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  1. heh, no offence to vilgent, but i guess he couldn't resist the temptation to come back, again :). As Gob would say, "But the spice, IT'S ADDICTING!" Hmm...I guess that would be an inside joke. Even I find it hard to leave. I tend to come back from time to time to see how everyone's doing.
  2. While you're at it, get rid of mine too. I have no use for it. I wonder if anyone besides dj and Frodo realized i left in the first place... :O ARGH!! DAMN YOU PEOPLE!! STOP TALKING LIKE I WAS NEVER EVEN HERE! I LEFT TOO! SHOW ME SYMPATHY DAMMIT! ::) Argh...It's bad enough that the only people who were even upset over my leaving were dj and gob...sheesh. :O
  3. While you're at it, get rid of mine too. I have no use for it. I wonder if anyone besides dj and Frodo realized i left in the first place... :O
  4. Is it something that lisa learned? Is it something that bart learned? Is it something that homer learned? Is it something that marge learned? Is it something that Maggie learned? :-
  5. Well i wasn't going to say bye, but i figured what the hell. I don't really feel like making a whole new topic on it though so i'll put it here. not really a 'site update' but oh well. I'm finally leaving fed2k, so now you people won't have to wade through my pointless posts that make no sense at all. I'd also like to apologize to anyone i pissed off over the time i stayed here, as well as anyone i inconvinienced with what might be considered, 'spam.' Anyways i just wanted to say laters to every. so...Bye.
  6. rogue1896


    it's like a foot and a half. that's pretty damn good for NJ. ;D
  7. rogue1896


    Behold my house the white stuff is snow ;)
  8. *emprworm plays Taps in the backround* *rogue hits Start - Programs - Westwood - Emperor: Battle For Dune - Emperor Uninstall* *sigh* i will miss you, dear emperor. you gave me many a day and night of amusement. however i have no interest in playing a game offline. fare thee well in whatever happens when a game dies. *rogue starts kicking the bastards at EA* *random profanities*
  9. as if i didn't get enough of your pro-generals bullshit through AIM now you have come over here and do it? sheesh. ;) (Serge=Rogue)
  10. well i'm still baffled as to why you didn't incorporate the stoned smilies :( ::) They were really funny and better then these 'boring' ones. :-
  11. rogue1896


    ...nah i'll just use my snowblower. ;)
  12. rogue1896


    you are insane. snow is the greatest thing since the machine that slices bread.....that is until we don't have off anymore. we're going to end up getting 20 inches by tomorrow eventing. so we get off for tomorrow, and possibly tuesday. LONG LIVE SNOW! WOOHOO! and ordos, where do you live that you have that much snow already? there's that big ass snowstorm that's about to swamp us, and hence the 20 inches. ;D
  13. no, these are the two longest threads. http://www.dune2k.com/forum/?board=4;action=display;threadid=842;start=0 http://www.dune2k.com/forum/?board=2;action=display;threadid=353;start=0
  14. *random profanities* I HATE THAT FREAKING BUG!!! I LOST MY POST!! oh well, my last one was more polite in asking it but now i'm just peeved that i lost the post. basically it said i'm sorry for bumpin the thread. but emprworm, can you post some more riddles. you said you had a lot and i'm running out of riddles to post at my other forum. thanks 8) (the reason i didn't just IM him about this was i thought others might want to do more as well) *COPIES THE MESSAGE*
  15. screw generals. from what i'm hearing it sucks immensely, and on top of that my computer can't even run it. and also it'll cost me $50 to buy it. i'm not about to waste my money and my time on a game i won't even play. so i say again, screw generals, i'm buying MoO3! ;D
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