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Fed2k Deathmatch!


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Welcome to Fed2k Deathmatch! Good news: they found Jacob! The police found him in a bag in Gobs iglo in Canada...they decided to release Scytale, but Nema Fakei decided that there was not enough evidence to start an investigation against Gob. Jacob was yelling "Gob was set up- it wasn't him!" while Gob refused to comment.

Now, for the match. Today we have in the left ring, Frodo, and in the right ring, Goldeagle!


Frodo was beaten down by The_Sardaukar the other day, and Goldeagle was given a good pounding by Jacob.

I know says Goldeagle

Watch out, Gob is watching you! Hey, it looks like Frodo did some working out the other day- maybe he does have a chance against Goldeagle. And he's wearing a kung fu suit or something...did you take kung fu lessons Frodo?

No, I just saw a lot of Bruce Lee movies.

Wow! The referee enters the ring...fight!

Goldeagle assumes an agressive posture, and Frodo assumes some weird kung fu posture

Both fighters are kicking eachother and slapping eachother silly! OUCH! A kick on the chin for Goldeagle...he's down...Frodo is hitting him in the stomach...Goldeagle grabs Frodo...he tosses him ion the floor...he jumps on the corner pale...he's going to jump on him!

Goldeagle jumps on Frodo, and suddenly crack!!

Uuuuuh....another disadvantage of weighing only 80 pounds...wait...Frodo gets up...he's strangling Goldeagle from behind his back...

Goldeagle drops himself on his back, and thus on Frodo, and suddenly crack

How many bones can a hobbit possibly brake? And how blue can Goldeagles face become...now it's purple...he's down! Unconcious by the looks of it! Frodo wins!

Frodo attempts to stand up, but falls down on his nees immediately

We'll see if the medical personel can patch up Frodo for the next match. To bad for Goldeagle. O well. Join us next time on Fed2k Deathmatch!

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