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  1. Basically, I'd like to ask a simple favour of you. I really love the first song on the Yuri's Revenge soundtrack, but I cant remember what its called, nor can I find any sites that list it. Even if someone with a copy of Yuri's installed could open it, start a game, and have a quick look what the song name is? At least then, I'd have a better chance at looking for it on the net. BTW, the song has lyrics that go "Your feeling of helplessness is your best friend, savage!", if that helps. Cheers.
  2. Minos + Anything else = Dead "Anything", provided you have enough Minos...
  3. I feel so sorry for that guy.... Doctor: "Listen, 8 years ago, you were tested for HIV, and it came up positive" Guy: "And... What of it?" Doctor: "We were wrong... You dont have HIV" Guy: "..." *Total Silence* Guy: " Ive been missin out on sex for the past 8 years, just cos of a FALSE POSITIVE?! ARRRGH!" *Punches Doctor in face*
  4. Necroticon


    That peculiar feeling I sometimes get, really late at night (usually around 1 a.m. actually). Even if its only for a few seconds, everything just seems to fit in place. Its like I know everything thats going on in the world, and it all seems to be working. Then I get all depressed again. Disturbing...
  5. Hmmm... So this is what the proceeds of your TV are going towards...
  6. Stuck in the middle with you... And I dont know what it is I should do... It's so hard to keep the smile from my face... Every time i hear that song on the radio, I think of that scene. Those of you who have seen the uncensored version of Reservoir Dogs will know what I mean...
  7. Love that funky spinning kick... Best. Movie. Ever. Anyone got a url for the actual movie?
  8. Rookie, what abyssal pit of hell spawned you?! Kidding. The one in the blue top is my personal preference...
  9. I want that towel! The trailer looks cool.
  10. Necroticon

    Spider Man 2

    You want to see dubbing? Watch the American version of "Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx"... Ive never seen any other movie that far out-of-sync...
  11. Lucky you.... Wish i had that ability...
  12. Well, i sent myself a message... Ended up with "You Have 1 Message, 2 are New" :O. Went into the inbox, read my message then deleted it, and now i have 0 messages, 0 new. Thanks!
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