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  1. fuuuuuuuc.........k!!!!!! I want that storyboard!!!!!! december 12, here I am!!!
  2. (lol, sorry, I'ver just seen I've woke up a near death thread :P)
  3. got the DVD, no needs.... (Thanks to Mahdi, I remembered I had the DVD :P)
  4. anything but seeing paul come back.... that would gives reasons to write dune 8 to 20.... ;)
  5. okay, didn't read anithing, but, the 1984 version is the allan Smithee version. I've just taped it on MoviePix this night :P It's written the date on my TV programming: 1984. And that's the "extended" version supposly directed by allen Smithee, wich is a nickname for any director who don't want to see his name on a film, in this case, that version of Lynch's Dune...
  6. Yep, Space, in Canada, 23h30, curently air CoD's first hour
  7. game? football or something? I just never really follow sports, how really nerds I am :) As for msn, check my profile, just updated him, changed my messenger adress near august :D And... owww... I've always been the first to yell about Lynch vision of dune (geez, and I'm one of the biggest fan of Lynch), but, I must admit, that film is really (or near) a masterpiece.... You should have seen me, the beggening of the film looks like that "no smithee" version, I holded my breath so hard, and when I saw that "Alen Smithee" who really badly goes over "David Lynch", I've almost cried of joy :D Anyway, I could always send you a copy it of it you want :D
  8. it just stucked me... I'm still watching the movie, and, in the scene where the 3rd stage avigator goes see the emperor, in that version, it's much longer... and... he's saying that spice had made him (shaddam) lives over 200 years... Some things in that version rocks so much, but others seems.... sucky ;)
  9. *curently mentally masturbating himself from of the TV* Dunno if it'll have any other scheduled time, on the programming, seems not, still, I only get two day of programming.... As for me, doing good, having great time, my off year is coming to an end, so, I'm having most of my time... away :D Might start to get back here some time, though ;)
  10. Like in 2hours from here (6h30pm tonight), on MoviePix... Just got my numeric cable recepter and saw that somewhere on the grid, needed to popup here again and tell everyone :D
  11. just hoping that's not a Kevin J. Anderson's one :)
  12. yeah, I went on doig a parody of Quebec / English Canada "rivality" but that's kind of a big job, not a hard one, but a big one :)
  13. yup, I meant that one :) Hehe, I really look donald duck's look :) edit: yikes, check my name! I'm a Landsraad mentat!! :D
  14. I jsut can but remember that funny movie they made... Something with lynch's Dune sound and dialog, but with Disney's animation images.... pretty funny :)
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