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    The Thing.
  2. I never really left - though haven't posted anything during last year. I 'm quite sure Nema had it all figured out but I could not say so on record now, could I?
  3. I am saddened to see a topic on the Tleilaxu axolotl tanks that based its information on the prequels. I don't know if there are many threads like that one and I hope there aren't. It was a great mistake from Anderson and Brian to talk about the tanks in the prequels. First of all, it was a spoiler of the worst kind. Secondly, it exposed their inability to write as good as Frank Herbert. Frank Herbert had revealed the Tleilaxu secret slowly and mysteriously, contrary to A&B stupid plain revelation. What many people here probably don't understand is that the universe presented in the prequels is entirely different from Frank Herbert's Dune universe. Brian & Anderson's books are quite good, but they belong to the science fiction kind. Frank Herbert's Dune belongs to the masterpiece kind.
  4. Enough notes so that Dune 7 isn't screwed? You have illusions Andrew. The prequels and Butlerian Jihad were also supposed to be based on Frank Herbert's notes, but even a not-so-careful reader can understand that they are based on Brian and Andersson's crappy imagination. It's also an illusion to expect the raw notes to be published. Brian and Andersson are money-hungry and they know they won't get much publishing notes alone.
  5. Ok, I 'm here just to state my views on a couple of things regarding Dune (no other place to post them). Firstly about the COD mini-series: brilliant. Nothing to do with the previous mini-series that sucked. Of course, if you haven't read the book you probably understand nothing, but for those who have read it is a quite enjoyable experience. As for dune 7: I pray that it is not ever published because I 'm sure Brian and Andersson will mess it up. They 're simply not capable of writing like Frank Herbert (I say this having read the other dune books they wrote), and they will simply ruin the ending of a masterpiece. Chapterhouse: Dune's ending is good enough for me. Even though abrupt, it is a kind of an ending. And there are enough clues in the previous books about what happens in the future (especially in GEOD).
  6. 2 armies on C4 C4 attacks C6, retreat on 3 E1 attacks D5, retreat on 2 B7 attacks B6, no retreat unless unable to attack F6 attacks F1, retreat on 2 Ok, I use my ornithopter card and transport 3 troops from E5 to safety at F6.
  7. I don't understand... will objective 1 be given to player or will it be only an alternative? I hope it is just an alternative, otherwise it would be unfair for the player who receives it as objective. As for objective 5 it doesn't seem very right. In Risk when you have this kind of objective, if another player kills the player you have to destroy, you simply have to wait for your turn to declare victory. It can be very unfair, having captured all the territories but one, to have to face a new enemy. BTW, I don't think you should have mentioned the names of Ordos, Atreides and Harkonnen. Now these players will know they will be another player's target. Moreover, the other players will know that by killing the one of them they will prevent another player from completing his objective. Finally, in Risk players place their armies at the same time so they know what they are doing. The way we placed the armies now was mostly based IMHO on luck. Anyway these are my suggestions. I must say that Dune Risk was a great idea and it seems that a great job has been done so far.
  8. Here is a program that selects randomly between 1-3. Unfortunately I won't be online until Tuesday next week...[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  9. Back? Lol DukeLeto I 'm here just for the game. As for the random number generator, it's very easy to make so it can even be ready for the first game if you wish.
  10. I still want to play. I guess I 'll have to wait till next round. BTW, I can also make a program that rolls dices.
  11. I 'm at it again. I 'm leaving. Seriously. Not coming back with another nickname this time. Nor am I mad at anyone. I apologise to the people that we worked together on mods. Sorry. BTW, the reason I posted here is so that the thread reaches 600posts ;D ;D ;D (having already announced twice that I 'm going to leave, then remaining and then leaving abruptly may sound kinda stupid. Well it is, but there are serious reasons I do it).
  12. I 've done this once... me and my ally were playing against two comps. Anyway the AI was nothing difficult and victory was certain for us. But the guy kept repeating "hey look at my lastanks", "hey look at my army" and annoyed me to hell. Eventually I unallied him and killed him.
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