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What do you look like?


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That's why we see right through you and into your dirty little secrets.

and that's the common thing with all people who are surfing the Net .. you all love to watch those dirty little secrets don't you. ... ;)

Save .. from the serenity of your own computerscreen. . pretending you don't care about those things while you are in the real world or just posting here. . . but when you get the change. . .you just love watching those dirty little secrets ...

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Any pictures of you not drinking? :)

Some people I know think I'm an alcoholic because they always heard about me drinking the night before. But I don't always get pictures of me drinking. (well, most of the time, but that is ONLY because I am in university. heheeheeehhe) But I did meet an alcoholic last year who would drink a quart every single night, then go to work in the morning. Sad.

Okay, Okay, just because I bought a quart of rum today because it was $1 off (one of this months specials), and I already have an unopened quart, and I bought 2 small liquor things for peoples birthday presents for this weekend...

But I am not going on a 8 out of 11 day drinking binge (besides, withdrawel sucks). Not gonna have the money and need to do good in school.

About what I look like:

Brown hair (turns dirty blonde in summer)

green eyes

short, skinny.. not too much else to say.

Can you sell me a $20 camera? and yes cyborg he does :) must be the hair

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