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Fed2k Deathmatch!


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Pinky: Welcome to Fed2k Deathmatch! I'm your host Pinky! First, some disturbing news. Ixianmace is missing! His appartment was empty all the sudden. Some say that he was abducted by aliens. And more others say he ran of with Hwi Noree. Others say he was arrested by the CIA and that his possesions were confiscated. Anyway, this means he's out of the tournament. The remaining contestants are:

Edric O





Jacob Dauds





The next series of matches are do or die matches. Loose, and you're out. The first match is between, at the left, Edric O, and at the right, Usul!


EdricO: There is a 50 % probability that I will win this match. We will accept these ods.

Usul: England rules!

There's the referee now. Fight!

[Edric takes fighting stance, and raises his arms]

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Those aren't assimilation tubes! Those are straws taped to your hands!

What the...damn hardware store ripped me off again! No wonder I could not assimilate Timenn. No matter, I shall continue the fight.

Edric is calculating his next move....Usul is watching his every move...Edric charges....Usul is knocked down! Edric is toying with him...wait, Usul is getting angry...his skeen turns green again. He's turning into the hulk again!

[usul suddenly turns into a huge form of muscles, and drools on the floor while roaring]



Usul seizes Edric, and is smashing his head against the floor. Now he's trying to pull his left leg off...the horror! Edric is unable to do anything about it...Usul puts Edrics leg into his mouth...he's chewing on it!

[Edrics leg explodes, and a blueish lightning storm rages across the ring]

Holy cookies! What a blast! The smoke is clearing up a bit...Usul is unconcious! And Edric is still standing...sort of, on one leg! Edric is the winner!


What a terrific match! I love this sport! Too bad for Usul, he's out of the match. Join us next time on Fed2k Deathmatch!

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(OOC: you did? I must have forgotten you, sorry. I'll see what I can do)

Welcome to Fed2k Deathmatch! I'm Pinky! In this match, in the left corner, Ordos45!


And in the right corner, Dunenewt!

[more cheering]

Ordos45 is practiced in Bene Gesserit martial arts and Dunenewt is an Ixian cyborg. My money's on Dunenewt. There we got the referee- he's always late dammit! Fight!

[Dunenewt scans Ordos45 with his shiney red cyborg eyes]

Dunenewt:You posses inferior fighting capabilities. My technological physiology will reign supreme over your feeble human body.

Ordos45:We shall se about that. Ya Hya Chouhada Bene Gesserit!

Ordos charges...Dunenewt smashes him in the face...there are stains on the floor already! Dunenewt is now performing some sort of grip on Ordos...around his neck. Ordos' face is now in a nice blueish color...purple...he broke away from Dunenewts grip! I wonder what he'll do next...

[Ordos jumps on Dunenewts neck, who then starts walking around like a chicken and make buzz-buzz sounds]

It looks like he's messing with Dunenewts circuits...Dunenewt is now running around in circles...

Dunenewt falls on the ground, and shakes his limbs.]

Hasta la vista, baby!

[Ordos kicks Dunenewts head. Shiney red eyes are beginning to fade]

I'll be back.

Is he...dead?


No I'm not! I'm just as blind as a chicken! Somebody replace the batteries for my eyes, please!

Anyway, he loses. Ordos45 wins!

[abundant cheering]

Ordos45 continues in the tournament and Dunenewt drops out. Join us next time on Fed2k Deathmatch!

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