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The God Emperor's Dune


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"Bring the spy in." Rodrigues orderd and a few moments later a blody heap of a human was brought in, his face was bloddy one of the legs was broken and shoulder looked dislocated.

"Who are you." Rodrigues demanded.

"Micheal Moore." It said its eyes glazzed from the truth syriums

"Do you work for the Emperor?" Rodrigues asked.

"No." Micheal said

Rodrigues nodded to one of the guards.

"AHHHHHHh." Micheal screamed as the pain amplifer laced through his body.

"Who do you work for?" Rodrigues demanded again."

"The Emperor." Micheal said his defeneses shatterd.

"You are his spy?" Rodrigues glazed at the heap of a man held up by two gaurds at each side.

"Yes." The voice said very low.

Rodrigues nodded towards the gaurds and his left hand formed a 3. 3 was the level on the pain amplifer, 5 would kill the man, 4 would probebly nock him out.

"No not again!" The man screamed as the stick slammed aginst his back.

"Tell me about the Imperial Shipyards." Rodrigues demanded."Dont make me do it again."

"They are at Tolnep, Tolnep holds the Imperial Shipyards." It said with shame.

"Honestly?" Rodrigues asked.


"Well thats funny becouse I know for a fact that they are above Ix." He held a three and made a fist.

The man screamed in agoney as the baton was held to his back for 30 seconds.

He fell to the ground the gaurds strugling to pick him up.

"Get up you disgusting Imperial Scum, Get up!" Rodrigues screamed.

"What are the codecs for the Emperors Gaurd Fleet hmmm?" Rodrigues slammed his fist down.

"I dont know." The baton slamed against his back again.

"What are the codecs?"

"I dont kno." Screaming cut him off mid sentence.

"Bring him back tomoro, cut off his..." The man was looking up at Sharpie as his fingers pointed from apandengage to apendage.

"Take out his eye, I dont like the way he was looking at me. I really dont."

The man begain cursing at Rodrigues. before one of the gaurds hushed him by a boot in the mouth.

Two shuttles deceded on Holnuck carying Secret Miltary Suplies

Open Messege To All House Minor's Of the Imperium

Those Who Join House KYA in the quest against The Vial Emperor and his puppet houses will be granted 4 Planitary fiefs and Great house Status in the new Empire once House Ghoby is destoyed, The Machines are not your Enemy's They only defended themselfs, The guild were the ones who attacked them first, They only enterd this War against Traitoris houses becouse we asked them to.

Once The War is Over They will play in their part of the universe while we play in ours, We can Co-Exist its better then living in constant fear.

End Messege


57,927,445 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

153,902,000 mineral+21,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

51,000 Solaris+20,000 Per Turn KYA prime GNP

Strip Metel mine on KYA prime

250,000 Minerals

Adds 65,000 Metel per post

1 posts till completion

Strip Mineral Mine on KYA prime

450,000 Metel

Adds 70,000 Mineral per post

1 posts till completion

Planetary Defense

1000 Orbital Missle Batteries- 250,000 Metel, 110,000 mineral ~comeplete~

550 Oribtal Las Gun Batteries-300,000 Metel, 220,000 Mineral ~complete~

9 Heavy Defense Platforms- 600,000 Metel 700,000 Mineral ETC ~Complete~


2,542 Fighters Complete

1,112 Bombers Complete

115 Destoyers Complete

215 Light Cruisers complete

110 Heavy Crusiers complete

9 Drednaughts

1 Super Dreadnaught

Machine Fleet to reinforce KYA possitions in 1 posts

Fleet Production At Holnuck and on secret KYA shipyards From resources given by machine Empire

1,500 Fighters ETC one posts

3,500 Bombers ETC one posts

120 Destoyers ETC two posts

618 Light Crusiers ETC two posts

312 Heavy Crusiers ETC two posts

3 Drednaughts ETC 3 posts

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House Cobras CONDEMNS House KYA in their descision!

And in 1 post they will have absorbed the Atreides Dominion (2 systems) due to the fact that Leto II surrendered his forces and territory to them and he is currently locked up in a Landsraad prison.

Atreides Dominion

2 systems (15 planets)

50 crusiers

100 frigates

3 shipyards

1,340 fighter craft

House Cobras

1 system (3 planets)

25 crusiers

120 frigates

1 shipyard

750 fighter craft


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"We should never have given them Holnuck." Mother Superior Myra sighed. "We thought we were doing the right thing. Giving the planet back to a ruler who would care for them. One that they would not fear as a witch, one that wouldn't allow them to be destroyed by a chaotic Emperor. We failed the people on Holnuck."

"The past is past." The reverend mother to her left replied. "As the ancient saying goes, 'don't cry over spilt milk.' Yes?"

"Yes." Myra sighed. "And now this war again. I hope my great-grandson is sufficiently capable to throw over whatever challenges him." She smiled for a moment, "It seems so odd to refer to the Emperor as my great grandson, I haven't yet reached my thirty-sixth year."

"And your son?"

"He has returned, though we are not to say it." Myra smiled. "He is with Lillian and his old friend. I have placed the three of them in charge of our forces."

"The gholas."

"Mostly, yes. The Pythons/Sardaukar crossbreeds are plentiful and cheap. But they all prefer using sentient humans, those that can think for themselves. There are numerous males and commandos for now."

Message to the Imperium;

A force of several large battleships and a large number of smaller fighters is available to the Imperium to fight against the machines. They will be commanded by the three Commanders currently on Arrakis. This fleet is not available to any fighting between members of the Imperium, only to fight the machines and the traitorous KYA. We remain politically neutral, but this war is not political.


Message to House Cobras;

Suggest development of virus programs used to destroy earlier machine threat. Also reminder, 'Lisa's Daughters' are alive and well, quick and capable. Ordinarily a few more years of training would be in order but progress and urgency mean that we believe they could be returned to the Cobras household now.


[OCC: I think a Landsraad vote denied the KYA the right to even be a House Minor...]

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Lisa Cobras stepped up to the podium in the main plaza of the capital of Beta Alpha. She prepared to give a speech.

"House Cobras used to exist in the Alpha system but the Machines destroyed tht system and we moved to the Beta system. Now we are larger and I have decided something.

House Cobras is now going to be the Cobras Federation!"

All around her people were mumuring. She knew what they were saying: She is going to declare independence!

She decided to stop it at that.

"The Cobras Federation shall be ruled by House Cobras and shall still be a part of the Human Imperium! M brother made the mistake of declaring independence and I shall not! Though we have a different name we are the same, if not bigger! We shall help and assist the Imperium and we will destroy House KYA!"

With that people everywhere cheered!

A few weeks later, on Beta Beta, a man stood in a crowd and gave a speech on how the Arch-Duchess was wrong.

"We should be independent, I say down with the Arch-Duches-"

He never finished because his crowd surged forward and started beating him. They even drew out knives and stabbed him. His bloody, ragged corpse was dragged up onto a nearby stage and hung up for all to see.

And as one the people called out "Long live Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras! Long live Emperor Leto Ghobey! Long live the Human Imperium!"

Cobras fleet:

210 frigates

80 crusiers

3 battlecruisers

1 supercruiser

4,000 fighter craft

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And here it endeth. I think that's a fitting end to the thread. It's been slowing for a while now and I think the time has finally come to let it rest. It's had a long run (20 pages!) And for that I'm pleased. Thank you everyone who took part, I'm very grateful to you.

If anyone has any comments, messages, etc, I'm leaving the Preparations Thread open. This topic however, will now be locked. For a dignified rest.

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