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The God Emperor's Dune


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(OOC: Sorry for my recent inactivity. I have an infection in one of my eyelids, and all I wanted to do the last few days is sleep and watch DVDs. ;) )

Darius stood alone in the silent room awaiting the Guild Navigator sent to discuss the future of Ghobey's plans.

The research is complete...And the first prototype is in working order.

The Guildsman floated into the room in his tank supported by suspensor bubbles.

"I am here, Ghobey," said the altered creature's voice, "Speak."

The Arch-Duke grinned, "It is good to see you. You perhaps remember what we spoke about before. You agreed to submit to my demands, for exchange in the...product."

The Navigator raised a brow, but the effect was pointless, considering the condition of his face, he said, "It is agreed, if your research goals were met."

The Arch-Duke said, "The goals were met, the first prototype is in working order."

"Then you actually have a machine which can nuetralize the Holtzmann effect? Stop shielding and halt the Space Folding process?"

"We do. And we are willing to share that information with the Guild, and the Guild alone, for the affor-mentioned price."

The Guildsman nodded, "A peace envoy to the Tupile system. To negotiate with, and, perhaps, bring back a few of the Renegade Houses to the Imperium."

The Arch-Duke nodded back at the inhuman shape, "That was the deal. Now we have the technology, we have our supplies, and we have the coin. It is up to you now."

(OOC: We have the technology. It is up to Dustie.)

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ghobey used them earlier!

and u didnt stop him...and how did u know that?

it was a HIDDEN message!

The "True Cobras" fleets started moving towards Alpha Prime. Alpha Secondary and Alpha Tertiary had fallen within days after their food supply was threatened. Now the fleet moved towards an Alpha Prime deep in the throes of civil unrest due to lack of spice. Lisa was preparing to step in where her brother had failed. She would be a leader her people could count on. A leader they could admire and glorify. Unfortunately, before she could assualt Alpha Prime she needed the Guild's permission to become a Great House once more or else her support would be moot and nulified. She needed the Guild's support for this. Without it she was worthless and an internal dispute would become a true civil war.

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No-ships also are... frowned on. It's too late to stop the Ghobey use (if there was one... I can't really be bothered checking), but please don't bother yourself. As for the hidden messages, you really shouldn't have read it Inoc; not that there's anything I can do to stop you. I'm not going to grovel but will you stay please?

To Inoc:

[hide] If you do decide to leave the Sardaukar will need an ending. You can write it if you choose; if not I shall. [/hide]

The tiny diplomatic ship floated serenely through space. 'Tiny' of course was comparative. It was large enough to defend itself, but miniscule compared to a Heighliner. The two navigators inside were both on a mission; one to find new life, another to locate the old. The diplomatic mission had reached the outer edges of the Tupile system, and discovered no resistance at all. They edged closer...

The Bene Gesserit sends a formal request to the Guild to be allowed entry and exit into the Cobras system. It is refused.

Message to Cobras Protectorate;

[hide] We can offer spice, lots of spice, and limited access to our services. Your problem is how to get them.

BG. [/hide]

Message to Lisa Cobras;

[hide] What are your aims, intentions, desires, ambitions? There may be a profitable relationship here. [/hide]

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Heres my ending:

There was a big planet, a big fleet, and a big explosion.

I read a few hidden posts, but I disregard them when posting in character. And if it makes anyone feel better, I've only read that one so far, as Clanner's track record is not perfect.

This was good, but at this point its just civil wars, impossible developments, and BS.

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inoc i sorta right about what is happening...except that he sorta left before the climax....so guess the sardaukar are out of the picture?

im in until this thread ends...if you all will let me stay that is.

To the Bene Gesserit,

[hide]I may be able to sneak a small fleet of neutral cargo ships into one of the Guild Heighliners. There we can set up a meeting so as to exchange services and much needed spice.

Duke Cobras


To the Guild from Lisa Cobras, enroute to Alpha Prime aboard the warship Pride of Cobras.

Encrypted message is as follows:

[hide]My intentions are to rebuild House Cobas from the chaos and anarchy that my brother threw it in. I intend to take Alpha Prime in a military operation and oust my brother from power. I then intend to rejoin the Imperium and shed the profitless guise of 'independence' and 'neutrality'. I desire only to help the Emperor.

Lisa Cobras


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(OOC-The Sardaukar are under the control of the Bene Gesserit. Culratha now lives on a huge estate on Wallach IX.

And Clanner, I will be staying myself, reading everyone's hidden posts and revealing what they say :P Nope, I'm pretty much gone.

And I would recommend that you stop altering your character avatar, meaning Duke Cobras, his brother, and the rest of the enormous happy family. Changing the name and calling the old crap you did stupid doesn't alter anything.

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To Guild:

[hide]Stability is needed, crown me the Emperor before the whole Imperium crummbles beneath us, I am the militeristic super power of the Imperium, if I do not get crowned Emperor utter choas will be a result.[/hide]

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Open message to Imperium:

The Guild has seen many things happen in recent times. We have seen the fall of the Atreides, the rise of the Ixians, and amalgamation of the sardaukar into the Bene Gesserit. We have also seen the breakout of two Great Houses and several other... incidents.

House Vernius is the superpower of the Imperium now. There is none other to match it. Therefore it is with great relief that the Guild finally ends this period of anarchy. Earl Leto Vernius is to be crowned Padishah Emperor of the known universe.

There are two conditions to be met.

Firstly, there can be no threat to the throne. Any hostile parties must be crushed. Secondly, in order to produce heirs and provide a stable political enviroment, the Earl must choose a wife. The Guild highly recommends Jennifer Ghobey of that House.

That is all at this time.

Message to Lisa Cobras:

[hide] Negotiate to allow a diplomat out to speak of your intentions. If they are accepted by the Imperium (which they should be) you will have the help of nearly every faction in destroying your brother.

BG. [/hide]

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"All hail Padishah Emperor and Earl to our House, Leto Vernius!" The screams echoed through the densed city as millions cheered on their new Emperor, he was finally home, at least for a short time. Standing next to him on the podium was his engadged wife, Jennifer Ghobey, she smiled and stood tall gazing out at her new people. Smiling the Earl waved his arms slowly and the cheers died down as a quite anticipation swept over the crowd.

"My people, six years ago I became Earl to House Vernius, I knew little and had littl confidence in my own capibilities. But you, you the people stood by me and assited me until I finally grasped onto the concept, and even after that you kept with me, all I can say is, I love you all, and thank you for your support." The crowd cheered wildly once more.

"Now as for the matter of me becoming the Emperor." The cheers died down almost immediatly.

"I love my people, and thus....The crown of the known universe shall be moved to our planet, so I can properly rule over not only the Imperium properly, but you as well, the people that led me from day one." Monsterious echoes came from the streets, wild cheers erupted everywhere and the Earl smiled, he was finally home.

Message to Cobras:

[hide] Assitence shall be given to you in the masses if a civil war becomes of your planet only if you rejoin the Imperium.


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The Arch-Duke Darius and his advisors J'invy and Lillian watch the news story.

"It is done, then, and we are in the Emperor's back pocket," says Darius.

"Yes, but the Emperor is in ours as well," says J'invy, "Any descendants of Jennifer and the Earl will be heirs to the Empire, and, thus, the House Ghobey has won it."

"It is truly our victory. Now we must simply rise to power in this new Imperium."

"The mining colony on Tiera Secondary is completed," says J'invy, "And I have a report from the chief of operations. Something to do with a strange finding near the planet's core."

"How fascinating," says Darius, thumbing through the report, "A...four-fingered handprint on a metallic base. Scanners reveal mining preperations below the handprint."

"Something from the Old Empire, perhaps?" asks Lillian.

"I don't think the hyperlight drives ever made it out this far, Lillian," says Darius, shaking his head, "Nor do I think it's thinking machine manufacture."

"Something...Else, then?" asks J'invy, nervously.

"Something else, indeed," says Darius, "Well, there's only one way to find out, order the Chief of Operations to investigate it further, and attempt to activate it."

(OOC: This isn't really the God Emperor's Dune anymore. Leto II has been defeated, and another Family has taken the throne. Although this spells victory for the enemies of House Atreides, now we must attempt to discern the meaning of The Golden Path. How the Empire, not led by Leto II, will fall and the human race will be lost.)

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Message from Lisa Cobras to the Guild:

[hide]I ask if I may please allow a diplomat to exit the Alpha system so as to negotiate the return of House Cobras to the Imperium under new leadership, MY leadership. My brother is a stupid moron who made a rash descision and the people are suffering for it. [/hide]

Imperium Newsnet Report:

As of ten days ago scans have shown that the planet of Alpha Prime has plunged into a civil war. Spice withdrawl has caused the population to revolt against Duke Cobras. Rumors have it that the other side of the civil war is supported and led by Duke Cobras's sister Lisa Cobras.

Message to the Bene Gesserit from Lisa Cobras:

[hide]My brother must be ousted as soon as possible. My people are sufffering and I cannot allow that! I must help my people. I need a small shipment of spice. A small ship filled with spice would suffice for the purpose I need it for. Thank you.

Lisa Cobras


The 'True Cobras' fleet entered orbit around Alpha Prime and prepared to fight but then they realised something, there was no defenders. The battle platforms were unmanned, the warships drydocked. Everything was shut down in orbit. Lisa Cobras smiled. Now she would begin repairing her House. Rebuilding Alpha Prime would take months. But it would be a task worthy of her.

The drop of troops began and thousands of 'True Cobras' troops landed in Alphea, the capital city of Alpha Prime. Lisa led the troops herself, storming over the defenses of Alphea and laying siege to the very Cobras Citadel itself. A large imposing structure covering four square miles. With fifty foot walls surrounding it and spiked gates at the entrances the Citadel was near-impenatrable. But Lisa had a wild card.

Her "wild card" resembled an old tank from Old Earth, except that the barrel and turret were replaced by an enormous lascannon. The cannon fired and the walls cracked and fell. Troops stormed over the remnants of the wall and found themselves face to face with the Pythons, the elite Cobras troops. The Pythons opened fire and cut down hundreds of Lisa's troops witrh there gun blasts. There was no possibility of her troops getting close to the citadel with those men and women guarding it. She needed help and she knew exactly where to find it.

Message to the Bene Gesserit:

[hide]I need assitance in destroying my brother's elite troops. I need some elite troops of my own. I ask for any assitance you can give me. Storm the citadel and kill everyone but my brother. Leave him to me please.

Lisa Cobras


Message to the Imperium from Duke Joshua Cobras:

I need assitance! I am under siege in my own citadel! My sister and her forces are surrounding my palace and only my elite troops are keeping her from entering and throwing me off of the Cobra throne. Please! Any assitance would be much appreciated and I will repay everyone that helps me. I beg you to help me. Not only my reign is at stake here but also my very life! Please help me!

Duke Joshua Cobras

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The Guild allows one Cobras diplomat from Lisa Cobras to enter the Imperium to negotiate a return from renegade status.

The Pythons stood outside the citadel, guarding their leader with fanatical loyalty. Smoke billowed around the shattered outer wall, masking the enemy troops of the traitor Lisa. But the Pythons were patient. They would wait. There was a footfall behind them.

Twenty heads turned at the sound of two people approaching. One was a woman, dressed all in black. The other was Duke Cobras himself, clutched in the woman's hands with a small box pressed close to his neck.

"I hold at the neck of your Duke," The Reverend Mother announced, "The Gom Jabbar! The tiniest prick and he will be no more! Let us pass." She waited, the Pythons did nothing.

"NOW!" she shouted, using the voice to the best of her abilities. The elite guard shuffled aside, and she strode through, taking the Duke with her.

"Lisa Cobras!" The voice echoed from the smoke, "Lisa Cobras, I have something for you!"

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Lisa Cobras smiled and walked up to the Bene Gesserit sister. Now was the time to repair House Cobras. She stood in front of her brother and smiled.

"Thank you so much for answering my request. If the Bene Gesserit have any need of me ever all you must do is ask. As for you brother, it is time we took you back to your throne."

In the Cobras Citadel throne room Duke Cobras sat on the immense Cobra throne and felt small. The rearing cobras with their hoods flared out and the giant flared cobra that made up the backrest did nothing to comfort him as they usually did. He knew that this time there was no way of getting out of his fate. Except that his sister had left him alone. And he had his two Python guards left. Their loyalty was unquestionable. He stood up. The nearest Python turned her weapon toward him and it spoke volumes on its own. Sit down!

He complied and felt awful. How had it come to this? Ousted by his sister, abandonded by his people. How would he survive this?

As his sister walked into the room, carrying a small box he realised he wouldn't survive. As she set the box down in front of him he waited for her to open it. She didn't and he realised that this wa his duty. He opened the box.

Lisa watched as Leyon, the Cobras family's cobra, lanced out and bit her brother on the neck. Her brother convulsed and fell on the ground and died. She walked up to the Cobra Throne, lifted up the Cobras Crown and then sat down on the throne. The Bene Gesserit sister was in there and nodded her head. It was time that House Cobras be rebuilt from the ashes. It was time that she rejoin the Imperium.

The Cobras diplomat presented his case before Emperor Vernius and begged the return of his house to the Imperium. He gave the Emperor a shigawire roll that had a message from Lisa Cobras herself begging him for readmittance. It was now in the Emperor's hands.

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"You wish to rejoin order from choas?" Leto stood from his throne not smiling nor frowning. He slowly walked a few feet away and stared the representitive down for a few seconds and then turned around walking back to his chair. On his way he muttered

"Welcome back."

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The people of Alpha Prime, Alpha Beta and both of the asteroid bases celebrated for days for they had finally rejoined the Imperium! The return of House Cobras to the Imperium meant the end of the Cobras Protectorate. The end of chaos and the beginning of order once again. Arch-Duchess Lisa Cobras sat on her throne and decided it was time certain facts were ratified. It was time that peace was reatained.

Message to the Bene Gesserit:

[hide]Thank you for your assitance in ousting my brother from the throne. If you ever have need of the Cobras Forces you need only ask.

I know ask of you something more. An alliance between us. You helped me to retake a throne that was mine and you also helped to pacify my people. I know ask that we solidify our relationship with an alliance.

Please respond soon.

Arch-Duke Lisa


To Padishah Emperor Leto Vernius I:

[hide]Thank you for allowing my House to return to the Imperium. I am forever indebted to you. I know that you are a military and economic powerhouse I ask that you consider the joining of our two Houses in an alliance. I also ask if Sarmizgetusa is rejoining the alliance or if they are...renegade.

Arch-Duke Lisa Cobras


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To Lisa Cobras:

We have close ties already with houses that came close to destroying you. Therefore this is not simple political ground. Until you have proven yourself to our current allies, Vernius and Ghobey, we shall remain on friendly political terms, but not enter an alliance.

The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood.

Lillian looked down at the device she held in her hands. It was of indiscernable age, unknown construction, enigmatic origination, mysterious use... She hadn't a clue what it did, or why, or how. And neither did anyone else.

'Ironic if it's just a paperweight...' She thought, smiling as she tossed it from hand to hand. Putting the unknown object down, she went on to examine the rest of the finds from the miners.

So far neither she nor J'invy had come up with anything conclusive, just a folder full of theories, research, possibilities and questions.

To Lord J:

[hide] The Tupile system expedition has reached it's target location. You write in what happens as I'm not so sure what you want out of this. [/hide]

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Arch-Duke Darius flipped through the latest report from the Tupile envoy. Good, opeartions should be underway shortly...

On Tupile Prime, the primary planet in the Tupile system, the House Ghobey propaganda sub-director, Janus Ordied, adresses the assembled masses.

"Under the rule of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, many of you were wiped from the Imperium, forced into hiding. And under the blessed rule of Paul Muad'Dib Atreides, many more of you were forced into renegade with his bloodiest Jihad. But I tell you, the Corrino and the Atriedes are no more!

"For once in history, we have a truly just Emperor. I believe, as most of the Imperium, Leto of Vernius plans to lead the Empire into a previously unknown region of political and social status: Peace!

"Now it is your choice! To remain the hated and ignored, the weak and hidden... Or to rise above all you ever were in a glorious alliance! Yes, there will be work, the work of survival, and some will die. But that is what you do here! Survive, work, and die!

"Now make your choice, rise to the power and respect your House deserves with the help of House Ghobey, or fall into nothingness until another envoy comes this way! But not an envoy of peace, but a bringer of war! If the sanctuary of your Guild overlords could be breached for the peaceful talks I give you, imagine how long it will be before the violent and unworthy of the Empire pay thier way here...And destroy you all!

"I leave it to you, and your leaders. Peace and prosperity to the followers of the Empire!"

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(OOC-O screw it... I'm bored out of my mind, so I'm coming back with some interesting crap going on)

Above Wallach IX Culratha moved towards the Guild Heighliner in his personal shuttle. His stay with th Bene Gesserit had been satisfactory and had served well his intents and purposes. The Imperium was stable once again and contestation was no more. An appropriate time to reveal his true power.

A smile of sublime satisfaction held itself on his face as he entered the bay of one of several dozen Sardaukar Battleships.


As the Sardaukar Armada arrived at Salusa Secondus, a sight that few would forget presented itself.

A great rippling moved across the surface of Salusa, making its presence apparent to those gazing at it from Guild windows. As the rippling spread across the planet the surface changed in it's wake. Where once expansive deserts held, now vast citadels occupied the surface. The entire planet's surface was covered in cities, a new skin.

The Sardaukar had built this place themselves for near a millenia, with only a single of that millenias many Emperors knowing it's existence.

Century dormant factories now glowed with light as production was engaged. Shipyards accepted damaged vessels and built new ones for the Sardaukar Solar Navy as now it was called.

The Sardaukar's intentions would not be known for some time, but no hostile movements had been made. The waiting would begin...


(OOC-I'll reveal everything after the next five posts, not my own.)

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The shone shone through the Imperial palace letting a more relaxed mood come about. Utter silence was apparent as the Emperor sat behind a Imperial desk made with the finest wood in the universe gazing over political reform papers and economical status's for all the House Minors and Majors. Sighing he brought his hands slightly up to his eyes and began messaging them making the Vernius crest implanted on his left breast of his uniform to wrinkle. Finally deciding he could take no more Leto pushed the seat out from under him and got into a standing stature, he began walking away but one paper caught his eye. Cocking his eyebrow ever so slightly he moved over and picked up the paper.

There was a moment of anger spreading over the Earl as he read onwards through the article. He bellowed out for his mentat who immediatly busted in with gaurds by his side.

"Are you alright m'lord?" There was very little care in the mentats face.

"Get all the representitives from every House here in a week, pick them up, drag them out I do not care, this is urgent." Shooting a questioning glare at his leader the advisor decided not to question his leader and departed. Throwing the document over onto the horde he himself quickly departed to arm the militia. The file was left slightly ajar, but since it was overlapped there was only one sentence visiable:

"This could very easily, spell the extinction of the human race."

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Darius nodded as he recieved the summons, "Well, I wonder what my dear son-in-law wants now?"

Later that day, Darius, J'invy and the Lady Lillian board the Guild transport.

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Message to House Vernius:


So, we have a new Emperor, a new ruler. You wish to bring peace to the Imperium? Are you shure you will be able to do that? Anyway, I hope there is an Imperium for you to rule. I pledge for a cease-fire, and if I will see that there is a peaceful Imperium up and running, I shall rejoin as your subject.[/hide]

The Sarmizegetusan scientists finished work on the hyperdrive. This technology was to be hidden. The Lord didn't want to threat the Guild with this if it was to rejoin the Imperium, but he mounted one device on the flagship.

The radars didn't report any more Machine threats. It was as they vanished. Burebista knew that the Machines will return sooner or later.

(OOC: Dust will decide when)

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As the Arch-Duke and his aides enter Arrakis airspace, they are greeted by the Emperor's guards.

It feels...tense, thinks Darius.

Meanwhile, on Tupile Prime, Janus has been approached by many House representatives.

"The deal remains now as it has been since I arrived. House Ghobey, with its enlarged military and economic status will support any three Houses present to Great House status.

"After these Houses have made thier way to the greatness, they will be in unquestionable debt to House Ghobey."

"Then we, representing the last remnants of House Harkonnen," says Teron Harkonnen, distant cousin to the once ruling Harkonnen, "Join with House Ghobey."

"Representng House Tiernan, I, Jose Tiernan, join with House Ghobey," speaks up another voice.

"And finally, I, representing House D'aganon, join with the Great House Ghobey."

"Then it has begun, allow me to contact our Guild allies," says Janus, bowing.

(OOC: To any would-be violent parties: House Ghobey's military forces are surpassed only by Leto Vernius' Imperial army. We also reserve the right to use any...interesting technologies...we have researched along the way.)

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