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  1. (OOC: well the back streets are trapped and patrolled by fremen which is why I didn't use them. Admitedlly your commander wouldn't know that). Raynor noticed the ornithopters fly towards him. He didn't see any Harkonnen livery but that didn't mean anything. As they neared two of them began to descend onto the square in front of them. A man who looked like a smuggler stepped out and beckoned them closer. (OOC I'll let you role play it Davidu ;))
  2. "Sir, sir" called a newly arrived trooper. "What is it now" Raynor replied. "There are forces surrounding the city and they're not Sardukar or Harkonnen". Raynor thought about the attacks they had suffered and the liklyhood of survival if he stayed here. "Gather the men. We will all move together in line, with shields activated. Once people become fatigued stop and deactivate. If we come under fire do not engage just reactivate shields and try to help the fallen. We will head along the main roads until we reach the wall". "Yes sir". Captain Raynor wished he had not been so foolhardy. He had been so willing to kill Harkonnens that he had put his men at risk and lost many for nothing.
  3. (OOC: I thought that might be why but I just thought I'd check). Raynor gathers his patrol into a large storehouse near the centre of the city when he hears of the attacks. He calls his two best men, sergeant Appolyn and trooper Acturus. "Right men I want you to gather as many men as you can and get them here. Keep your shields up as much as possible and try not to get killed". Raynor gets seven remaining men to fortify the building and barracade the doors. Not long after 15 more men arrive (the remains of the two nearby patrols). The trickle of men continues for some time untill 500 men are in the werehouse.
  4. OOC-And how did your spies get the message to the rest of the fremen so quickly. Bearing in mind they use disdrams or whatever they're called, which would take awhile to get there. And mobilising that amount of troops takes time especially if your using worms and ornithopters. Anybody going to support me in this that the attack wass unrealistic?
  5. Err..how did your troops get to Tsimpo so quickly? And how did you know I was there?
  6. "Sir the Harkonnens have abbandoned the walls and gates of Tsimpo!" said a sergeant saluting. "Really? Hmm, lead a small scout party over the walls to investigate. Have your shields activated beore you go over. If it seems safe we will join you" Raynor replied. Half an hour later the walls of Tsimpo have been taken by Atradies troops. Once this is done Raynor organises the men into groups of ten to patrol the city to hunt down the enemy. He personally leads one of the three patrols going close to what he believes to be the barracks.
  7. When Captain Raynor's men reach Tsimpo and when the guard hails him he replies that he is commander of the Atradies 2nd Battalion and wishes to ally with Aleksandr Harkonnen. The guard stared down at him gawping, then gives the order to close the gates and open fire. 20 men die before shields are activated. "Fall back, fall back" he shouts realising that they won't be able to fight there way in. After falling back, he regroups his men to assess the situation and try to work out why they were fired upon and if this is why Aleksander didn't reply. He knew he should never have trusted a Harkonnen animal.
  8. Yes but he doesn't know that.
  9. Hope it's not to late for me to join. I'll be Captain Raynor (I know it's not origanal but I'm no good at names) who's in charge of the remnants of the Atreides 2nd Battalion (1200 men) who have made there base in one of the hidden atomics stockpiles out in the desert beyond the Shield Wall near Observatory Mount. I know I have quite a few men for remnents but with everyone else with such power it only seemed fair. Captain Raynor drank from his canten some of the small amount of water they had gathered from the wind traps and dew collectors as he stared at a map of Arrakis. While doing so one of his men ran up and saluted. "What is it corporal" he said returning the salute. "We have heard rummors from smugglers that the Harkonnen are in orbit ready to attack. We also hear that Aleksandr is resisting with help from other factions" he replied. "Hmm it would be good to spill some Harkonnen blood again. I never thought I'd say this but this Aleksandr sounds a decent ruler, we should fight alongside him. Give the order to move 1000 of our men out immediatly to find allies leaving 200 to guard the atomics". "Yes sir". To Aleksandr [hide] I am Captain Raynor of the Atradies 2nd Battalion. I am moving a 1000 men to Tsimpo to aid you against the invaders. My men only have shields and knives and poor supplies, any help you could send would be appreciated. I am glad to see that not all Harkonnen are bloodthirsty maniacal despots and I congratulate you on your compasionate leadership.[/hide]
  10. "Well my lord I tell a tale of an alternate history where WWII finished earlier and an amsitse was signed. I had slipped from my socialist ways to the way of anarchism because of the teachings of a spaced out magi. I was a fighter of Fascism, denier of religion and all round rebel. My biggest enemy was always the Nazis. And so in the USA I and others campaigned against the Nazis presence. We followed them through the swamps as they fled from us. Durning the chase we lost a man and his contractors decided to hire us to finish the job. We were sent to Argantina to find a secret Nazi base and so we did. A tunel system in the mountains guarded from gantries and a large pillbox. We sneaked closer and I preformed a little trick I learned from my old mentor called Cook off and Die which lowered the temprature tolerance of the barrel so that when it fired it would misfire. I then fired my revolver into the air and watched as the pillbox blew up (I later found out that it was a high-tech experemental weapon). This caused much smoke and rock dust (aided by a little magic) and so we moved towards the base under this cover. Once in we began to look for our targets, a KKK high priest, a mad scientist, a mad doctor, a number of improved soilders and the leader of the lot of them. We found the high priest easily and as I fought with him my sword it flew out of my hand and stuck in the wall (I swear he used magic, honestly!). We killed our way through the list until the leader and three of the soilders ran. When we came to the surface The British Army were landing from the sea and they finished them of. After this I tried to convince the soilders to become arnarchists but I failed to rouse them much. After this we headed for Austria to continue the chase, but that is another tale... (eg one we haven't role played yet).
  11. Divine Astronomy on the album Lord of Earth and Heavens Heir by Human Fortress.
  12. The doors open as a newcomer arives his form veiled by a cloak and hood. He goes into a corner to sit before he removes his hood. Some of the older members may remember him as Usul, long a wanderer outside the doors of Fed2k, warrior of many a thread and a compainion of King Sard from the old days. "I hear you have been crowned since I was last here my lord. I hope that your new rank does not diminish our friendship. I also hope that I may tell you tales of some of my exploits while I have been unable to return here". (OOC: is it ok if I tell tales of RPGs I've played outside of FED2K as I haven't been here for some time and I can't remember the games I was in here very well).
  13. Usul


    Well I tried to get a job there a while ago but they didn't even reply to my letter asking for an interview. Ah well.
  14. I got it off Discworld Noir, it's supposed to say 'What they don't know will kill them' however my memory for spelling latin isn't great and Pratchett is famed for using pig latin anyway.
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