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eddie who? eddie and the cruisers? ;D lol j/khmm i could list all the music i listen to but i think it would take up the rest of this page and half of a second. I am not prejudice, I like all music and listen to all that I can... with the exception of a few polkas ;D. Music to me is like a drug at the same time its like oxygen.... I couldnt live with out it. Not good wih names of Bands and songs (but here latley a lot of bands and songs sound the same.... the dreaded boy band curse ;D)

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Britney *is* hot...But so is Madonna...In an old-fasioned, sexy-but-kinda-not-Freudian, kinda way... OK, on to my music selections:

Yes, I guess, of the affor-mentioned list I listen to:



Linkin Park

Limp Bizket


But I really don't think Moby really counts, considering I prefer his work with Gwen Stefani (another hottie...) to anything else of his.

I really don't like most of modern music though, I tend to stick to classic rock, Van Halen, Prince, Queen, a little Elton John, and the Eagles.

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Yes, well sort of.and besides Eminem and Limp, R.E.M there is also Madness, Garbage, Bjork, Sting, Marilyn Manson, S.A.Baxtor, Kylie, Midnight Oil, Savage Garden, The Dandy Warholes, Ten Sharp, Placebo, Reamonn, Kate Ryan, Gigi D'agostino, Alien Ant Farm. Not to forget Meat Loaf, Men at Work, Blue Oyster Cult, Romantics, Van Morrison, The Byrds, Ram Jam, Liquido, Ramstein, Texas, Chicargo, Leo sayer, Nick Kershaw, Tiffany, Hot Chocolate, The scorpions, Margaret Singana, Nina Simone, Kim Wilde, Opus, Don Hanley, Simon and Garfunkle, Bach, Chaicovsky, Martika, Bangles, Belinda Carlson, The Outfield, Paul King, Spin Doctors, The Charlie Daniels Band, Alice Kooper, .. ..And the list goes on. [ There are even some for most of you unknown Dutch groups that I didn't mention ]Does anyone of you know Montezuma's Revenge ? ;D

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I like some singer from every music style (exept this terrible kinda music that consist Britney, Westlife and Iglesias). I like Linkin Park, No Doubt, Limp Bizkit, Garbage, Pink and many many more. But still my favourite vocalist is Sting. I think his songs are just best of the best.

In the same time I hate Moby and Radiohead.

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Hmm I like more of a 'metal' persuasion...

Cannibal Corpse


System of a Down

Barenaked Ladies

Matchbox Twenty

Limp Bizkit (not metal, but you know :P)

Dave Matthews Band

Hootie and the Blowfish

Cadence music (from Marine Corps)

Green Day


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In most cases I either hate or have never heard of the above bands. I like Queen, Madness, Moterhead, Metalica, The Who, T-rex, and a fair few others. Mainly I like ones you can air guitar too.

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gryhon, you are awesome!

I'm not really used to guy's [ I presumed you are ] who tell me that.

But I recon this is an exeption. ..

I know a lot of bands where the have just one instrument per member and they can't even handel that. ;D

But then it seems todays music is more about "handeling", no showing somthing else then music ::)

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Well you have the crappy pop-punk fusion. Here are a few examples. sum 41, alien antfarm, green day, linkin park. They dont have much talent. Oh people will say time of our lives was beautiful. at least greenday has talent. Well they dont. Then you have the crappy pop-rock fusion of the latter day. Such as the eddie vedder wannabe lead singer of Creed. Crappy christian stuff. I myself am a christian but hate christian rock. When its mixed with pop... Even jesus is throwing up. You have MC's like moby and fatboyslim. These guys are mainstream D.J.s All flash and no meaning of beauty behind their music.

you also have eminem. he's a fag. good rapper... but a fag in the ultimate sense.

I understand that people will respond to what I have said like "they have more talent than you!!! blah blah blah. They probably do. But I am not trying to be like them. I can therefore say what I feel about them. my rant is finished. I dedicate this one to nav! Love you man! lol

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I like some Christian music, DC Talk is usually pretty good, I've got a few Michael W. Smith and a Stephen Curtis Chapman. I get sick of this newer Christian stuff though, "Lord I Lift Your Name On High", sick, sick sick sick.

Anyway, I've heard of Montezuma's Revenge, but I don't think I've ever listened to them.

Speaking of music, have any of you heard the theme to the movie Dune? I've got it on a CD, very...Dune-ish ;)

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Music is part of my life, can't live without it. I basicly love almost everything. It all depends on the mood I'm in. I like trance/dance, some classical stuff, some hardrock bands (mostly ballads), blues, jazz, dance classics (also the remixes), Reggea and most of what goes around these days.

If I have to name some bands/singers:

Def Leppard

Robert palmer

Gun's 'n roses




Alan parsons project

zz top



DJ Jean (Dutch)

Alannah Myles

Marco Borsato (Dutch)

De Dijk (Dutch)

Micheal McDonald

I could go on and on.. there's to much to like ;)

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