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  1. Also the band New found Glory was formally known as Shai Hulud.
  2. I would be willing to join a clan.I have a lvl 21 palidan(pretty cappy but its a start.And i have a frien whos a lvl 35 necro.
  3. Theyre really fun,you should try them.
  4. ah, got my name.Its robertshreiber.
  5. mr_snowman

    Fred Durst

    I totally agree.There music is so stupid,(I bet Nav likes them)
  6. Damn,I have six computer games,and only half of them arent crap.I like to save money. ;)
  7. I have diablo II,but i dont have b-net.I will soon though.If you ever see a palidan named robert,or a soeceress named lanette,it might be me.
  8. mr_snowman


    Yes,I listen to Better than ezra,Marcy playground,eels,and R.E.M.
  9. Ive never read any of the prequals.Are they good?
  10. What are you people talking about? ???
  11. sorry to go off topic,but how many people have seen blackadder.its one of my favorite shows.
  12. logitech is cool,i have 1 that buzzes and viabrates when the curser moves over something like desktop icon and buttons.nice picture.
  13. im confused,was the second mission the guild exchange?wait,im really confused.sry i couldnt really help you.
  14. I have the Geforce 4 xtacy card.I like it,and I havent had any problems.Its pretty good.
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