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The God Emperor's Dune


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"Boss we got a messege from home." Divinchi the can said

"Yea what is it?" Admiral Venao said

"its scrambled sir but this is it." He pressed a few buttons on his consol.

"Ma *Static* ata*Static& eet."

"Just that sir what should we do?"

"Turn the fleet around we cant take any chances."

Lou the wrench looked up and the sky. 10 massive Machine ships orbited above not firing but a green misty gas drifting down onto the planet. No planetary defenses were capabul of shooting them down, and by the time the Fleet returned home the machines had already left.


Fleet:12 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers, 3 Ixian crusiers


9,100 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

59,000 Mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

482,000 Solaris+15,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Constructing EMP Crusier

ETC 2 posts

Cost 45,000 Solaris

Constructing 5 Frigates

20,000 Solaris

Constructing 450 Fighters

22,000 Solaris

Constructing 2 Destroyers

60,000 Solaris

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Te Cobras troop fought against the Imperial Troops at every turn. The Imperial Troops were losing ground faster than they could deal with. Soon the Imperial Troops were stuck inside of a single military compound in the mountains. Then the fighting ended in a way nobody had thought of....

Basher Henderson sent down his warfighters and they bombed the compound over and over again. Even a Superior-class Mobile Strike Cannon, usually used only against warships, was aimed at the surface and fired repeatedly. By the time the Bombardment was finished there was nothing left of the compound but craters, ash and charred bones. The Imperial troops had acted wrong and so they were punished severly.

The Bene Gesserit were declared the new owners of the planet and its people.

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- The recent attack against House KYA makes me take a serious decision. said lord Burebista to his staff.

- What is that sir?

- We start building a 'Planet Destroyer'.

- WHAT? Isn't that gainst the Great Convention?

- Well, it looks like we're going to have a new Emperor overthrown. The Machines are attacking more fiercely. We need something to destroy their planet-base.

- But do we have the plans?

- Sure... Also strenghten our planetary defences, sattelites, orbital bases &stuff.

- Right away sir.

The Sarmizegetusan fleet had the Machines Homeworld under surveilance... They saw large numbers of ships leaving the planets Contruction Yards, and some heading into unknown directions.

"When the time comes, we'll have to fight them all."

The Lord gives the order to train space-craft personnel from the civil population, so, when the time comes they'll have a large enough number of pilots and crewmen ready.

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(OOC: As per instruction from this thread's author, I am taking over the Imperial throne and all Vernius holdings. Contact Dustie if you have any issues with this.)

Leto II looks up at Jennifer, "Perhaps you are right, Mother...The time has come for peace, and vengence against the machines. We must go to war, but not against one another."

Two Imperial Guards, listening to all of this quietly, motion to one another and attempt an attack, however, they are subdued by other Guardsmen loyal to Leto.

Leto's first new order of business is the halt of the Super Dreadnought's construction, and eliminate the ship's designers. Shortly afterwards, he begins a re-building phase and constructs several smaller, and less powerful Dreadnoughts for the Imperial fleet.

He initializes research into the Sentient Machine technology. As a true Ixian, he has little, if any qualms about the oldest of commandments, "Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind". But, unlike the workers of the Old Empire, his plans are to find the thinking machine's weakness, not strength.

A meeting of the Landsraad is called, and all Major Houses are expected to attend. The issues up for vote: Fiefdom of Arrakis, future plans for House Holnuck, plans for expansion of the Empire, and the revival of the Butlerian Jihad.

All property on the Holnuck planet is given summarily to the Bene Gesserit faction. All remaining Imperial troops are withdrawn from the system, the Bene Gesserit are asked to pay reparations for the Imperial troops lost to insurrection.

High Bashar Queffer, and about two thousand other Imperial Guards, Officers and advisors have been scheduled for court martial proceedings.

Landsraad meeting to commence in 3 posts.

First research project completed in 5 posts.

(OOC: Done. I'm leaving it up to Dustie to unlock.)

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The Bene Gesserit gladly take over control of the Holnuck system. Reparations for the Imperial troops killed are 3/4 paid, the remaining quarter being witheld due to the deaths of the three Reverend Mothers.

The first act is to disband the standing military, including the drafted troops. In order to rebuilt the economy the primarily agricultural planet's population is now returning to the destroyed farms. Vast inflows of melange into the economic system from the Bene Gesserit are steadily rebuilding these farms, but it is not a limitless supply. The planet is slowly recovering, but it will be some years yet before it returns to a self-sufficient system.

All Bene Gesserit personel return to Arrakis. Mentats, concubines, the Imperial Truthsayer, they return.

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The troops of House Cobras left House Holnuck's plant and returned home. There was still major rebuilding to be done on Alpha Prime and there were mining stations still being constructed on Alpha Gamma.

The scientists of House Cobras sent out a prototype warvessel known as the Ice Snake. A vessel that was the ultimate warship for many good reasons. One of which being that it had four Superior-class Strike Cannons melded into its design and crewed over a two thousand men and women. It was the pinnacle of Cobras warship design.

Thegreatest news leaving the system during this time however was the marriage of Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras to Supreme Basher Christopher Henderson of the Cobras Defense Forces. There was much celebration and the leaders of all the Great Houses were invited.

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Message to the Emperor:


I see that our Emperors change quite often. That doesen't matter anymore. We're used to it. We are here to announce you that we'll raid the Machines Planet in 5 posts. If you want to join us, it would be useful. This is only a raid. We want to see how powerful they are. Nothing more. So keep your strong ships back, ok?


A medium Sarmizegetusan fleet started to assemble. All were fast ships with light and medium weapons.

In the meantime the Sarmizegetusan 'Planet Destroyer' was completed.

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A Heighliner winks into existance over the Cobras home planet, and a frigate with the Ghobey insignia slowly floats down into the planet's atmosphere.

As the frigate hits the landing zone, a small force of about ten Ghobey Army Elite rush out, followed by the Arch-Duke himself, and Lillian.

"Greetings, Arch-Duchess Lisa, and congratualations on your marriage. I regret to inform you that our Emperor, my grandson, will not be in attendance. He does, however, send you this gift in apology."

A small container of spice, carrying around ten thousand solaris, is brought out by Imperial Guardsmen.

Leto recieves a message from the Sarmizegetusa, reads it, and replies:

To Lord Burbista of House Sarmizegetusa

[hide] Greetings,

A small team of my Imperial Fleet will meet yours at a rendevoux location of your choosing. You may use them as you wish.[/hide]

A force of 1,000 Imperial fighters, 300 frigates, 100 light cruisers and 50 cruisers await orders.

Imperial Processes:

Landsraad meeting in 2 posts.

Research completed in 4 posts.

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Message to the Emperor:


You can send them to Apulum, where they can join my fleet. With a little bit of luck we'll be able to hit them a bit harder than expected.[/hide]

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The fleet arrives at Apulum, and the Sub-Bashar Tolkien reports to the commanding officer of the Sarmizegetusan fleet for orders.

Imperial Processes:

Landsraad meeting in 1 post.

Thinking Machine research outcome in 3 posts.

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The Arch-Duchess thanked the Arch-Duke for the gift from his grandson.

"As you well know my dear Arch-Duke our houses are allies and in these perilous times I wish to stregthen that alliance anyway way I can and thus I present you with this gift."

She snapped her fingers and a Python guard walked up to her carrying a sealed container. She opened the container and inside were page after page of diagrams and plans detailing how to build a Python-class battlesuit.

"Before I hand these to you you must swear never to let another house see them, not even your grandson's. All of the power of House Cobras rests in these battlesuits and if they were to fall in anti-Cobras hads our defenses would be gone."

The Arch-Duke nodded. The plans would stay in Ghobey hands and not be shown to any other house.

The wedding was wonderful. It was an extravagant celebration. The peoples of the Cobras fiefs celebratd day and night for weeks. Soon the revelry died down and people went back to work. Everything was going splendidly in the Alpha System until one day the Arch-Duchss recieved a note from the astronomers on Alpha Secondry.

To the Arch-Duchess Lisa Henderson Cobras, greetings in haste,

My lady we have a huge problem. Last night (Secondary Time) we d-like object entering the Alpha System and moving very quickly towards our sun, Alpha. We thought nothing of it but now it sees otherwise.

My lady, in less than a year the Alpha system will no longer exist. It will be the home of a deadstar and no planets. The "probe" has started a chain reaction within Alpha that will cause the star to go supernova by the end of next year. As I see it we have but few options open to us.

1) We get Imperial Permission to colonize another system and evacuate our people there.

2) We forego Imperial Permission and colonize another system ourselves.

3) We stop all military and domestic construction and put everything towards the construction of a "supership."

Myself and the other scientists have determined that the best course of action is the third, the "supership." We have determined that if every industrial facility is dedicated to solely getting this ship built and running it could be completed in less than seven months. However, should it not be completed the whole of House Cobras may very well cease to exist. The scientists on Alpha Secondary are already researching new technologies for the "supership." Please decide quickly my lady we don't have much time.

Respectfully yours,

Odn Throff, Cheif Scientist, Alpha Secondary

Message to the Imperium:

The Machines have struck at my system and. unless we take a certain course o action, my people are doomed. The Machines are causing the sun of the Alpha System to go supernova and, by the end of next year, it will have done so. The industrial forces of House Cobras are currently working towards the construction of a "supership," the House Cobras. We need support and protection during th construction of his vessel and we alsp need the help of the Guild to get it up and running. Following the move to a new home the House Cobras will be publicly taken apart so as to show you that I am not building a super battlecruiser, I simply want to help my people.

Please help!

Arch-Duchess Lisa Henderson Cobras

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"As with all other ships of this size, it is forbiddon." The Navigator intoned to his assembled comrades. "Not only would acceptable space be at a severe premium on our Heighliners, but it would be all too easy to modify a ship like that after construction and examination to create a battle vessel. We shall forbid the construction and veto any transportation."

There was a chorus around, "It is agreed."

Message to Cobras:

We have heard that the Guild will refuse transport to a ship such as you described. In this case it seems that you have no choice but to evacuate to another system. Why the machines have chosen your system is currently a mystery but it is not important at the moment. We shall aid you financially with the Guild transport from your planet, but it is not an indefinate source and we have no ships that we could lend you.


OCC: No superships. ;)

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OOC: in order to respect the rules of the thread, there was no planet-dertoyer constructed. Instead it was constructed a powerfull Dreadnaught, named Dacia.

- Sir, take a look at this report.

- Right away... the Lord read the shiga wires and understood the grimm situation of House Cobras.

Message to the Imperium:

[hide]All who can should aid House Cobras in defence. House Sarmizegetusa will launch a full-scale attack against the Machines' Planet. If anyone want to join they should send their fleets at this coordinates {224.56.102}. This is the machines' coords.[/hide]

The whole Sarmizegetusan fleet was set in motion. The Imperial fleet was added to the strike force. The two dreadnaughts: Flagship Sarmizegetusa and Battlecriuser Dacia used their sub-space engines to jump to the destination, waiting for the fleet to arrive, they remained cloaked in a meteor field.

The Lord hoped that this attack would draw the attention of the machines towards their own homeworld, releasing the Cobras system.

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Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey slowly walks down the empty corridors of the Sarzegetusan castle. Suddenly, he grabs his chest, and sinks to the floor gasping.

A few hours later, Lillian sends a message to the Imperial capital of Arrakis, "Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey has died of cardiac arrest tonight. The title of Siridar Arch-Duke passes to his adopted daughter, Jennifer Ghobey, along with all holdings and properties."

Lillian sighs as she switches the panel off, "A reign of greatness ends in a hour of pain."

The next day, Lillian, the Ghobey Army Elite guardsmen and Darius' body leave the Alpha system and return to Tiera Tertiary.

Jennifer Ghobey has accepted the leadership of House Ghobey, and has released the Houses Harkonnen, Teirnan, and D'aganon from all debts, saying, "House Ghobey is spread out enough, we should work to unite the House as we will unite the Universe."

(OOC: Well, that's that. I'm off to Vegas, so I'm leaving House Ghobey and House Vernius in the capable hands of Jennifer, or Dust Scout. I will probably take House Harkonnen when and if I return. Continue! I'll try to check on the thread during my absence. Good luck against the Machines. :) )

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OCC: I already said that you could, it just won't be all that easy. ;)

With nothing offical to tie her down, as she had been a gift to the Arch-Duke rather than to the Ghobey House, Lillian is recalled by the Bene Gesserit to Wallach IX.

"Shall we send troops to aid the fleet?" Lillian asked absently as she shuffled through various papers and notes. She looked up at the lack of answer. "I said-"

"I know what you said, Lillian." Mother Superior Taraza snapped. "And no, we shan't. I've had enough of the Imperium. I've had enough of aiding the idiots who never help us. Who murder our people and give us no respect." Lillian raised an eyebrow, more surprised by this than if the Mother Superior had started dancing.

"With all due respect, Mother Superior-" She started,

"If you gave me respect you'd leave me alone." Taraza growled. "You will know by now that your personal project is nearing completion, it is to be your duty until it is ready."

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GodFather Rodrigues sat at the oak table listing to his advisers while ancient rocket batteries sounded from out side.

"Some one tell me whats going on." Rodgriues said anger in his voice

"Shortly after the machine ships left. Tens of thousands Of KYA Citizens begain dieing, this spread to the other continents shortly. over 450 million have been presumed dead." Dimintiri Said from the Centeral continent Russian division.

"But thats not all boss. After they died they." He paused searching for the right word," Got back up."

"Got back up what do you mean?"

"The virus or whatever the doctors call it bring em back to life and they start killing."


"They can be killed but whatever they scratch,bite, or touch seems to die and become one of them. The entire southern continent has been over run.Including our main star port. Whats left of the fins are held up in the port city of La Panto. Bout 10,000 of em but they cant hold on for much longer. Russian ships should arive in a few hours to evacuate them. Were holding them on the narrow strip of land that seperets the centeral continent from the southern one. but were taken thousands of casulties and slowly loosing ground."

"Is there any good news?"

"Well if we fall the rest of the imperium will fall with us. We sent our trade ships in a hour after the machines left. They were probebly infected."

"Where did they go?"

"Richease,Arrakis,Junction,Kaitan,and Ix." He said reading from a paper."And the last one landed 3 hours ago."

"Great. The machines are going to wipe us out with out losing a ship. Basterds."

"Have our fighters and bombers enter the atmoshpere and try to kill as many as you can."

"Sir we have reports of surviers still in the southern continent fighting and hiding from the dead."

"Reports of large numbers of the creatures in the north east and north contient also reported. thats why we are firing those rockets trying to clear them out."

"Have all emergency reserves called in."

"Yea Boss."

Messge to the imperium


We request aid machine biological atack has left us fighting our own. Casulties in the hundreds of millions forces losing ground on all fronts requesting aid. 325 million of them. Planetary bombardment is not a option at the moment.

God Father Rodrigues


Fleet:12 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers, 3 Ixian crusiers


18,200 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

80,000 Mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

215,000 Solaris+15,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Constructing EMP Crusier

ETC 1 posts

Cost 45,000 Solaris

Constructing 5 Frigates ETC 1 post

20,000 Solaris

Constructing 450 Fighters ETC 1 post

22,000 Solaris

Constructing 2 Destroyers ETC 1 post

60,000 Solaris

OOC: I was getting bored and though i would throw in a change up

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The Cobras colony fleet left Alpha Prime and came up t a Guild Heighliner.

"This is Cobras colony fleet LLJ-3X1. We are request permissin to colonize a nearby star system and we ak that the Heighliner trasport us there. We will pay a large sum of solars."

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"Plague in the old KYA system, now Rodrigues; a supernova threatening House Cobras... does this seem a little coincidental to you?" Lillian turned to the women at her side. She was dressed in blue, certifying her unique status, much like Lillian's red.

"The machines have attacked us directly only once." She replied, seemingly bored by the conversation. "We know from the word of the inhabitants that the threat to House Cobras was created by the machines; and although biological weapons are... available to those with connections... I highly doubt that something of this nature could have been constructed without our knowledge."

"You believe it was the machines then?"


"Will we help, do you think Myra?" Lillian looked through a glass window down to a courtyard below, where a young man was undergoing weapons training with a specialised mek. Myra sighed.

"Taraza has forbidded it. No aid for Rodrigues, no aid for anyone. It's taken all my connections just to get melange through to finance House Cobras' iminent evacuation."

"Last time we spoke she said, 'I've had enough of the Imperium.' " Lillian frowned in thought more than worry.

"Everyone's tired of the Imperium." Myra replied sarcastically.

"It's the word 'I've' that's worrying me." Lillian murmured. The two women shared a glance. Both turned in their seats and stared into the other's eyes, and then without a word they pressed their foreheads together. 'Sharing.' It lasted perhaps moments, perhaps minutes. But when they were done, both spoke in unison.

"The Sisterhood must endure."

Minor Acolyte server to the Empress of the Imperium, Kyorl Jufa walked swiftly down the corridors of the Imperial Palace on Arrakis. She had a job to do and she was going to do it, her black dress and cloak billowed behind her as she walked at a pace most others could not jog at. She turned a corner and nearly trampled the man in front of her.

He flung himself to one side, and she stalked speedily around him. At the last moment, he reached out and snatched her wrist. The resulting jolt almost dislocated both of their arms, but she stopped. Swinging around, she prepared to drown the man in a torrent of legalities.

Before she even started she saw his expression. Vacant, blank, staring. He was even dribbling. She wouldn't waste her time one him. She snatched her arms back and continued on her way, amking a mental note to find out who the man was and have him removed from the Palace.

She glanced down at a slight pain in her wrist as she walked. The idiot had scratched her! She covered the trickle of blood and marched on, she had a job to do.

Ix. The machine planet. Original home of House Vernius before Emperorhood and subsequent replacement by House Ghobey. Now still the tech-centre of the Imperium, but under new management. Leto Ghobey has returned here to resume training under three teachers. A Reverend Mother, J'invey (part-time), and a Sardaukar Bashar.

"This will be a disaster." J'invey muttered grimly as he surveyed the Heighliner in construction below him. A disease-carrying ship docks on Ix, by now it will inevitably have spread despite the incarceration of those who arrived with it. With the Suboids living and working in such close quarters it is bound to spread even further, and Ix will fall. When that is done, the Imperium will fall."

"Don't you think you're overestimating?" Bashar Ilban replied gruffly from the mentat's right side. "If we seal off Ix at least nothing will spread from us."

"It is already spreading, there is nothing we can do to counter that." Reverend Mother Osla replied tersely from J'invey's left. "Ix is not the only planet that Rodrigues trades with. By now it will have spread to all the major centres; Arrakis, Ix, and Kaitan. Possibly Junction."

"None of your planets?" The Bashar snidely remarked.

"If you had been paying attention to current events," Osla replied evenly, "You would notice that the Bene Gesserit homeworld has all but sealed itself off. Now that the transmission has been recieved they will doubtless throw it into lockdown immediately." Under her breath she muttered, "The Sisterhood must endure."

"Bah. Always that way of the witches," Bashar Ilban snorted, "When the going gets tough, they hide. If I-"

"Can we continue this enthralling discussion at a later date possibly?" J'invey interrupted. "Right now we must prepare the upper stories for siege. All outgoing transport must cease, as must all incoming transport." He turned away from his fellow teachers and headed for the door, "We have very little time to prepare."

Junction. 'Homeworld' of the Spacing Guild.

"Are we safe, inside our containers?" A minor navigator asked. The others ignored him.

"Life must be preserved," one said as he consumed a deep breath of spice-gas. "Without life, there is no Imperium, without Imperium, there is no Guild. Without Guild, there is no profit and-"

"No navigators." A senior Steersman finished.

"Our planet is infected."

"No, merely the people on it."

"Is it possible for us to be infected?"

"Experiments, will take place."

"After disease is controlled."



"-Does not bring profit."



"Eliminate. The chance."

The Guild now requires any party wishing to make a journey (at their own risk) must now spend 40 days in quarentine or pay an extremely heavy fine. This also applies to House Cobra's colonising ship, if they choose a system inhabited by humans, plants, animals, or a combination of the three. If they do not, they will pay only the normal price.

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The Sarmizegetusan fleet reached the machine stronghold. The two dreadnaughts opened fire blasting their way through the enemy ranks. The light crafts were send into scouting, therefore to find the weakiest spots in the machine fleet. The medium ships were aiding the heavy fleet turning the machine's ships into stardust. THAT is the element of surprize. Nevertheless the Lord was expecting a strong counterattack as soon as the machines understood what was going on.

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The shockwave of the Sarmizegetusan attack gathered legions of machines to their planet.

The light crafts identified and detroyed some important targets such as: generators, factories, and buildings that looked like communication nexuses.

The battle fleet engaged the newcomers alond with the existing machine fleet. The battle was slowly turning in the favor of the machines. At the proper moment the Lord would open the hyperspace gates and jump along with his fleet. They wanted to do as much damage on the machines as possible.

"I wander if anyone notices my struggle? Apart from th Emperor that send me his aid."

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Presumably they have... But the BG are sending you no aid so there's no reason for me to post... yet.

In case you hadn't noticed though; Emperor Vernius is no more. The throne is currently in the possession of Empress Ghobey, who is having troubles of her own as virus-infected monstrosities surround her palace on Arrakis. Ix is also overrun, and in the hands of House Ghobey. The Sardaukar seem to be taking a break and House Cobras is in the middle of a planet-wide evacuation program while Godfather Rodrigues has an entire system of virus-infected people to qurentine and destroy. Everyone's a little busy at the moment. ;)

This post can serve as a reminder for anyone who loses the plot a bit.

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Arch-Duchess Lisa Henderson Cobras stepped into her evacuation ship Cobras Memory and looked around for the last time. She had loved living around there and she really would miss it. Her children would grow up in a new system and on a new world.

Her ship lifted off and she watched the planet grow small behind her as her ship went into orbit to dock with the small Heighliner fleet. The solaris of the Great Houses had helped to pay for the huge move they were making. As she docked she heard the Navigator announce, "Prepare to fold space to the Beta system."

In orbit over what had been declared Alpha Beta, the new home planet of the dispoessed House Cobras. Luckily the major mining stations, factories and laboratories were saved and transported onto the Heighliners. The economy of House Cobras would start up rough and would take a few weeks to get back up and running.

But thanks to the resource rich planets of Beta Beta, Beta Gamma, Beta Delta and Beta Epsilon House Cobras would have a running start. Thanks to the Bene Gesserit's solaris and the wedding gifts Arch-Duchess Lisa would have a new realm to build anew. She watched as hundreds of colony ships set off in different directions for each of the planets. The first order of business would be to set up new cities and to build a whole new Cobras Citadel.

Scout ships were sent into the Beta system's asteroid field to locate new resource mining areas and possible locations for defensive platforms. It was time to rebuild the Great House Cobras from the ground up.

occ: this means that i wont be posting for about three days while my house rebuilds itself. i thank the guild for transport and the bene gesserit and house ghobey for their money to help with transport and rebuilding costs.

cya in 3 days!

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"I never thought I'd say this, but I am extremely grateful for the desert." Empress Jennifer Ghobey looked down from a balcony to Arukeen below her. Down there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of shuffling, groaning corpses. She could detect their stench even in the stiff breeze at this level of the atmosphere.

The entire city had been overrun. Even the lower levels of her own palace were filled with the ever-present mass. Thankfully, the designers had seemed to have something like this in mind, and every single staircase was now collapsed thanks to strategically-placed weakened pillars. Of course now Jennifer and most of her palace staff were now trapped there, but there were plenty of (well-rationed) supplies to last for a month or possibly two.

But there was very little in the way of weaponry. Lasguns were at a premium; Maula pistols and flechette pistols even more so. And every fighter knew that even with their own physical prowess, they had no chance against that many... things.

Fortunately, those that tried to wander into the desert were quickly swallowed up by either the worms or the storms. That was worrying... if this was caused by a virus, as the Rodrigues transmission indicated, then could it infect the worms? A worrying proposal at best.

The Empress heard a step behind her, and turned to find out who it was. Just in time to see Kyorl Jufa launch herself forward. A duck, a slashing kick, and the infected acolyte crashed to the ground.

Jennifer retreated to the balcony, and waited for the clumsy monstrosity to get up. When it did so, she noticed that it had a broken arm, hanging limply at one side. It staggered forward again, arms outstretched.

Just before it pounced again, Jennifer reached behind her and over her head, grabbing the rails of the balcony. She kicked off the ground, planting one foot on the stomach of the corpse, and bringing the other up sharply into the groin. She flipped up and over, bringing what had one been Kyorl Jufa over the balcony and out into open air.

Thge corpse made no screech as it fell, it just clawed at the air. It plummetted down and into the masses, it's landing invisible in the throng. Jennifer sighed, and flipped back onto the balcony from where she hung. She couldn't trust anyone now.

Bene Gesserit transmission to the Imperium;

Mother Superior Taraza has died in her sleep. It is assumed that she died of natural causes, and no investigation will take place. Her successor has already taken her place by general consensus of the Sisterhood, and shall send out a message to that effect in due course.

Mother Superior Myra looked down through the hidden screen into the training room. Her 'son' was doing well it seemed. Turning out just as planned. Of course Lillian would settle for nothing less.

Just as had been the case with Taraza. Well, she hadn't been thinking as should should. And the message had had no lies in it; Taraza had indeed died in her sleep. And most of the sisterhood assumed it was natural causes. She just hoped that Lillian knew what she was doing.

Myra looked though the screen again, where Lillian was giving her pupil final tuition in the mentat thinking pattern. Yes, soon the young man would be ready to assume his rightful place.

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