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The God Emperor's Dune


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Leto II rules all of the Imperium... His Fish Speaker army is slowly growing, while the Sardaukar are edged out of service. His planet of Arrakis is slowly turning to lush grassland, and the spice is fast disappearing. Soon he will have a monopoly.

Choose or create a house, write about it in the partner thread, "preperation." Any house aside from Atreides or Harkonnen, obviously. You may fight or ally with each other, but remember that your true enemy is the Emperor! Or... you could ally with Leto, and send the other houses to their doom. Feel free to take a subgroup such as the resentful but powerless Guild or the Tleilaxu who provide Leto with his Duncans.

Members so far:

Lord J - Great House Ghobey.

Clanner - THE EMPEROR!

Me - The Bene Gesserit (And in an emergency the Spacing Guild).

Earthnuker - Great House Makarios.

Ghosthunter - Great House Vernius (Ixians).

Innoculator9 - The Sardaukar.

Davidu - Great House Sarmizegetusa.

TMA - Great House Mentis.

Let the wars begin... Remember, the Emperor can cut off your spice at any time...

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Leto II sat in his throne, flexed his sandtrout-skined hands, and looked out at the assembled diplomats and ambassadors. He wouldnt have to put up with this much longer hopefully.

He laughed to himself. His father had always used the term "the spice must flow."

He would turn it into "the spice cannot flow."

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Message to Leto Atreides II;

Request increased spice allowance in order to increase percentage of Reverend mothers. Also suggest that the God Emperor takes at least seven of our number as mentats, advisors, truthsayers, (concubines?), spies or anything else he might wish. After all, we now have no choice but to serve.

Awaiting your reply,

Mother Superior Taraza.

Yes, I know Taraza wasn't mother superior until a few millenia later but I just happen to like the name. We can pretend it's someone different with the same name, yes? Good. :)

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To Taraza,

You Bene Gesserit think that you are so high and mighty and you also think that I should allow you to become advisors.

Let me remind of the assassination plot against my mother AND the contraceptives slipped into her food in an attempt to prevent her from giving birth to me and my sister/wife.

You shall have to prove your worth to me if you hope to have anymore spice left to you.

That is my ultimateum.

I suggest you start finding ways.

Leto II

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To the Emperor;

[hide] You wish us to prove our worth?

We are spread all over the entire Imperium as concubines, truthsayers and mentats. All infomation gathered in these forms could, of course, find its way into your own spy network... That's the deal. Info for spice. And of course our previous offers. [/hide]

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Blades emerged as the orb took another throw towards the Ixian hier. Moving quickly the boy ducked and kicked up miliseconds after the initial miss by the machine. Quickly detecting its failure the orb flew around in the dimly light corridor looking for plasuable weakness in the boys moves.

Sweat now dripping down from his brow C'Tar slowly paced back and forth in the fighting stance anticipating the next move by his machine counterpart.

Then suddenly the machine stopped and threw itself full bladed at it's oppenant. Quickly detecting a duck would not accomlish a proper defensive measure C'Tar jumped up and flipped over shoving all of his wieght down upon his right wrist. The machine flew by in a blur and quickly came back for another shot. Laying back as far as he could the machine just barley missed his torso and flew by unscathed.

Moving his hand down slowly C'Tar came up with a small dagger belonging to a fallen Sardukar Storm Trooper in the Battle of Arrakien. The machine now seemisly picking up irritatedness itself threw its whole body at the boy once more.

Strafing left he moved his skull seconds before impact and the machine buzzed by in a blur of motion. It came back down towards its oppenant once again but this time with the boys back faced towards it. The hier quickly did a back flip and in a very small opening of time brought the knife down ontop of the machine sending it down in sparks.

Bowing to his fallen enemy C'Tar caught his breath but was caught by a different enemy; clapping. Turning himself around he saw his mentat gazing at him with a glimmer in his eyes.

"Not bad boy, not bad at all. Nonetheless, you still have much to improve on." With this he tossed him a towel.

"Mentat, do you ever have anything positive to say about any issue at all?" C'Tar began cleaning off the drenching sweat. The Mentats face only flickered with a small grin.

"Not when so many probibilities for anhiliation are present along with so many errors aiding it."

"Yes well, I need some damn spice, stuff really gets to me good." The mentat frowned at this.

"Perhaps, but you will have to learn to live without it, Leto is cutting its use even more."

Add more later.

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Arch-Duke Darius walks slowly through the halls in his palace, muttering to himself.

"A millennia has this House ruled on Tiera Tertiary," he says, popping his knuckles in a habit of at least a hundred years.

"A millennia of assissination attempts, wars, even the prophet Muad'dib's Jihad."

The Arch-Duke walks into an almost featureless room. The guards snap a quick salute. He ignores them, and continues to speak.

"A millennia of prosperity for this House," the Arch-Duke's mouth twists up in a potentially deadly sneer, and with cold rage in his voice he says, "We provided the Padishah Emperor with weapons to crush rebellions, while providing the rebels with the weapons to use!"

The Arch-Duke stops; a tall, regal feature in a candle-lit room before a huge artificial glass window. He could be mistaken for a ghost, were it not for the blood trickling from his tightly clenched hands.

"A millennia of prosperity. Now to be made superfluous by the Emperor Leto's Peace!"

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Message to House Ghobey;

[hide] We have ears everywhere you know. Everywhere. And we like what we hear from you, Arch-Duke. Perhaps we might be persuaded to... pool our resources? We do after all, now have a common enemy. With greatest respect,

The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. [/hide]

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To the Bene Gesserit,

Fine. If you provide me with information I will provide you with spice but be warned, if you betray me you will be cut off and will NEVER reestablish your spice supply.

Leto II

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Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey stands alone in his audience chamber, mulling over the latest message from Wallach IX, the Bene Gesserit world.

"The feared and hated Bene Gesserit. Witches, harlots..." he mutters.

"And a sect of one of the few potential allies in this universe," says a voice, as its owner slowly glides down the steps into the audience chamber.

Yes, yes, true J'invy," Darius says to his most trusted friend and mentat, "But what do we truly know of thier motives?"

"Not much, admittedly, but enough," replies the man. "Fact: the Bene Gesserit are addicted to spice, without it, they are unable to do...what they do. Fact: the Bene Gesserit historically reward thier allies. Fact: House Ghobey will either prosper or be destroyed."

"Yes, stagnancy will be our destruction."

"Then there is only one answer."

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey nods and says, "Good, call for two messengers, the first will be to the Emperor Leto Atreides, on Arrakis. The second will be for Mother Superior Taraza, on Wallach IX."

To the Most Sublime Padishah Emperor Leto Atreides, of Arrakis.

[hide] My liege,

These are most dangerous times. Even in the face of your holy rule, many still seek the answer of violence and alliance against your Empire. With the distrustful Bene Tleilax, the defeated Guild, the grasping Bene Gesserit...I fear such an alliance all too possible. We must stomp these fires out while they are but sparks! My liege, since our foundation, House Ghobey has served the Empire with weaponry and arms training, and I believe your Fish Speakers could progress to a military fighting force to rival the Sardaukar...Even your father's mighty Fremen! The Empire is still a dangerous place...For any House. Together, however, we can police the universe. I beg you will consider it, my liege.

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey - Tiera Tertiary[/hide]

To the Mother Superior Taraza of the Bene Gesserit, of Wallach IX

[hide] Mother Superior,

Everywhere, eh? Your proposal sounds most intriging. Combined, our resources could possibly do...Quite a bit, eh? Keep in touch.

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey - Tiera Tertiary[/hide]

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"I sense a distrustful cooperation between the Bene Gerrist and more then one House. I plot is brewing M'lord." The Mentat gazed up from his reports lying on the fine oak table, firmly seated across the long table was the Ixian leader, Rhombur The Second. Alongside the table along the way were various military, economy, and trades dealers all from IX.

"Well, if the Bene Gerrist wish to assist a House then why is it in our best concern Mentat? We are the one and only industrial leader of the Imperium thus we should feel no threat." The Mentat slowly gazed up to meet his leader eye in eye.

"Never, ever doubt the damnable Bene Gerrist, a alliance with them with another House can leader into serious issues regardless of your House." Rhombur slowly put his fingers onto his chin rubbing them back and forth while reclining slightly sideways obviously in deep thought.

"Well then, can anyone here tell me a plausible reason for a existence of a alliance between the Bene Gerrist and the Houses you have listed here?" There was a grim silence as even the Mentat tried to think of a proper way to put this. Finally, one man who had kept relatively quite the whole meeting spoke up, ironic how he was an economics diplomat.

"Unfortunaly" the man spoke in a firm, deep voice. "There is no definite answer to that question regardless of how many teams of people you have working on it. Regardless, we can sketch a few concepts, first of all, spice trade would be one." Rhombur shot a glance up at the man now.

"Tell me, why would the any of the Houses try to trade their already minimal spice deposits for Bene Gerrisit assitance?" This time the mentat spoke.

"Again M'lord, do not doubt the Bene Gerrisit capabilities." There were nods around the table. Now the economics diplomat spoke up once more.

"Going on" he said clearing his throat. "A alliance to bring down the Emperor, on to trade goods, assistance, etc." A few eyes rose at the bringing down the Emperor concept.

"What can we do, Mentat?" Rhombur said slowly spinning his chair to face the advisor.

"Wait and see M'lord, wait and see." No one liked this concept, as there were long moments of silence followed by a few murmurs.

"I have a plan, M'lord." Rhombur looked up at the Ixian military commander questionably, from the glimmer in everyone elses eyes they already knew what he was about to say.

"It's time...To bring down the Atreides rule."

Message To Houses Of The Imperium:

[hide]In these harsh times we the people of IX, have been pushed to our building capacity. Everyday we build more and more factories and soon large quantities shall be opened. Regardless of this the threat of an economic breakdown is now. Thus, as an issued ruling from the leader of House Ix, Rhombus, we are now double the prices on all of our shipped goods, weaponry, etc. They shall be of higher quality now, but we wish to inform you of this recent heighten.[/hide]

Message To House Atreides, Rulers of Caladan From Rhombur:

[hide] I have sensed the spliting apart of our two Houses. Of course, it has been ages since Atreides and Ixian troops fought side by side yes, but regardless I feel its a nessicity for our two Houses to continue a mutual cooperation.


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Message to Ix;

[hide] We are the masters of the human body and psyche. You are the undisputed rulers of the technological empire. It is too bad that the Tleilaxu are still providing the Emperor with his Duncans, but together, we can still strike a fearful blow. We are... aware that you have had your eye on us. Rest assured that we too have been watching, and we have seen oppertunities.

Sincerely, Mother Superior Taraza. [/hide]

Message to Arch-Duke Darius of House Ghobey; [hide]

As a token of our appreciation of your sensible and wise choice, allow us to present you with this small gift. We are positive that many varied uses will be found with our gift, and if not, please feel free to pass said gift on to another.

With Sincerity, Mother Superior Taraza, Bene Gesserit Sisterhood.[/hide]

The Guard looked at the message bearer, a striking woman dressed not in black, but all in red. "Where's the gift?" He asked sceptically. She smiled serenely, and pointed at [hide] herself. [/hide]

Message to Leto Atreides, Emperor;

[hide] Well for a start you'd better keep your eyes on the Tleilaxu. Evidence points to a new form of dangerous conditioning in the most recent Duncan ghola.

With Respect, The Bene Gesserit. [/hide]

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Within the halls of the Sardaukar Keep on Salusa Secondus, Burseg Culratha sagged with the displeasure politics had caused him. War was never this sorded, he thought to himself. In battle their is little to conceal and motives to hide.

"Burseg sir, a report from our spies. The Bene Gesserit and House Ghobey have formed an alliance."

One more thing to throw onto the pile thought Culratha.

"Offer the normal greetings and offerings of relative neutrality in their agreements," rather cut their throats or talk in person he thought, but such was not the way.

Culratha sighed, and began staring into space. The Empire was not as it had once been, and only a few would support him in his desires. Allies, would be.. unfortunately necessary.

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The young Lord is 20 years old, as his father was assassinated by a Tleilaxu Face Dancer. No one knows who send him.

House Sarmizegetusa is poor. The Lord knows it. Their exports bring them enough to pay the taxes and the taxes they receive from their subjects are merely enough to maintain the army and the infrastructure.

But they still have a powerfull army. Well trained, motivated, disciplined, but with old and inadequate weapons.

The Lord stops at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"I'll have to disolve all the Ministries. Soon I'll have no money left to pay them."

- Call the Minister! he told the Secretary in the hall.

- Yes Sir, right away.

- Here I am my Lord.

- That was fast... Here's what you have to do: contact the weapons producers in the Empire and look for the best price/quality. I want to equip our army with the best weapons, and I want to modernize our fleet.

- Yes, Sir, I'll send messengers to Ix and House Ghobey.

The Lord left to Ministry and did a tour of the other Ministries in order to decide which he has to disolve first.

The Ministry of Public Realtions, The Ministry of Commerce were the first two that had to be disolved. Their atributions were taken by the Palace. The Lords named two of his cousins to take care of these problems.

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(OOC: This is getting funner and funner... ;) )

The Guard grunts, and grips his weapon almost painfully. "Good. You will follow me."

He leads her into what seems to be a living area: a Tleilaxan chairdog, a few tables and glowglobes...and only one entrance.

Meanwhile, the Arch-Duke pours over the latest messages. "Bene Gesserit, Ix, and this poor House...Sarmizegetusa."

"It looks as if things are coming to a head, my liege," says J'invy.

"Yes...And what of this 'gift'?"

"Unknown, my liege," says J'invy, "The girl seems unarmed, but we both know Bene Gesserit training."

"Yes," nods the Arch-Duke, "they need not carry weapons outside thier person."

"There is only one way to know her purpose."

The two men rise from thier seats and head for the girl's holding area.

They enter through the entranceway, and the Arch-Duke looks into her eyes and says, "I am Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey of the House Ghobey. Siridar-Governer of Tiera Tertiary, and decorated war hero. Now, if you will, state your name and purpose."

A few days later, two messages are sent from Tiera Tertiary.

To Earl Rhombar the Second of the Machine Planet, Ix.

[hide] Greetings and salutations.

I have recieved your message, and am sorrowful to hear of your predicament. These are, indeed, poor times, and our Most Holy Emperor's tax bites into all Houses in the Imperium. Although we have been enemies in the past, as all rival businesses have, perhaps now is a time to unite and double revenues. My Mentat of Economics has stated that a successful alliance of our powers could easily double or triple output and profits over a hundred-year cooperation. In any case, I an sending a gift with this message of five hundred military units to do with what you will. Many thanks for your audience.

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey - Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

To Lord Burebista of House Sarmizegetusa, on Apulum

[hide] Greetings.

I was most pleased to recieve your message. We are currently in a state of surplus of stock, and would be most gratified to have your business. Please send your economic advisors at your earliest convenience, we are willing to work out an even, fair trade. Many thanks.

Arch-Duke Darius Ghobey - Tiera Tertiary.[/hide]

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Burseg Culratha stared down interested at a report regarding these recent requests of House Sarmizegetusa, to many arms dealers. He noticed, however, that his Sardaukar Arms Facilities had not been contaced, a suprise considering their extreme superiority. Culratha decided to make a small gesture toward the poor house, and perhaps gain an allie.

To Lord Burebista of House Sarmizegetusa, on Apulum

Hidden Text:

[hide]Greetings Lord of Sarmizegetusa, you have my best wishes. We have recieved word of your recent attempts at military modernization. I would like to offer as many infantry weapons and a few ships to you, as a peace offering. Free of charge of course. All I ask in return is your friendship, and that you grace us with your presence in my keep here on Salusa.

Burseg Culratha[/hide]

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- M'Lord two messages have arrived!

- Regarding what? Burebista asked while looking down over some papers.

- Regarding the weapons, sir.

- Great, show me the messages.

The Lord reads the messages and then concludes.

- Tell the Sardaukar that I shall visit him after he sends the weapons and ships. Also ask him how many weapons and ships is he willing to give. After he tells us this, you might order some more weapons to House Ghobey in order to have enough.

- What shall we do with the old weapons and ships?

- The weapons can be sold to the population... and the ships... wel, just keep them in service.

- Yes sir.

- Also I want you to advertise our exports to the C.H.O.A.M. This way we'll get some buyers.

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The woman in red smiles faintly, seductively even. "My name is Lillian." She says, "I am here to be whatever you want me to be."

"We all know the Bene Gesserit are capable of many hidden things... the Arch-Duke replies, "What might you be hiding I wonder...?"

"Me?" The woman mocks offense, "I hide nothing! I can be a spy, an excellent concubine, a mistress, an imprinter , a commando, anything."



"I asked you your purpose..."

"Isn't it obvious?" She replies candidly, "To help you in any way I can, while at the same time gathering as much infomation as possible for my... superiors." She grins coyly.

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Broadcast to the people:

"This is Lord Burebista. We all know that we're not a wealthy House. We all know our planet is still underdeveloped. We all know that we have far too few cities. But that is going to change. I intiate a programme to build roads, more industry, schools, hospitals, univeristies, and muchh much more. All I want from you is to be able to work hard for this. We all work hard here at the Palace, but we can't do much if you will not help us.

The future is yours, let's work toghether for a brighter future.

Your work shall be administrated by us for the benefit of all.

Thank you."

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Culratha once again sat in the Great Hall of the vast Sardaukar Keep, pondering the promising message from the young lord.

"Mentat! What say you of my dealings?"

"I believe them wise in all ways. Attempting an alliance with a fledgling house is wiser then pursuing one with a larger house."

"And why would you say that Mentat?"

"A great house would expect more and more from an alliance, they would make excessive demands. They would eventually attempt to take control of the alliance. A smaller house knows what it's past situation has been, they know humility. They will accept your proposals and they will become our friends."

"That is good Mentat. We need friends in these time."

The Mentat bowed.

"I will dictate a letter to the young lord.

To Lord Burebista of House Sarmizegetusa, on Apulum

[hide]Your response is welcomed, and the answer is simple. State the needs of your army and navy, and you shall receive. Pro bono, without obligation. Again, we only ask your presence.

We have also heard of your new developments within your rural populace. We have some materials we would like to offer you in addition to military equipment. We are in possession of several loads of surplus medical equipment, educational materials, and construction equipment. Again, this would be included in our original offer, free of charge.[/hide]

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- Sir! Sir!


- Great news sir!

- Ah! You scared me! What is it?

The secretary showed the Lord the message from the Sardaukar.

- This is... I can't believe this! They give all this for nothing? Prepare the Royal ship. I'll be leaving for Saulsa Secundus at once. Anounce them that I'll be there in 3 days (3 posts). Also, load 5 tons of green marble to offer them as a gift.

- Yes sir, right away. But what about House Ghobey?

- Er... Take a look at their offer and see if they have anything better than the Sardaukar. If they have order then 100 pieces, I don't want to offend them.

- Yes sir.

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Rhombur sat coldly at his chair looking down upon report after report of pointless information. Finally he arrived at a note labeled "House Sarmizegetusa T.S." Opening it up he quickly glanced over the report and his eyes bulged.


Message To House Sarmizegetusa:

[hide] I, Earl Rhombur Vernius of the Ixian throne offer your House full support of every one of Houses Vernius's production capibilities and a alliance. In order for this to be achieved, you must not ally yourselves with any other prodcution House. The choice is yours.


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