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  1. Hello all, It's been quite a long time since I last visited... How is everybody?! -Salvatore
  2. Frodo

    what's new?

    it has been a long time since i've visited this site. and i miss it very much. if i can find the time, i would like to check in more often, maybe even open some old txt files and see if i can find anything new. i know its been a long time, but what's gone on lately? anything new? are some of the older members still around? anders? apollyon? inoc? nema?
  3. I agree with tezcatlipoca. i believe that tolkien's mentioning of leechcraft was strictly metephorical. i think saruman was acting through wormtounge, and wormtounges persuasiveness became an influence over theoden. if you need a connection, i guess you could almost compare it to rasputin and the czarina in precommunist russia, but more exhaggerated. think of it like this i guess... wormtounge and saruman put ideas into theodens head, and his mind struggles against his persuasiveness. as his mind tries to fight it, it begins to tire out his body, as his mind's energy is exhausted over their trechary, he is exhausting his body, making him weaker and weaker. i believe in the movie they were just using his old appearence and his change to a younger appearence just to represent the tire and grip they put on theoden. really, i do not believe he looked alot older, but moreover looked tired, and since he looked tired, he seemed older. but really, i dk about the elves, that is a good question. also, the witch kings name is never mentioned i don't think.
  4. Frodo


    one of the few ive ever written, had to do it for english. inspiration comes from apollyon... A door is like a gateway, Protected by a key, No matter what you do, You still cannot break free. Behind the door, voices cry, They want out, I inside, In my mind I know I can, My pride takes over, and now I am, An untamed beast, angry and irritated, I must break in and free the tainted. I begin my charge, blinded by rage, My sparking soul, true and unchanged, I draw nearer now, hearing their voices, I scream in my head, shunning them out, And as I hit, all noise is drought, Replaced by a sound, so deadly, so quiet, Thud.
  5. I have to be, because if i dont have the time to finish this, then people wont care as much because they didnt know what i was doing :).
  6. its been quite a while since ive posted here. i was just wondering if anybody else has been playing around with the xbf editor lately. ive been fooling with it for the past few weeks and have come up with a few ideas. i have been trying to make a couple of units possible that ive wanted to use for something. ive been working on making a hobbit, and an elephant mounted warrior, like in LOTR. i have also been working on alot of other stuff when time allows, and i hope that it can lead to a mod (imagine the idea of me actually finishing one :O). but you know, it all depends on time. if you want to here some of the ideas, pm me and you can give me some feedback.
  7. Has anybody read these books? They are incredible and everybody here who is interested in religous/philosophical thrillers must read these books. Dan Brown has proven to be an excellent author with these two books. If you've read them, post your ideas here about what you think about them.
  8. Each season is representing another day in Jack Bauers life. Spoilers below... [hide]I think the first episode of the third season was awesome! The killing of Salazars lawyer was awesome, and Jack's heroine addiction should be a cool twist. I think the heroine addiction is from going undercover with the Salazar case, but I'm not sure, tell me if I'm wrong.[/hide]
  9. in a serious manner, nav is really the one that makes fed2k interesting. i mean why would you reply if it didn't catch your attention? i mean, when nav was banned people even started to say they missed the rebel, well, nobody will every be happy.
  10. Frodo

    Site Updates

    exactly andrew. when a guest clicks on the link, or types in the url, even if it comes up with an error message, it still shows up on whos online.
  11. Frodo

    Site Updates

    its in order of position
  12. Well, progress is steady. Im developing interfaces for the game, Anders is working hard on coding, and the rest of the team is brainstorming and finding out how we can move faster :).
  13. nav, ill look into it, but i highly doubt that it is possible. if you do not believe anybody else here, then hear it from me, because i doubt that it can be done. but i will look into it and get back to you.
  14. we'll make sure to keep you updated :)
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