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The God Emperor's Dune


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The ships entered the hieghliner then a thunderous bam rippled once more...They reappeared...And the Ghobey and Sardaukar leaders eyes buldged open...They were BEHIND the machines!

The thunderous bams echoed once more, but all six of the orginal ships were already there...The Ghobey leader looked on to see three more hieghliners fulled of more Imperial ships..Then the Emperors voice screamed throughout the ships.


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(OOC-Rear flank would be more appropriate since space has no direction essentially)

The Sardaukar ships, led by Culratha still in the heighliner moved alongside the Imperial forces in their advance on the machines. Omnius would not prevail over humanity again.

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Leto's face came up on the Ghobey moniters once more, T'nera bowed silently.

"T'nera, The Ixians and the Ghobians have been allies for many ayear now, and now is the time to seal the alliance."

"What are you asking m'lord? T'nera said firmly.

"The biggest ship in the whole attack is my flagship...The second largest is yours...We need to make another...'opening'...Through the direct middle of the machine attack..."

T'nera looked up in a gaze.

"What do you ask?"

"Follow me...We must drive right into the heart and out the other end...This is where our alliance gets sealed.."

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(OOC-I'd like to think of my ship as being large too... this exclusive Ghobey Imperial thing is kind of annoying. In reality, groups don't recover from the disaster J described earlier, as quickly as he did. Especially fast enough to build a fleet and flagship larger then a people like the Sardaukar, that are dedicated to combat.)

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"We are allies after all" Leto muttered as the ships went through the hordes of machines which now began an assualt onto the flagships. The lasbeams from the human ships rang out amungst the hordes of machine ships. Though they were programmed to react quick even the machine's were still out-done by the human amount of unpredictibilality and the flagships moved through the hordes until the sight of hundreds of machine battle cruisers came up on screen. The Ghobey ship none the less moved as fast as always until Leto's face came up on the moniter.

"Ghobey...Leave...Fall back to the rear flank and order everyone to fall back from both flanks....Imediatly..

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(OOC: DIDNT HE SAY NO ATOMICS? HUH? DID HE NOT SAY LAST PAGE THAT ATOMICS DONT EXIST? I suggest that the last few posts be declared invalid for using them or atleast the atomic parts. And inoc how bout you reply to my offer. )

The KYA Ships Stayed back waiting for there opertunity to strike. The battle raged everywhere thousands engulfed in flames.

"Launch The Omega bombs." General Hershy Said with a wave of a hand.

A dozen of the best KYA fighters raced towards A large Machine Crusier Las Guns ripping the Allience craft apart as they fired apon it. Dodgeing the las guns. They launced a single bomb. Tumbling through the air as it was atracted to the distenct magnetic pulse of the machine crusier. It atached itself and detonated. Sending a a blue like wave through the Crusier shutting down and deleating the machines memory. With out the Machines keeping the reactors in constant control.

They Detonated The crusier vaperzing in a mass of fire.

The KYA ships broke and atacked useing this deadly new weapon against the machine fleet

All except the Manila Chin Chila A single crusier loaded with 26 Omega Emp bombs it raced towards the Machine Dreadnaught pushing its engines to 220%.

It was hit by a Las gun burst the engines exploding in a blue ball of neon. But the ship continued on its course

Ramming into the machine frigate the explosion penetrating the armor of the ship. The bombs exploded on contact sending the electromagnetic pulse through the Drednaught.

They shut down in a moment later, the dred naught lost control of its stabilzers, it begain spinning it colided with a machine destoyer englufing it inflames, half of it was engulfed in flame, it continued to roll crashing into a machine heavy weapons crusier. They joined each other in death.

"The battle over ix has begain. The Omega bombs have been used in great effect acording to the reports." Popov said grining


"In the hundreds of thousands. We have lost 6 fighters and 2 frigets so far."

"Hmmm. What of the machine atack on Richease?"

"Our ships report that it was ignored the Machines have another destination in mind."

"Really whats that then?"

"Arrakis. about 1100 hundreds Ships mostly frigets and corvets a few heavy craft."

"We can not allow that to happen. After arrakis they will head to the next spice world, And then the next. We have to stop them before they can do this."

"Sir we are but 300 ships at most. We can not stop 1100."

"Prepare the ships. Prepare the omega bombs. Prepare everything! we hold them at arrakis. The imperium is fighting at Ix. We are the only thing not batling over ix at the moment. We have to stop Them."

"Yes Premire General." Popov left

"God Help us all."


Fleet:210 frigets, a crusier, a destoyer, 350 fighters and 150 bombers.

18 frigets and 24 fighters stationed with the imperial Fleet.

Imperial Army on High Alert

10 Frigets 50 fighters and 50 bombers brought out of moth balll

Fleet Moving to Arrakis ETA 1 post.


10,200 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

5,000 Mineral+5,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

Complete Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

In Production One Heavy Mineral Extracter increeses Mineral Production by 9,000

ETC 1 posts

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T'nera's eyes widened as she saw the huge fleet of battlecruisers.

"Understood, Lord Leto."

T'nera orders the ship to come around, heading back out of the "belly of the beast", as it were.

"Bashar, the ships systems are failing!" reports a Levenbrech, "We've taken severe damage!"

"Get us out of here as fast as possible!" orders T'nera, stumbling as the ship takes another hit.

"Bashar, it won't hold up to many more hits like that."

T'nera looks around, trying to make a descision, then, she realizes what she must do.

"Launch a probe with a radio signal tuned to human frequencies, on the probe, set in the video record of the Lord Leto's last transmission, and this:" she straightens her hair and her uniform, and looks into a camera, "I am High Bashar T'nera of the Ghobey House Army. We have broken through to the central passage of the machine fleet, and the Lord Leto ordered us to return. This is, however, impossible, as our ship has retained too much damage. We will return to the Lord Leto's last known location and attempt to assist him in any way nessesary. Commendations suggested for Levenbrechs Freodre, Caspian, and Dometritus, Captains Jeanette, Donsa and Tireain." She sighs, then presses the ejection button, knowing those would, most likely, be the last words her family and friends would ever hear her speak.

"Let's turn this peice of expletive around! We've got some...deleting, to do!"

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"Good bye...You my son, are now the Emperor..." Leto quickly gazed over the command panel and a transmitted his last message...

"I, Emperor Earl Vernius The First, hearby realize that a sarcrifice must be made in order for lives in the hundreds of thousands to be saved. It is with this...That I declare the posistion of Emperor given down to my son who sits in the palace on IX...And with this I ask for representitives from the Bene Gerrist and Sardaukar to assist in his reign until he says it is no longer needed. It is with this I bid farewell to my dear Imperium, for one life must be ended to save so many..."

"M'lord, the Ghobey ship is coming back..." Leto looked up sadly.

"Is it fully armed with reactors?"

The man looked down and nodded.

"I am sorry dear allies, but our death will help so many..." There was a pause as Leto whispered his last words..

"Detonate the reactors..."

With that the Imperial flagship blew up taking down the machine armada and the Ghobey ship in one devastating blast...The other ships looked on in amazement, the days of the reign of Paddisah Emperor Leto Vernius The First had ended..

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Culratha being the nearest to Ix,h had arrived at the palace the first. He now stood over the eight year old boy that would be Emperor. The boy that he would guide in the ways of combat and politics. Similarly so would the Bene Gesserit serve.

Before Culratha and the young boy rested the Imperial Throne. Culratha guided him towards it.

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"What the--!" says a Ghobey fighter pilot, seeing a buildup of light in the center of the Machine armada, right before hte explosion.

"Sir, the Imperial Flagship must've self-destructed to destroy the enemy armada!" the co-pilot sounds almost exhuberent, "They're gone!"

The pilot spins around in his chair, a look of extreme violence on his young face, "The Machine Armada is gone, but with it has fallen our own High Bashar T'nera and the Emperor himself. This is not victory, this is stalemate at best."

"S-sir," stutters the co-pilot, "I didn't mean it that way."

"I know you didn't, but no matter what, we must always respect and remember those who have sacrificed themselves for us," the pilot looks down at his status readout and says, "Incoming, the explosion didn't take them all out."

"I see'm, nothing but a few fighters and a battleship or two."

"Let's groove!"

(OOC: Well, I'm out for the night.)

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"Call back the forces to IX for repairs...Even the Ghobey and Sardaukar forces, aware them of this offer." The soldier bowed and quickly departed following the mentat's command.

Dear God dear friend...you made the ultimate sacrifice to save so many others..Rest assured, I will make sure the Imperium prospers the way you wanted it to be.

Muttering the mentat moved to the high command chair to guide the fleet back to IX.

"Over a million have been lost today, including the Emperor and the Ghobey leaders...This is far from a victory..."

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"Our the ships in possition?" Sharpie asked sitting in the KYA Crusier Jan Ceri.

"Yes Sir As our the Omega Mines."

"Sir We have Machine scout ships at the mine belt."

Sharpie sat up alarmed

"Destroy them before they could spread word of the mines!" He slammed his fist on the cold steel chair. Damn them! Damn Them all!

A dozen KYA fighters raced towards the Machine scout ship Las guns blazing. Scorching its hull in flames. It exploded the reactor core damaged beyond repair.

Another 10 ten tense minutes passed.

"Incoming enemy fleet sir looks to be the first wave 525 Ships."

"They will be hittinf the mine belt in










They are at the mine belt I repeat they are at the mine belt.

"They dont notice them?" Sharpie asked.

"No the machines dont. Its strange Sir."

"Transfer Control of Mines to my terminal."

"Yes Sir."

Ryan watched as the machines enterd the mine belt ignoring them. He stared transfixed on a Machine heavy Crusier its gun ports bristling with bound energy."

"See you in hell." Sharpie said and detonated the mines.

Blue electromagnetic flashs filled the view screen nearly blinding in there brightness. But one by one the machine ships exploded.

"Main fleet moving in from Below. Sir They look pissed."

"Engange All ships Engange at will."

The KYA ships raced towards the machine fleet engies glowing orange as they raced towards what surely would be their death.

"One Machine Dreadnaught. I repeat one machine dreadnaught." The words echoed in Sharpies ears..One machine dreadnaught one of them alone could have handled the KYA fleet.

"Tell ships to focus on that dreadnaught. IF we take it out it will be a hell of a lot easier to take the rest of the fleet down."

"Yes sir."

Orange machine las beems raced out towards the KYA fleet a deadly greating.

Blue KYA las beems greated them aslwell. A bale of fighters and capital ships begain each one punishing each other with a barage of las gun, missel, and emp bombs.

The Dreadnaught continued on not even firing a shot. Its destination was Arrakeen and it was getting close.

"Focus on that Dreadnaught."

"Sir our ships our busy we cant spare any to take it down."

"Then we will do it."

"Yes sir."

"Possition us infront of that Dreadnaught. IF arrakis falls we fall with it."

"But sir."

"Do it." Sharpie said his face full of determination his eyes set on that drednaught.

"Sir Popov reports that the machine fleet is loosing. We may have them beat."


A missle raced out of the Machine dreadnaught it penetrated the atmosphere and engulfed A large city in the southern hemosphere, A fiery blaze of orange could be seen from space.

"We are in possition."

"Arm Forwerd Missel Launcers, EMP Bombs, Everything Fire at will."

The Crusier and drednaught stood face to face. Every shot that hit the dreadnaught was abosrbed in its layer after layer of Armor. Even the EMP bombs couldnt penetrate far enough into it."

"Sir were not doing enough damage."

"Why arnt they firing back?" Sharpie asked

"Maybe they want to show us that we cant hurt them."

"Really? is that what they want? Push Reactors to 250% Take out all safty locks on the Thermonuclar Warheads."

"Yes Sir."

The crusier raced foward catching the machine ship off gaurd. It begain firing striping the crusier of its Armord Hull.

But it was to late The Crusier slamed into the dreadnuaght merging into pushing into the ship at its high speeds. Expolsions bristled along the the hull of the dreadnaught.

One of the Warheads detonated the whole area was swallowed in flames.

The Dreadnaught Was Destroyed the threat to Arrakis was elimated and the spice would flow.

Ryan Sharpie on the other Hand Was quite dead.


Fleet:45 frigets, , a destoyer, 108 fighters and 96 bombers.

14 frigets and 9 fighters stationed with the imperial Fleet.

Imperial Army on High Alert


19,100 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

19,000 Mineral+14,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

Complete Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

In Production One Heavy Mineral Extracter increeses Mineral Production by 9,000 Complete

Nothing in production awaiting the remains of the fleet for repairs

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Nope, they're valid when not used excessively and against a human player, so your last post is invalid :)

Au contraire. Atomics are very much banned, prohibited, forbidden, and unusable in any form against any enemy and they don't exist anyway.

"The sisterhood must endure..." Lillian murmured as she examined the records of the epic battle that had been waged over Ix. She understood the sacrafice completely. She would do the same for either of the two parties she served. "And now two wars begin at once..."

Message to Ghobey:

[hide] You have lost much, and we little. Name your price in melange or Sardaukar gholas and we shall provide.

It is intuitively obvious now that whoever gains control of the boy will possess a massive advantage in the Imperium. As protector, teacher, etc, they will have virtual control now and close friendship later. Ordinarily the Bene Gesserit would attempt this alone, but we see the need for working together. Also we see that the Sardaukar have gained an early advantage. We trust you enough, House Ghobey, to offer a joint effort of our two factions to teach and manipulate the boy, in the kindest possible way. We do not believe it to be profitable for the Sardaukar to teach him in their warlike and fanatic ways.


[Lord J; since Jennifer is now obviously no longer married, there is a possibility that she will go back to being na-Arch-Duchess Ghobey, and thus under your control.] [/hide]

The Bene Gesserit shuttle picked its way through the debris surrounding the planet Arrakis, and into the atmosphere. A small craft, it housed few.

The same could not be said for the decimated planet of House Holnuck. With the Imperial forces all away in various strategic positions, and only a token guard in force, and all of the planet's best fighters drafted into that very force, it was a sitting duck. But no fighters descended, no armies landed. A medium-sized, black craft glided gently down from the upper atmosphere, landing outside the rubble that had once been the Imperial Embassy.

Few people gathered as the door hissed open, but more peered around various corners, stopped in their tasks as two men dressed as Sardaukar marched through and took up positions on either side of the ship. They were followed by two more, and then two more. And then three women made their way from the ship, the last one closing the door behind her. Each flanked by two of the Sardaukar gholas, the reverend mothers split up and headed into the city. The ship promptly left.

Each of the three headed to strategic points. One to the old residences of House Holnuck, one into the Imperial Embassy, and one into the (destroyed) Bene Gesserit Embassy.

Message proclaimed over the planet:

This planet is no longer under Imperial control. Instead, the Bene Gesserit have taken residence. we shall provide the funds for your rebuilding, but the materials must be mined. Enough melange is present to rebuild the primary structures in the major cities, but the rest will come slowly.

Message to Imperium:

Do not interfere with our actions. It is for the good of the people. We have genetic samples of House Holnuck in our breeding programs, once the rebuilding is underway the closest relative shall gain command of the planet, and rightly so.

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"The skum! Mobilze the forces!" Screamed the Imperial leader on the Holnuck planet. There was a buzz of alarms and the preperation began.

"We are already rebuilding the planet, how dare they claim it to be theirs, they wish it to be under their control they will have to do it by FORCE!" The forces began departing.

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The Arch-Duke sits back in his chair, watching the figures scroll on his viewscreen.

[tt]Estimated losses: Battledate 7:18:12,000 AG

Imperial Vernius: 750,000

Sardaukar: 500,000

House Ghobey: 900,000

Remaining Ghobey fleet in area: 2,100,000

Request input...



"Sire! The Bene Gesserit outpost on House Holunk is under attack by Imperial forces!" says an aide.

"It seems to be time to put our alliances to work. Send all remaining Ghobey fleet from the Ix sector to Holunk."

To the Bashar General of Imperial Forces:

[hide] You will stand down, Bashar, it is not in the interests of the Empire or its young ruler to create chaos within the ranks. There has been enough loss of life, and Holunk holds niether spice hordes or fighting men for the Empire's coffers. Our forces will fight to keep peace between the Bene Gesserit and your own forces, if the need arises. Stand down, and allow the BG to take control of the planet, don't make me carry out the order. Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Grandfather to Leto Vernius II.[/hide]

Planetary development projects on outer planets completed, factory buildup is commencing: 20%

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The Entire Political system of KYA Prime changed nearly over night with the news of Sharpies sacrifice. Changing from a facist dictatorship into a crime like state happend rapidly. The troops loyal to the Sharpie Flet with Popov and the remaines of the KYA FLeet and 5 million KYA Citizens towards the Tuplie system seeking sanctuary.

"Finaly we have this planet for ourselfs." God Father Rodriges aid twirling a antiqu globe."

"Do you have anything in mind boss?"

"Naa. We need to rebuld the fleet and continue to harvest resources. Ask the Emperor for some reperations for saving Arrakis. Ya know maybe Great house status."

"You think it will happen?" Lou the wrench said in his high pitched rat like voice.

"Well he should atleast give us some ships and spice. We did sorta save his ass."

"Yea Boss."

"We think that Stevenson may be trying to plan a coup against you. we picked up the hit order over the radio today."

"Kill him. We need to keep this planet in order enough of our forces left with that basterd Popov and his fleet. Send the messege to imperium that Popov is gone and that the Family Rodrigues is in control of House KYA."

"Yea sure." He started to turn away."Oh yea the things arived from the people."

"The things? What things?"

"You know the things." Lou said shaking his hands

"Oh. Those things, let them do what they came to do. God knows we need them."

"Yea Boss."


Fleet:2 Frigates 5 fighters 2 bombers

Imperial Army on En route to Tuplie with remains of Imperial House KYA


,000 Metel+9,100 Asteriod harvesting a Turn

8,000 Mineral+14,000 Asteroid Harvesting a Turn

Stockpiled resources taken by the fleet as it escaped

Complete Metel Works shop increses Metel output by 30%

In Production One Heavy Mineral Extracter increeses Mineral Production by 9,000 Complete

Mineral Refinery Increses Mineral Output by 50%

10,000 Metel

7,000 Mineral

ETC 3 posts

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There was silence as the smoke came up from the Bene Gerrisit outpost.

Message To Ghobey Forces:

My move was dictated, they claimed the planet to be their own in a somewhat form of replacement of the Imperial control over this planet, that is a threat, thus I took the needed action.

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The communications screen blinks on in the Arch-Duke's quarters.

"My lord, all Bene Gesserit presence on Holunk has been destroyed. We were too late. Request orders, over."

The Arch-Duke curses, and his knuckles go white on the binding of a book in his hands as the thought of throwing it into the monitor flares and receeds. Instead, he flips the communications toggleswitch to broadcast and says, "Send two-thirds of the fleet to Arrakis, and the rest home. I feel little doubt that Machines will return to Arrakis, as it is the seat of human power. I want House Ghobey represented. That is all, over."

"Yes, my liege, orders understood, over and out."

Message to Mother Superior Taraze on Wallach IX:

[hide]Our ships were to late to intercept the Imperial forces on Holunk. Please accept our sorrows at your loss. Although we ask no price in the form of melange or Sardaukar, we request your aide in the training of the Vernius/Ghobey heir apparent, Leto II. We must maintain and exceed our current power levels to insure survival of our factions. I'm sure you have the resources to aquire this. My thanks, Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey, Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

Message to Bashar General of Imperial Forces:

[hide]What is done is done. I only hope your failure in command will not overly weaken the Empire. If the Bene Gesserit still want the Holunk planet, you are to leave with all forces and surrender it thus. That is all. Darius Ghobey.[/hide]

Project at 40%

(OOC: :) )

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The mentat stood before his new Emperor starting him dead on.

"So you were the mentat my father had in his service?" The adviser nodded slowly.

There was a long pause before the mentat spoke.

"M'lord...We need to repair the fleet and prepare for another machine att-"

"I am not an arrogent fool mentat" taken aback the mentat couldn't believe a eight year old had said that. A small snicker came over the boys face.

"I was an Imperial hier, my intelligence is beyond it's years..."

"Let's hope so m'lord...Let's hope so..."

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