word of the machine fleet. We will however sent 20 frigats and 30 fighters to aid you. Only if you pay for transport. We our a poor house and can barely keep our econemy a flot.



Fleet:200 frigets, a crusier, a destoyer, 250 fighters and 100 bombers.

20 frigets and 30 fighters ready to join the Imperial fleet.

Imperial Army off duty but on high alert in one post


15,000 Metel+7,000 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

0,000 Mineral+5,000 Asteroid Harvesting a turn

1,000 Spice

In construction Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

Cost 5,000 Metel

10,000 Mineral ETC 2 posts.

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"M'lord, we need more men." The mentat yet again hovered within the shadows throwing comments at the Emperor.

"Get more from IX then...Not espically complex mentat." Leto sat up and flexed his back muscles, he hadn't slept in days.

"M'lord...There is an issue at hand about that..." Cocking his eyebrow he signalled for the mentat to resume.

"Every possible soldier has been taken from IX, we're just not getting enough new boys to handle a machine onslaught of this caliber." Passing servants and soldiers stiffened slightly at the news.

"That's why we have the other House's assitence mentat." Leto snickered slightly but was only greeted by a disappionted face.

"Yes that is true, regardless though, the Imperial army will be the main attacking force holding off the initial machine attack, we need more men." Rubbing his eye's slowly Leto looked up.

"Then what do you suggest mentat?"

Kalnought flexed his arms slightly and continued his work out in the fields. The day was harsh as the sun beat down onto them, the three moons were slowly becoming visable. Sighing he thought about what he really wanted to achieve in life, out of this damnable field. Regardless he was well aware of the ever-growing House Holunk's population which now totaled over 11 billion. Suddenly screams became apparent, looking up he saw workers running in every direction and smoke in the distence. Then the sirens sounded, not the natural disaster one's that were drilled every 15th of the month but one of which he could not recognize...

I know that siren, but what is it for...Oh no...No! It's the-

His body was instantly ripped open by a gus of lasbeam fire as the Imperial fleets fell upon the planet..

The mentat watched as the Imperial army fell upon the planet instantly incenerating all opposition in it's path. Grinning he realized the plan had worked perfectly, the whole planet's population was now under Imperial control and would assist the Imperial armada...

Message to the Imperium:

House Holnuck has commited a crime, they horded spice into piles which were not calcuated into Imperial taxes. I followed the rules set up by the Emperor himself so many years ago, despite this I was merciful and only the goverment was destroyed, I am now setting up a personal watch over the planet to insure it's recovery and to disclose any possibilities of future crimes against the Imperium - Emperor Earl Vernius I.

The Imperial soldiers were quick to setting off to rebuild and then the draft would commence.

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